AMP - amplifying direct response


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Every prospect you engage with has an online community of at least hundreds. What if you could "tap into that world" and extend the reach of your direct response campaigns, collecting large quantities of opt-ins and building quality relationships that lead to sales.

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AMP - amplifying direct response

  1. 1. Amplifying anEmail Campaign Summer Fresh Salads
  2. 2. Objectives To increase social presence, engage with Summer Fresh customersand build an email database for future marketing initiatives
  3. 3. The Offer & Incentive Consumers were offered a 2 for 1 coupon valid on any Summer Fresh Salads hummus products.The incentive to share was the chance to win a Summer Fresh Party for 20
  4. 4. STEP 1: email template Email Template This email was sent to 100,000 rented Wonderlist subscribersfrom The Toronto Star, resulting in 4,187 responses (4.2% response rate)
  5. 5. STEP 2: opt-in STEP 3: survey STEP 4: shareprospects land here and a few marketing An incentive is offered ifopt-in by filling out there questions can help qualify people share this offername and email address. a prospect with family and friendsSTEP 4: facebook message STEP 5: Thank you STEP 6: Summer Fresh HOMEOur easyshare™ Begin buildingtechnology allows for relationships with a thank We then direct them toone-click sharing you. your home page.
  6. 6. By allowing people to easily share AND offering an added incentive to do so AMP reaches out to family and friends of ideal prospects who have already responded. Our ability to accurately track social lift allows us to identify the source of each respondent. 33% of respondents shared with their friends resulting in 4,182 responses becoming 63,234 responses - that’s 15X the original response.
  7. 7. Response Curve Rather than peak and die off over a few days like a typical direct response curve, an AMP™ Curve percolates along due tothe exponential reach achieved with each generation of sharing, accurately tracked by AMP™
  8. 8. 63.2% response rateAmplified more than 15X.
  9. 9. “I was more than a little skeptical at first, but AMPdelivered 15x more than our original response.Impressive. ”  - Lynn Sandell, VP Sales & Marketing, Summer Fresh Salads
  10. 10. 26,911 opted-in as a fan of Summer Fresh SaladsThe beginning of 26,911 relationships
  11. 11. Other CampaignResultsemail campaign Direct Mail campaign Direct Mail campaign Facebook campaign15X 48.6% 40% 2,500%initial response response rate. offer redemption. increase in LIKESrate.