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Nazi policies questions


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Questions for Nazi Policies controlling Germany

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Nazi policies questions

  1. 1. Directions: This assignment is designed to test your ability to work with and understand historical documents. Refer to the additional documents to answer the essential question as well as the accompanying critical thinking questions below. You may also refer to your notes, PowerPoints or any other information not presented in the documents to help you answer the questions. 1. What effectdidmassrallieshave onthe public? How were the Nazis able toconvince peopletoovercome their struggle andachieve greatness? ReadHitler’sspeech,observethe photos&quote bya German citizentoexplain. 2. Hitler,Goebbelsandthe Naziswere mastersof propaganda. Explainhow theywere able to“brainwash”the entire country. Provide specificexamplesfromthe text,documentsoryourlessons. 3. Why didthe Nazisbelieve youthorganizationswere socrucial?Explainbyprovidingevidence fromthe document. 4. How effective were the economicpoliciesof the NazisinbringingGermanyoutof the Great Depression? Inwhat waysdidthe Nazisstimulate theireconomy?Doyouthinkthe policieswere purelytobenefitthe economy?Explain. 5. Explainhowthe Nazisusedterrorto control the nation. What methodsof terrordidtheyuse? What particular methoddoyou thinkwasmosteffective? Explain. 6. Make connectionstotodayby researching acurrentgovernmentthatmaybe similartothe Nazis. Howeffective are they?Whatis beingdone? Doyou think somethinglike this couldeverhappenthe United States? Explain. Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany