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Historical twitter example


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historical twitter example

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Historical twitter example

  1. 1. You are a person living in a historical time period. You are to create historical tweets relevant to the particular time period you are studying. Create Twitter name, location then start tweeting! Tweets should be 140 characters long. If responding to a tweet or referring to another person, use @username. Have fun! Twitter Handle: (ex. YourName@twitter) Napoleon Bonaparte @WhosYourEmperor Marco Polo @EasternExplorer John F. Kennedy @CommanderInChief Tweets (140 characters or less) Location: AmalieRosenthal07@zwitschern • Deutschland • I am a teenage girl livinginGermanyduringthe 1930's. I don’t see why the citizens of Germany have to suffer becauseof our government! It’s not our faultthey’re actinglikea bunch of children justprintingmore money! #TreatyofVersailles Well that’s embarrassing…@AHitler keeps making a bigdeal aboutBlonde hair blue eyed Aryan’s being his master race. Award how Aryan’s are dark hair dark eyed people from Indian/Iranian heritage…#AccaAwkward #Aryan #NoOffenseThough CAN”T BELIEVE WE GOT @RhinelandBACK! Not onlythat, we also annexed@Austriaand @Czechoslovakiathis is crazy! I heard the people of @Czechoslovakia were devastated…My heart goes out to you all but I’msure it’s for the best! I meanit’s not like Germany’s going to start #WorldWar2! LOL! My parents justsigned my brother up for @HitlerYouth. I won’t be seeing himfor a while. He’s really excited and says the reviews are great! It’s likeBoy Scout camp #Singlechildnow OMG! The Reichstagbuildingwas justburned to the ground! I wonder what @PaulVonHindenburgwill do!I heard Hitler convinced the Reichstagto suspend the constitution and make himDictator! Terrorismor NAHHHHHHHH! Just bought #MeinKamf wasa great read! @AHitler seems like he’dmake a prettygoodleader. Guess we’ll see nowthat he’s out of #prison. Didanyone readabout howhe got two #IronCrosses?I meanthat’s prettyamazing! How badof a guycould he be? So I skipped school all for nothing!The #BeerHallPutsh held by @NationalsozialistischeDeutscheArbeiterpartei was a complete bust@ AHitler was even arrested HA! The NationalsozialistischeDeutscheArbeiterpartei is holdinga rally soon.Seriously wondering if I should skip school and attend! @NationalsozialistischeDeutscheArbeiterpartei #Germanprobs