Era of good feelin


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Era of good feelin

  1. 1. Susan M. Pojer; Edited by Jennifer Bishop & Matt López
  2. 2. The American System  Tariff of 1816  Second Bank of the U. S.  Internal improvements at federal expense. - National Road Henry Clay, In what ways is this “The Great system nationalistic?Compromiser”
  3. 3. New Roads• Made of Crushed stone• First Toll Roads Built• Federal Government builds first roadCumberland Road
  4. 4. Waterways• Rivers used for transportation (faster than land)• Flat boats• Keel boats• Steamboats - in use by mid-1800’s
  5. 5. Waterways - Canals• Connected areas where road couldn’t.• Erie Canal - 364 miles• Way cheaper than roads (drops from $100 to $8)
  6. 6. The American System
  7. 7. The “OGRABME” TurtleThink backtoJefferson’sPresidency.Whatimpact didtheEmbargohave onbuddingAmericanindustries? Where are these budding industries located?
  8. 8. The American System WEST got roads, canals, and federal aid EAST got the backing of protective tariffs from the West. SOUTH ??Have you ever felt that you did not get a fair share of something? How did you react?
  9. 9. The Election of 1816What ishappeningto thepopularityof theFederalistParty?
  10. 10. What contributed to nationalunity during the early 1800s? national bank road and canal systemsprotective NATIONALtariffs UNITY settled national strong federal boundaries government
  11. 11. “The Era of Good Feelings”• How did the era of 1815-1824 earn the name “The Era of Good Feelings?”• Period of one-party rule• Peace• Expansion• In what ways is this description an accurate one?
  12. 12. James Monroe [1816-1824] How do you think the Federalist States felt about Monroe? Last of generation of Founding Fathers Why did people consider his election as a continuation of the “Virginia Dynasty?”
  13. 13. Panic of 1819• Caused by over-speculation on western lands• Banks foreclose on farms• People imprisoned for debt
  14. 14. Missouri Compromise•Keeps a balance betweenslave & free states•Drew a line separating slavefrom free states
  15. 15. John Quincy Adams: A bulldog among spaniels!US Secretaryof State underMonroe.Author of theMonroeDoctrine.Will settlemanyboundarydisputes in theUS’s favor.
  16. 16. The Convention of 1818
  17. 17. Adams-Onis Treaty, 1819
  18. 18. The Monroe Doctrine, 1823  Referred to as America’s Self-Defense Doctrine. 2. What warning is given1. What foreign to the European policy countries? principles are established? Monroe Doctrine 3. What would the US do if the warning was not4. What helps US headed? militarily?
  19. 19. Monroe Doctrine• President Monroe’s warning to European countries to stay out of North and South America
  20. 20. The West & the NW: 1819- 1824 Boundary est. by Russo- American Treaty of 1824.Is thisboundarythe resultof theMonroeDoctrine?
  21. 21. The Era of Good FeelingsWas this era correctly named?Why/Why not?How is nationalism evidentduring this era?How has the War of 1812changed the way American’ssee themselves?
  22. 22. The Election of 1824:The “Corrupt Bargain”
  23. 23. The Election of 1824: The “Corrupt Bargain” ElectoralCandidate Popular Vote VoteAndrew Jackson 43% 99J.Q. Adams 31% 32William 13% 41CrawfordHenry Clay 13% 37