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Three Screw-Ups from a Serial Entrepreneur


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After nearly twenty years as an online entrepreneur, five companies and two acquisitions in both the San Francisco Bay Area and China, Stephen shares embarrassing tales of screwing-up badly, narrowly surviving, and finding unlikely success with tips on how to stay sane in the turbulent start-up environment.

Stephen Wang – Co-Founder/Former CTO, Rotten Tomatoes and

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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Three Screw-Ups from a Serial Entrepreneur

  1. 1. T H R E E S C R E W - U P S F R O M A S E R I A L E N T R E P R E N E U R S T E P H E N WA N G
  2. 2. A B O U T M E • Born in USA, grew up in Maryland and Los Angeles • Started programming at 12 • Comp Sci at U.C. Berkeley, ’97 • Design Reactor • Rotten Tomatoes • Moved to China in 2005 • Alive Not Dead • Senior PM at WeChat
  3. 3. C O - F O U N D E R S • Lost my co-founders from first and last companies • Self-Assessment for Co-Founders • A Word about Respect
  4. 4. U N S E E N F O R C E S • Rotten Tomatoes: Dotcom crash and 9/11 • Alive Not Dead: Blocked on the Great Firewall • Test for Resilience
  5. 5. T I M I N G • Rotten Tomatoes: Sold too early • Alive Not Dead: Too late • When is the right time?
  6. 6. Find me @swang75