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Briscoe athletics parent information


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Briscoe athletics parent information

  1. 1. Briscoe Athletic Code of Conduct 2012-2013
  2. 2.  This policy’s purpose is to create a clear and concise code of conduct and accountability that will promote high standards and excellence for all student athletes at Dolph Briscoe Middle School. This policy defines the expectations for student athletes in all arenas of life including practice, contests and academics.
  3. 3.  Briscoe athletes serve in leadership positions requiring them to demonstrate high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and good character in order to positively reflect the reputation of the athletic department, school and community. Briscoe’s Athletic policy incorporates the philosophies of the UIL (University Interscholastic League and NISD Athletic Policy. )
  4. 4. I. Philosophy I. To serve as an extension of the overall educational process. II. We are here to help our athletes become the BEST person they can be! If they are the BEST person they can be, they will be the BEST student they can be, and the BEST athlete. This will enable us to field successful teams at Briscoe! III. Do Right: Discipline-Dedication-Character IV. Do Your BEST: Total Effort
  5. 5. II. Requirements I. Must participate in two of the major sports. Boys-Football, Basketball, Track Girls-Volleyball, Basketball, Track II. Classroom Behavior I. Athletes are expected to be the leaders in the classroom. They will be the example of a great student . III. Off Campus Behavior I. All athletes will be expected to represent themselves, their families and their community in a positive manner. IV. Approval I. Boys-Must have approval from the Athletic coordinator II. Girls-Must have approval from the Head Girls Coach III. You Do not have to be in athletics class to participate in athletics.
  6. 6.  I. What coaches expect from their athletes. I. To get an education First II. To give total effort, to make the most of your talents you have. III. To encourage and respect your teammates. IV. To practice to be the BEST of your ability. V. To be totally honest in all your dealings. VI. To be extremely loyal to your school, administration, teachers, coaches, teammates. VII. To be Prompt! VIII. To be Courteous! IX. To always Encourage OTHERS! X. To be emotional enthusiastic!.
  7. 7.  I. What athletes can expect from their coaches. I. To be loyal to you in all areas. II. To be totally honest. III. To provide the leadership and training necessary to achieve our goals. IV. To WORK you harder than you have ever worked-so you can achieve your goals. V. To assist you in any way possible. VI. To treat you as a young man / young woman. VII. To make all decisions predicted on what is best for the team then what is best for the individual. VIII.To do everything in our power to improve our facilities, to make Briscoe Middle School the BEST place to go to school and participate in an athletic program.
  8. 8.  Athletes are here to get an EDUCATION FIRST! Every athlete should be aware of the “no pass, no play” rule. -If they fail a class, they will be required to attend practice, but will not be allowed to participate in any game until deemed academically eligible Athletes are EXPECTED to attend class every day.
  9. 9.  One week of practices is considered Game Day to Game Day. In order for our team to perform its best, every athlete is required to attend practice daily. If an athlete misses a practice they must bring an excusable note from a parent/guardian. Come to practice on time and ready to work!
  10. 10.  Athletes will need to notify their coach if they will NOT be attending a practice or game. If an athlete must leave school because of an illness, contact the coaches’ office 398-1157. *If an athlete misses ONE practice they will not start in the game and playing time will be at the coach’s discretion. Excused absences will be addressed on an individual basis. *If an athlete misses TWO or MORE practices in a week they will NOT play in that week’s game. The athlete will be expected to be at the game if possible.
  11. 11.  Please report all injuries to a coach. If further medical attention is needed, a parent will be contacted immediately. If the parents cannot be reached, the emergency number on the physical form will be utilized. The Athletic trainer at Brennan is also available for our athletes at Briscoe. *If an athlete is held out of competition due to doctor’s orders then that athlete will NOT be allowed to participate until they have been cleared by the doctor. Playing time will then be the Head Coaches decision.
  12. 12.  Every athlete will ride the bus to and from competitions. Attendance throughout the entire event is crucial in establishing team unity. All requests for early dismissal from a competition MUST be made prior to the game by phone, email or signed letter. Athletes are only allowed to leave with a parent or guardian.
  13. 13.  Distractions: such as cell phones, Ipods, candy, homework, horseplay etc. are not conducive to winning and therefore not allowed at or during a game. Athletes that are caught horse playing during a game or event will be subject to disciplinary action and may be removed from a team.
  14. 14.  If an athlete is placed in ISS (In School Suspension), he / she will NOT be allowed to participate in the game that week. If an athlete is placed in ISS, he / she will be required to attend practices. Any referral that results in disciplinary action (ISS or serious events) taken by administration will result in a minimum ONE game suspension and / or removal from a team.
  15. 15.  Briscoe athletes are representatives of the school, athletic program and community. As an athlete and part of a team ALL athletes will adhere to the SAME standards of dress and appearance on and off the field / court. All athletes will keep their hair neat and clean off the collar and out of their eyes. No facial hair is allowed. Jewelry is not allowed during athletics class, practice or games. -Male athletes will not be allowed to wear earrings at anytime during the athletic practices or a game. All athletes will have the same uniform appearance for competitions and practices. Wristbands, football visors, undershirts for basketball or track jerseys will not be allowed.
  16. 16.  Use of these substances, are not on the road to success; thus, they will not be a part of our athletic program. Any athlete boy / girl caught with such substances while at school or sponsored event will NOT be a member of the Briscoe Athletic Program.
  17. 17.  Students seeking reinstatement for other sport opportunities after violating the Briscoe Athletic Code of Conduct or Quitting a sport will require a parent, student, and coach conference by contacting the Athletic Coordinator Ken Dawson at 398-1157.
  18. 18.  Every athlete should have a strong desire to be a starter for Briscoe athletic teams. Unfortunately, not every athlete will. The coaching staff will make the FINAL decision on who will start each week and who will be on A team and / or B team. It is important to understand how the coaching staff will decide on the depth charts as practice progresses each week. The following five (5) points are the guidelines we will utilize, in the order, to determine the depth charts.
  19. 19.  Knowledge of Assignment Hustle and Effort Mental Toughness Contributing to the Overall Team Talent-If the above four characteristics are equal and they should be, and then the athletes who has the most talent and / or who makes the most BIG plays will start. However, talent will not enter into our evaluation until we look closely at the first four qualities.
  20. 20. Athletic Coordinator: Ken DawsonContact information: Athletic office 398-1157email:Girls Coordinator: Kellee Vivensemail: