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E27 Presentation (Mda)


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Published in: Business, Technology, Education
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E27 Presentation (Mda)

  1. 1. Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office 15 May 09
  2. 2. S$500M over 5 years
  3. 3. <ul><li>A National Strategic Programme : </li></ul><ul><li>To Build a Sustainable Vibrant IDM Industry that is fueled by World Class R&D and Entrepreneurship </li></ul>
  4. 4. Goals.... by 2015 15-20% CAGR Fuel a Vibrant Media Sector Compelling Competitive Advantage Establish Singapore as Preferred location for IDM R&D 100M Global Users Help Pioneer the Next Generation Media
  5. 5. Deloitte’s Flash Report Estimate of Core IDM Core IDM sector : 2005 to 2008 ~S$360m of VA CAGR : 22% ~3,500 jobs CAGR: 24% In $M
  6. 6. Structure of Industry 347 390 (+12%) 31 111 (+258%) 79 84 (+6%) 2007 (457) 2008 (585) Startups SMEs +28% Large
  7. 7. More than 85% from new growth subsectors Interactive Online Media Gaming 39M Digital Advertising 20M Games 33M Simulation & Animation 59M Digital Delivery 37M Virtual World 16M Learning Media 19M S$52M S$307M New Migration
  8. 8. Strategic programmes 15-20% CAGR Fuel a Vibrant Media Sector A Compelling Advantage Establish Singapore as Preferred location for IDM R&D 100M Global Users Help Pioneer the Next Generation Media FutureScape i.ROCK i.JAM
  9. 9. Summary of R&D Capacity Project your media on any surface using your phone 8 Local IDM centers 8 IRCs 120 Startups 10 CalIT2 MIT Chinese Academy of Science Tsinghua University Zhejiang University Keio Indian Institute of Tech 68 Industry Projects 58 IHL Projects Incubators ETH & UNC i.MATCH Investors Local Demand Global platforms IMI NTU 6 Future Schools
  10. 10. Industry: Attracting best global companies Mobile Games & Animation Virtual Worlds Web
  11. 11. IHL Research Ecosystem Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) CUTE Centre with Keio University (Embodied Media) GAMBIT Games Lab with MIT (Games) BeingThere IRC with ETH & UNC (Telepresence) VISN IRC with Zhejiang University (Visualisation Media) Deep Social Media IRC with IITB (Deep Social Media China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media with Chinese Academy of Science ( Communication Mediation) Next Generational Search IRC with Tsinghua University (Next Generational Search IRC) California University (Experiential Media) Ambient
  12. 12. Startups >400 $2.5M Private funding raised 30% >20% Startup Talent Trained Foreign Talent >150 Applications per quarter Of startups which launched are profitable
  13. 13. Incubators Working Adults International Talent Students Associations Grassroots Innovation (i.JAM)
  14. 14. Pre Seed Seed Series A Series B/C Raffles Ventures Tamarix Capital Investor Network Evia Capital Partners Leslie Loh 'Robert Bong 'Kwee Enn Lim
  15. 15. Demand Drivers National Heritage Board MaCADamia Virtual Temasek SingHealth Healthcare Services National Day Parade URA 3D Models World Expo IDM for MICE Youth Olympic Games UGC Live Streaming Interactive Maps Game National Library Virtual Libraries
  16. 16. Global Partners iPhone platform Top Game app Top iPhone app in Sg 10 MScape Platform 22 Proposals Web Infrastructure BizSpark Programme Companies Benefiting
  17. 17. FY’08: Summary of Achievements 250 Project your media on any surface using your phone Projects 75 Researchers, Scientists, Engineers $51M Investment Global Recognition 40% Of startups which launched raised funding 597 Users 20 Million Countries >200 MINDTREK Awards - Third Prize MXR EE Times ACE Awards Microsoft Xbox Challenge Singapore’s Star Challenge National Infocomm Awards Red Herring Asia 100 Asia Pacific ICT Award 08 Infocomm Singapore Awards- Tyler Projects BusinessWeek's Asia's Young Entrepreneurs Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award 2008 Products
  18. 18. FY’08: Summary of Achievements No 1 Site from Sg 1,084 in the World Game app in Friendster No 1 Star Challenge Xbox Challenge iPhone app in Sg No 1 No 1 No 1 No 1 Best Educational Software Best Research & Development Most Innovative Product No 1 Infocomm Singapore Awards 08 Asia Pacific ICT Award 08- No 1 Bank in Second Life
  19. 19. Singapore-based start-ups are making money on the Net and reaching millions of users The Straits Times Buzz on IDM &quot;Singapore has been the ideal location for our first overseas studio…..we have confidence that the digital media industry will continue to grow and succeed here.&quot; Lucasfilm Animation “ I am stunned by your young entrepreneurs. I felt that I could have the exact same conversations in Silicon Valley. I am amazed that Singapore could make that transition in the last 2 years.” Dr John Seely Brown
  20. 20. <ul><li>Future of Media </li></ul>Complement to bring best of breed offerings Leverage on each other’s customer base, market access and partners Inspire & facilitate innovation Cluster our local industry to create leading positions in targeted areas
  21. 21. Future of Media Future Books Future TV Future Mobile Future Worlds Future Games Mobile Projection Mobile Alternate Reality Mobile Payment Mobile Health Location Multi Sensor New Interfaces Alternate Reality Mobile Web TV User Generated Virtual Training Product Development 3D Web Virtual Education Ebooks Mobile Education
  22. 22. Local Demand Funding Incubation Global Market R&D Partner Network (50-100 companies) Companies Startups SMEs Anchors Impact every Singaporean 100M Users Globally Talent & Capacity
  23. 23. Singtel: free promotion to its subscribers Friendster: featured placements on homepage Mozat: featured promotion to all users Apple: trial to schools Singtel: Market intelligence Mozat: Access to morange delivery network Singtel: 230M users Friendster: 100M users Mozat: 5M users Access to Advertisers & Partners Promotion Market Access Customer Base (Global reach & local demand) Payment & other infrastructural needs Offerings by Partners: Future Mobile Friendster: payment programme Singtel: mobile payment, hosting Apple: development resources Mozat: dedicated technical support Friendster: access to advertisers Mozat: First 10 apps, 100% revenue
  24. 24. [email_address]