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Quarterly report q2 2012 final


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Quarterly report q2 2012 final

  1. 1.   Second Quarter 2012 ReportExecutive SummaryOverview • USD29.1bn of investments and acquisitions tracked in Q2 2012, up 1% from USD28.6b in Q2 2011 • 1007 deals tracked from public sources in Q2 2012, up from 454 deals in Q2 2011 • All sectors and regions have experienced growth in the number of deals • Average deal value for investments has significantly fallen to USD12m in Q2 2012, down from USD30.8m in Q2 2011 • Average deal value for acquisitions has fallen slightly to USD336.5m in Q2 2012, down from USD340.7 in Q2 2011Deals by region • Asia/Pacific leads all regions with an average deal value of USD65m. South America comes second at USD64m. This compareswith North America at USD42m. North America still accounted for the vast bulk of deals tracked, recording $18.3b of deals out of $29.1b for all regions • Average deal values have fallen in most regions. In 2011, the average deal size North America was $73.8m, while in 2012, it fell to $37.2m. This means more companies are involved in investment and M&A activity but at lower values • 79% increase in deal numbers across Asia/Pacific after 142% in North America and 100% in Europe • Average deal value for investments in Asia/Pacific leads all regions at USD17.6m, compared with USD12m in North America and USD9m in EuropeDeals by sector • Total deal value for Hardware & Infrastructure businesses has increased three times to USD8.5bn in Q2 2012, from USD $2bn in Q2 2011. This compares with a thirteen-fold increase in the number of Hardware & Infrastructure deals • Total deal value for Mobile & Apps businesses has increased to USD1.9bn in Q2 2012, from USD538m in Q2 2011. This compares two-fold increase in the number of Mobile & Apps deals • Average deal value for investments has fallen in all sectors except Marketing and Media businesses • Average deal value for investments in Games businesses has significantly fallen to USD4.5m in Q2 2012, down from USD56.2m in Q2 2011 • Average deal value of acquisitions in the Transactions sector has grown seven-foldKey statistics Description Q2 2011 Q2 2012 Number of deals 454 1,007 Total deal value $28,628,170,169 $29,052,613,700 Average deal value $96,716,791 $43,819,930 Total investment value $7,164,933,239 $7,180,513,700 Total acquisition value $21,463,236,930 $21,872,100,000 Page  1  
  2. 2.   Deal value growth by sector Q2 2011 - Q2 2012400% 326%300% 255%200%100% 50% 0%-100% -61% -41% -30% -15% -9% Games Marketing Software & Transactions Ecommerce Media Mobile & Apps Hardware & Services Infrastructure Deal value growth by region Q2 2011 - Q2 20122000% 1559%1500%1000% 738% 500% 19% 20% 0% -43%-500% Europe Asia/Pacific North America Middle East South America Deal number growth by sector Q2 2011 - Q2 20121400% 1300%1200%1000% 800% 600% 400% 157% 200% 104% 132% 200% 9% 41% 55% 0% Marketing Games Ecommerce Media Transactions Software & Mobile & Apps Hardware & Services Infrastructure Deal number growth by region Q2 2011 - Q2 2012 141%150% 100%100% 79% 47% 50%50% 0% Middle East South America Asia/Pacific Europe North America Page  2  
  3. 3.   Average deal value by sector Q2 2011 - Q2 2012 $500 400 Millions $400 $300 165 $200 117 123 56 69 38 48 $100 32 11 24 18 18 21 31 36 $0 Transactions Media Mobile & Apps Marketing Games Ecommerce Software & Hardware & Services Infrastructure Q2 2011 Q2 2012 Average deal value by region Q2 2011 - Q2 2012 $250 207 Millions $200 $150 102 $100 74 62 63 65 54 37 $50 11 19 $0 North America Middle East Europe South America Asia/Pacific Average deal value growth by region and deal type Q2 2011 - Q2 2012300% 259% 181%200% 137%100% 30% 0%-100% -25% -35% -55% -83%-200% Europe North America Asia/Pacific Middle East Investments Acquisitions Average deal value growth by sector and deal type Q2 2011 - Q2 2012600% 482%400% 138% 122% 151%200% 54% 52% 0% -28% -28% -26% -12% -23%-200% -92% -98% -78% Marketing Software & Games Media Mobile & Apps Hardware & Ecommerce Services Infrastructure Investments Acquisitions *Transaction sector has been omitted due to non-significant outlying data Page  3  
  4. 4.  DisclaimerThe information contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Although weendeavour to provide accurate and timely information, there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it willcontinue to be accurate in the future. No one should act on such information without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of theparticular situation. Accordingly Internet DealBook and all its related entities hereby excludes any liability to any person in consequence of his purportedreliance upon information contained herein or omitted here from (whether express or implied) or otherwise furnished in connection herewith. Any requests forinformation in connection with this document should be addressed directly to Internet DealBook and to no other party.Information SourcesInternet DealBook collects and compiles all its data from publicly available sources. Visit Internet DealBook for more information on the methodology used fortracking and collating deals.Copyright NoticeThis report is compiled and published by Internet DealBook and is covered by copyright. All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be published,reproduced (see exception below), stored in a retrieval system, translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means now or hereafter known, electronic ormechanical, without permission in writing from the publisher, Internet copyright owner consents that copies of articles may be made for personal or internal use, or for the personal or internal use of the company, individual ororganisation who requested the creation of this document from Internet DealBook. For those kinds of purposes, permission must be sought from the publisherusing the following guidelines. If you have any questions regarding our rights and permissions policies, or if you have a special request not covered by theseguidelines, please contact Internet DealBook. Page  4