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Qr codes in the classroom1

  1. 1. QR Codes in the Classroom
  2. 2. BEFORE WE GET STARTED…… If your smart phone has a QR reader app then you may use it for this session. Otherwise please borrow an Itouch and log onto the WiFi network. If you would like to download one onto your phone there are plenty of free apps out there….. Just tap into your app store. I-nigma is a good QR reader
  3. 3. The first group to answer both questions correctly will get to pick from the Prize Bucket! 1. What does QR stand for? 2. What country was it developed in?
  4. 4. #1: QR stands for QUICK RESPONSEA QR code is a two-dimensional code readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera and smart- phones. #2: Japan By car developers
  5. 5. Traditional Bar-codes can only beread horizontally.QR codes can be read bothhorizontally and vertically, whichmeans they can hold moreinformation than a traditional bar-code.
  6. 6. Let’s test out our scanners on QR codes Scan Me first!!
  7. 7. Did you master the art of scanning the QR code?
  8. 8. Examples of QR codes inMcGuffey School District. “Black & White and Scanned all Over.” 2012 Claysville,PA. You Tube, April 15, 2013
  9. 9. 7th grade Reading classes make book-trailers / Moviemaker Movies were then uploaded made into QR codes.(I’ll show you how to this a little later)
  10. 10. Let’s Learn!! Search a QR Generator1. Kaywa - basic code creator - http://qrcode.kaywa.com/2. QR Code Generator- http://www.qurify.com/en/3. QR Stuff - colorful codes, more data choices – MY FAVORITE http://www.qrstuff.com/index.html4. Unitag QR Generator- Create Fancy QR codes- http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode5. Class Tools: ClassTools.net
  11. 11. More QR Generators6. Kerem Erkan: http://keremerkan.net/qr-code- and-2d-code-generator/ - another good one7. Vocaroo: http://vocaroo.com/ - just audio/ easy8. QR Voice: http://qrvoice.netCHOOSE AND LOG-IN TO A QR GENERATOR
  12. 12. TEXT to QRUsing a QR generator:1. Select the option for TEXT2. Type your text and Create Code
  13. 13. Pictures to QR Math 7th gradeFor example: Simplify the expressions below 3 + 3³+ 3(3-2) 2 + 18 ÷ 3² - 2⁴ 2² (3.7 + 4) – 6 ÷ (-2)
  14. 14. Pictures to QR1. Save picture as a PDF file.2. Upload your PDF to a blog space, such as http://learningspace.nisd.net3. Now you have a URL for that picture!! 4. Copy that URL into a QR generator such as www.qrstuff.com5. CREATE 
  15. 15. Power-point to QRFirst things first : Best Power-point Share Website is:www.slideshare.netFirst: Login to websiteSecond: Upload your pre-made Power-pointThird: Copy URLFourth: Paste URL into QR generatorwww.qrstuff.comFifth: Create code
  16. 16. Video to QRFacts First:1. YouTube videos already have a URL that can easily be converted into a QR code.2. Teacher created videos on Animoto have a URL (requires a login)3. For videos created by Moviemaker/ Discovery streaming or Imovie , teachers should upload their video to either YouTube or School Tube in order to access their URL
  17. 17. Video to QROnce you have your video URL,simply upload the URL to a QR generator like www.qrstuff.com and Voila, Video to QR
  18. 18. Gallery Walk Before we create our ownQR lessons, lets look at how someteachers at Hobby have been using them.
  19. 19. Let’s CreateQR Codes we can use in our classrooms!
  20. 20. Another video on QR Generator
  21. 21. Questions,Comments,or Concerns