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Echelon 2012 kit

  1. 1. ECHELON 2012 It’s Gonna Be Awesomer 11 - 12 June Organized byTuesday, January 17, 12
  2. 2. ECHELON 2011“ What they said..... "The Echelon event was very well organized and well attended, and gave us a chance to meet with top startups from around Asia.  Months later, in places like  Silicon Valley and Hong Kong , we still meet new people who remember us from seeing us on the Echelon stage. We had a good experience, and would recommend it to others." John Fan, Cardinal Blue Echelon 2011 Launchpad Startup “E27 team is a breeze to work with. Their professionalism really shined throughout the whole cycle of the event. Looking forward in working with them in future projects” Eugene Fabian, Microsoft Singapore Echelon 2011 Premier Sponsor "Echelon 2011 help us achieved various objectives in one go and in one place. It helped us expose our product to investors, fellow entrepreneurs and the general public. Having participated in Echelon as both exhibitor and pitching startup has gained us enormous credibility and helped us validate our product". Salvador de la Barrera, Flipter Echelon 2011 Startup Exhibitor //////// 02Tuesday, January 17, 12
  3. 3. ECHELON 2011 Asia Best Startup Launchpad Event Echelon 2011 aimed to be the frontier of the Internet and web technology landscape, where the main focus was to bring together the top brass of the web technology industry from various parts of the startup eco-system to facilitate discussion on the hot topics in the web startup scene. The 2 day event drew: - Over 1000 delegates from over 15 countries - More than 40 speakers from over 7 countries //////// 03Tuesday, January 17, 12
  4. 4. ECHELON 2011 Asia Best Startup Launchpad Event 1000 e27’s Echelon event has grown, year-on-year. What started out as a 515 30 attendee event in 2008 grew to over 30 1000 last year. 2008 2009 2010 2011 At Echelon 2011 Startup Launchpad, we showcased 11 of Asia’s new and upcoming companies such as Moglue, Cardinal Blue and PlayMoolah. These companies have since went on to new heights by participating in 500 Startups, Global Brain Alliance Forun and were also covered by TechCrunch. The Startup Exhibition demo-ed over 40 Asian startups to investors, government bodies and corporate enterprises. These companies came from over 9 countries in the region. Since Echelon, a number of them have managed to secure funding rounds or established strategic parnerships. Prior to the main event, e27 brought the Echelon brand on a regional tour via the Satellites in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Each Satellite saw 10 companies pitch for a spot at the Startup Launchpad in front of a crawd of about 150 - 300. //////// 04Tuesday, January 17, 12
  5. 5. ECHELON Past Speakers Joi Ito, Neoteny Labs Echelon 2010 Jason Wishnow, TED Echelon 2011 Brett Terril, Social Gaming Consultant Scott Rafer, Omniar Echelon 2010 Echelon 2011 Derek Sivers, CD Baby Dave McClure, 500 Echelon 2011 Startups Echelon 2010 Richard White, UserVoice Tuff Yen, Seraph Group Echelon 2011 Echelon 2011 //////// 05Tuesday, January 17, 12
  6. 6. 0 1 2 n 2 h e lo t Ec b ou ce A ll A tp la rke a 7 S ta r tu p M e ts Ta rg 2 1 0 h e lo n 2 0 1 Ec rs 1 6 Sp o n s o e rs fo r e a k p 1 7 p o ro che s e d S lo n 2 0 1 2 le P E ro fi P 2 0 r g a n ize r ’s O 2 5 w r. it’s only getting //////// 06Tuesday, January 17, 12
  7. 7. b Echelon 2012 aims to be “Awesomer” than before. The . event will still keep it’s core components, which are: - Satellites (Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong) - Conference & Workshops - Startup Marketplace How we are making it “Awesomer”. Echelon 2012 will focus on how the startup scene can be “Awesomer” by tackling issues in the next step of the startup product life cycle such as design and gamification. Echelon 2012 will continue to expand its reach across the region in order to bring more diversity and foster more international collaborations across the region. ECHELON 2012 //////// 07Tuesday, January 17, 12
  8. 8. S Satellites are part of the promotional roadshow tour that is carried out before the main event in order to spread the brand of Echelon throughout the region. The Satellites are also the platform for e27 to shortlist startups for the Startup Marketplace at Echelon 2012. The 4 Satellites in 2011 saw total audience of over 800. 13% 38% Singapore Kuala Lumpur 25% Jakarta Hong Kong 25% ECHELON 2012 //////// 08Tuesday, January 17, 12
  9. 9. S After the successes of last year’s Echelon Satellites, e27 is looking to expand the reach of the Echelon 2012 by targeting emerging technology communities in the region. The 2011 Satellites gave e27 a strong foothold in Indonesia and Japan. This year, we are looking to grow our influence into other communities such as the Philippines. e27 is currently planning 4 Satellites for April 2012 which will be held in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila and Hong Kong. ECHELON 2012 //////// 09Tuesday, January 17, 12
  10. 10. S r M r The Echelon Startup Marketplace is the place to be for young technology startups to showcase their products. Whether you are looking for funding opportunities, possible partnerships or feedback from potential end users, the Startup Marketplace is the place to be. Over 200 startups have exhibited at Echelon’s Startup Marketplace with success stories such as FlutterScape’s US$177,000 funding round and TenCube’s headlining exit. Startup Marketplace Submissions from January, 2012 In 2011 alone, over 40 Asian startups exhibit at the Echelon 2011 Startup Exhibition which generated many funding and partnership leads, such as: - Fashionspace managed to secure a S$250,000 funding round - Flipter received feedback, reiterated and was accepted into Startup Chile - WorkCrowd partnered Microsoft Malaysia //////// 10Tuesday, January 17, 12
  11. 11. ASIAN STARTUPS APPLY interested in: APPLY NOW ➡ Funding ➡ Partnerships Submission Closes: ➡ Regional Exposure 31 March, 2012 Selected STARTUPS to pitch at SATELLITES PITCH ➡ Singapore ➡ Jakarta April, 2012 ➡ Manila ➡ Hong Kong Two (2) Day Exhibition SGD 400 EXHIBIT 50 STARTUPS Includes selected to EXHIBIT ➡ Regional Publicity at Echelon 2012 ➡ Investor Meets 11 - 12 June TOP ➡ Mentorship 10 to ➡ Community PITCH Engagement and MORE!Tuesday, January 17, 12
  12. 12. ASIAN STARTUPS apakah anda berminat untuk APPLY mendapatkan: APPLY NOW ➡ Perdanaan ➡ Kerjasama Batas Akhir Pendaftaran: ➡ Eksposur Dari Lingkup 31 March, 2012 Regional STARTUPS yang terpilih akan melakukan pitching di SATELLITES kota berikut: PITCH ➡ Singapore ➡ Jakarta April, 2012 ➡ Manila ➡ Hong Kong Dua (2) Hari Pameran SGD 400 50 STARTUPS EXHIBIT terpilih akan Peluang DIPAMERKAN di ➡ Publisitas Dari Lingkup Regional Echelon 2012 TOP ➡ Temu-sapa Dengan Investor 11 - 12 June 10 to ➡ Bimbingan ➡ Temui Berbagai PITCH Komunitas dan masih banyak lagi!Tuesday, January 17, 12
  13. 13. STARTUPS Ở CHÂU Á Đăng tìm kiếm Kí Ngay ➡ Nhà Đầu Tư Đăng Kí ➡ Đối Tác ➡ Quảng Cáo Trong Khu Hạn Chót: Vực 31/03/2012 STARTUPS được chọn sẽ trình bày ý tưởng tại Trình Bày Ý SATELLITES Tưởng ➡ Singapore ➡ Jakarta Tháng 4, 2012 ➡ Manila ➡ Hong Kong Hai (2) Ngày Triển Lãm SGD 400 50 STARTUPS Triển Lãm sẽ được chọn Cơ Hội TRIỂN LÃM ở ➡ Quảng Cáo ➡ Gặp Gỡ Nhà Đầu Echelon 2012 Tư ➡ Cố Vấn 11 - 12, Tháng 6 TOP 10 sẽ ➡ Cộng Đồng Công được chọn để Nghệ trình bày VÀ HƠN THẾ NỮA!Tuesday, January 17, 12
  14. 14. APPLY NOW : 2012/3/31 → 2012/4 ※Echelon 2012 SGD400 50 Echelon 2012 Echelon 2012 /11 - 12Tuesday, January 17, 12
  15. 15. ECHELON AlumniTuesday, January 17, 12
  16. 16. T r - 1,100 delegates, 35% foreign - 50 up-and-coming startups from the region, 50% foreign - 40 speakers from the US and the region - 4 Satellites, 250 attendees each country - 150 investors from the US and the region - Focused marketing outreach through local partners in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. ECHELON 2012 //////// 16Tuesday, January 17, 12
  17. 17. S r // Connecting and Building Communities Echelon creates a platform for your brand to be approachable by the technology communities in the region. The event is the place for mindshare where sponsors can not only share their services and products but also their knowledge, as industry leaders, to the general web technology industry in Asia. Echelon provides a rich branding platform for your company to reach out and hear from the different tech communities in the region. Be the first to meet uprising technology innovators. As a sponsor of Echelon 2012, you can expect: - Market Penetration and Understanding - Brand Positioning - Lead Generation - Connection to Community For more information, contact Gabriel at ECHELON 2012 //////// 17Tuesday, January 17, 12
  18. 18. Main Supporting Sponsor Sponsor SGD 50,000 SGD 30,000 (Maximum 3 sponsors) - Speaking slots (up to 2) - 1 speaking slot - 2 workshop sessions - 1 workshop session - Prime exhibition/lounge - Exhibition table space space - Branding on all online and offline collaterals - Branding on all online and offline collaterals - 2 posts on e27’s blog - 3 posts on e27’s blog - Judging opportunity at main Echelon event - Judging opportunities for all 4 Satellites events - 8 conference passes - Judging opportunity at main Echelon event - 15 conference passes //////// 18Tuesday, January 17, 12
  19. 19. Regular Sponsor SGD 10,000 - Exhibition space - Branding on all online and offline collaterals - 1 post on e27’s blog - 5 conference passes //////// 19Tuesday, January 17, 12
  20. 20. ECHELON 2012 It’s Gonna Be Awesomer June 11 - 12 Topics to Expect Cloud: The promise and where it is now Ideas worth investing in Tried and tested business models that work, here We are looking for speakers Have one in mind? Recommend a speaker here! or go to, January 17, 12
  21. 21. Proposed speakers for Echelon 2012 Rovio Facebook LinkedIn Amazon Web Foursquare Zynga Services r ECHELON 2012 //////// 21Tuesday, January 17, 12
  22. 22. Proposed speakers for Echelon 2012 DeNA McAfee Game Ventures Microsoft BizSpark JFDI.Asia RIM r ECHELON 2012 //////// 22Tuesday, January 17, 12
  23. 23. Proposed speakers for Echelon 2012 LiveJournal Kaskus SingTel Innov8 DailySocial mig33 MOL r ECHELON 2012 //////// 23Tuesday, January 17, 12
  24. 24. Proposed speakers for Echelon 2012 Rails Girls Groupon FPT AirAsia ProudCloud MBM r ECHELON 2012 //////// 24Tuesday, January 17, 12
  25. 25. ECHELON 2012 ORGANISERTuesday, January 17, 12
  26. 26. About Us e27 was founded by a group of Silicon Valley enthusiasts in 2006 who had the chance to experience the thrill and excitement of the tech start-up epicenter during their college years. The group returned to Singapore and decided to ignite the beginnings of a local web technology community. The movement began with a blog,, covering the latest and hottest regional tech start-up news which quickly turned into community events that drew the support of the community and connected corporate organizations. Since then, e27 has transformed into a full-fledged media and events agency that serves the web technology ecosystem in the the region. e27 has worked with various government agencies, corporate entities and community organizations most which, have a long standing support of what we do. e27 also runs an annual flagship event - Echelon (formally UnConference) since 2008, with the latest edition in 2011 attracting more than a thousand attendees from over 15 different countries. ECHELON 2012 //////// 26Tuesday, January 17, 12
  27. 27. For speakers and content suggestions: Contact us Mohan Belani For sponsorships and partnerships: Gabriel Yang For Startup Launchpad and Marketplace: Joash Wee ECHELON 2012 //////// 27Tuesday, January 17, 12