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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. RubotoRuby on Android Ehthisham
  2. 2. The ruboto-core build processRuboto java files Compiled Jruby class files JARS Compiled Ruby .dex scripts APK
  3. 3. ruboto-irb
  4. 4. ruboto-core• Means of packaging Ruby scripts for Android as an .apk•• gem install ruboto-core
  5. 5. Generating app$ ruboto gen app --package --path myapp --nameMyApp--target android-8 --activity MyActivity• --package: provides the unique Android package name.• --path: which folder• --name: name of the app• --target: which android version to compile against.• --activity: generates android activity.
  6. 6. $ rake install
  7. 7. Javap.v Activity.onCreate(Bundle bundle) import android.widget.Toast;p.v Activity.onPause() Toast toast = Toast.makeText(p.v Activity.onClick(View view) getApplicationContext(), “Hello!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT );; Rubyon_create (bundle) import android.widget.Toaston_pause Toast toast = Toast.makeText(@handle_click = proc do |view| $activity, “Hello!", Toast::LENGTH_LONG ).show
  8. 8. Resources Thank you