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Emarketing | Toronto | Bfound Online


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Every business has to re-think advertising and promotion budgets now that there is a way to reach their audience without "paying the gatekeeper" - the large media Companies that have controlled the access to the market. Now we must HUNT for customers AND BE HUNTED by customers - a whole different mindset.

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Emarketing | Toronto | Bfound Online

  1. 1. HUNT AND BE HUNTED A N e w M a r k e t i n g M i n d s e t
  2. 2. If the marketing mindset is MASS MARKETING, the only strategies we can see lead us to constantly HUNT for new customers by: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Advertising. Promotion. Direct Marketing. Earned Media. Telemarketing. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. 3. All require significant up-front investments and all rely on our prospects remembering us when they are ready to buy. INVEST, HUNT and HOPE. This pretty much defines our traditional marketing tactics.
  4. 4. The World Wide Web can be more than another HUNTING tool - more than a place to post brochureware websites and place banner ads on high traffic sites. Yet, for the most part, that is how business has used it for marketing purposes at least.
  5. 5. Without a fundamental shift in our context, from a mass marketing perspective to millions of markets of one, we are limited in how we use this powerful, interactive medium called the Internet.
  6. 6. This medium talks back. Communication becomes a dance of speaking and listening. This is not a place where we can just dump our message and hope it is absorbed. We must react and adapt - go with the flow.
  7. 7. And most Corporations are not structured to do that. The current marketing mindset is based on mass marketing strategies and tactics, investing heavily and advertising creatively - HUNTING for customers and hoping.
  8. 8. Times have changed. Now people find us when they want to buy something. They Google, they listen to the buzz on social media sites, they tell others about good and bad experiences. So now you have to learn to BE HUNTED.
  9. 9. To be found. You have to practice effective eMarketing Management which is as the intersection of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media marketing. You must learn to HUNT and BE HUNTED.
  10. 10. If you learn to BFOUND™ when people are ready to buy you can close more sales. And we think that’s what keeps business growing. We call it the marketing version of “death by a thousand cuts” - a series of small actions that all add up to being found when people are looking. Learn to BE HUNTED and save $$.
  11. 11. www. CREWINC .ca Enjoy! :-)