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Redemption Song - Questions


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Redemption Song - Questions

Published in: Education
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Redemption Song - Questions

  1. 1. 1. What emotionsdoyoufeel while listeningtothissong? 2. What storydo the lyricstell?Describe. 3. What lyricsstandout to you? Why? 4. Are there any lyricsinthe songthat you didnotunderstandor know whattheymeant?Which? 5. If you couldask BobMarley a questionaboutthe lyrics,whatwouldyouaskandwhy? 6. Who do youthinkisthe intendedaudience forthis song?Explain. 7. What isthe message BobMarleyistryingto conveyinthissong? 8. Doesthe message of “RedemptionSong”carryoverto today’sworld? Explain. 9. What isthe value of musicwithhistorical/political/social messages?