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The caribbean tourism project


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The caribbean tourism project

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The caribbean tourism project

  1. 1. Name:_________________________________ The Caribbean Tourism Project You are onthe Board of Tourism for the islandcountryof ____________________________________________. It isyour jobto increase the volume of touristsvisitingyourisland. Youneedtosell yourislandasthe perfect paradise thathas everythingtooffer atouristlookingforadream, CaribbeanIslandgetaway. Yourjobisto make a visual presentationsuchasa powerpoint, prezi orvideo along withabrochure orinformationsheetfor your potential tourists. Use the followingformat/guidelinestocreate yourpresentation! Make sure youpay attentiontodetailsand draw froma varietyof sourcesto create a fabulous touristguide. Use the Five Themesof Geographytodescribe yourcountry! Location -Whereis it? -Provide informationregardingspecificallywhereyourislandislocated. -Thisisa goodtime to show a map -Tell me where itisinrelationtous,and othercountries. Place -What is it like? -Contains physical,cultural,andhuman characteristicsof alocationincluding: climate, landforms,vegetation,buildings, history,people,etc. -Make sure younot onlydescribe whatitislike,butyougive agreat visual of your island(s). Lotsof picturesor videos!!!! Region -How are places similar or different? -Thissectionisa greatopportunityforyouto describe how orwhyyour island countryis unique andsetapart fromall the others. Why shouldIleave the comfortof myhome to travel to yourcountry? Why shouldwe choose your islandoverthe thousandsof others? Movement -How do goods, people and ideas get fromone place to another? -Describe waystoreachyour islanddestination! -Doesyourislandhave a cruise port? Airport? -What aboutgettingaroundthe island? Whatis the preferredmethodof transportation? -Walk?Bike?Scooters?Golf Cart?Taxi cab? Boat? Train? Human Environment Interaction -How do people relate to the physicalworld? -Have people changedthe environmenttomeettheirneeds? -Cuttingdownforests?Shipwrecks?Buildinglarge cities? Protectionfrom volcanoes?Protectionfromhurricanes? Airports?Etc. -Or have people learnedtolive withenvironmental aspectstheycannotcontrol? -Jungle ZipLine Canopytours?Divingoncoral reefs?Surfing? Cave exploring?Cliff jumping?Volcanotours? Etc.
  2. 2. Caribbean Project Rubric Project Content -Didthe studentsgatherinformationfroma varietyof credible sources? -Doesthe project provide sufficientinformation? -Are all importantaspectsof the topiccovered? 50 pts. Presentation -Isthe presentationwellthoughtoutandneatly organized? -Doesthe presentation effectivelyandcreatively use visuals?(pics, videos,show andtell objects, etc.) -Doeseachmembercontribute tothe presentation? -Isit fun!? NotBoring!? 30 pts. Mastery of Knowledge -Doeseachmemberdemonstrate masteryof knowledge of the entireprojectcontent? -Didthe studentscollaborate andshare knowledge? -Doesthe groupseemto have extensive research and effort? -Are majorand minorconceptscoveredwitheach memberexhibitingindepththinking? 10 pts. Brochure/Info Sheet -Doesthe brochure consistof the mainideasand or topicscovered? -Isthe brochure a goodreference guide? -Isit creativelylaidoutandorganized? 10 pts.