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Discover the Winery

  1. 1. Wines from everywhere. Wines for everyone.A N E W A P P R O A C H TO W I N E
  2. 2. Welcome to la WineryWine’s principal lesson: it’s good to share.My family have been growing grapes and making wine for four generations, and I had always dreamt ofcreating a new and exceptional space dedicated exclusively to wine.There’s something magic about wine: it is brewed up from the soil and the seasons, the violence of the rain,the softness of the Sun, the labour of love of those who work the vines and even, sometimes, a lucky combi-nation of all these. And yet wine, imbued with the Sun and the soil, whether savoured alone or enjoyed withfriends, is not a complex mystery to be decoded with long words but a living encouragement to happiness,conversation, knowledge and recognition. La Winery is designed as a learning trail to help you discover theessential nature of wine, as a joy to be shared. The park and its picnic areas, the wine boutique with its1001 fine wines from everywhere in the world, the restaurant, the exhibitions of contemporary art andprogramme of cultural events all go to make La Winery exceptional. Leave your prejudices and preconceptionsbehind and come to learn more about wine, in a setting where contact and communication come easily.Philippe Raoux
  3. 3. A newapproach to wine
  4. 4. Direct access to 1001 of the world’s finestDISCO VER wines in the magnificent wine cellar in Europe The wine boutique is designed to make access to the bottles and reading the labels as easy as possible, and is also the ideal place to discuss the wines with our enthusiastic experts. The 1001 wines that we have selected for you have been chosen by a committee of professional wine-tasters, guaranteeing that the finest wines of each terroir are available at the best prices.
  5. 5. Find out what your own really is Find out which wine corresponds most closely to your personality. The Winery organises informal tasting sessions involving six wines. Judge their taste, ‘nose’ and aspect, to discover your own ‘wine sign’. After the session, our wine specialist will present you with a booklet explaining your wine sign as well as a selected list of wines that are bound to suit your taste. TAST EThere’s nothing complicatedabout getting to know wineNo-one is born a wine expert, but the skill canbe learned and perfected. This is the purposeof our tasting sessions, where both beginnersand wine-lovers are welcome.3 levels of tasting,the ‘Discovery’ session: an introduction to wine tasting (4 wines)the ‘Connoisseur’ session: an exploration of different terroirs(6 wines)the ‘Specialist’ session: based on themes, such as aroma,climate and wine making techniques (8 wines)
  6. 6. SAVOUR Good fellowship at your table Our restaurant, Le Wy, offers a well-lit setting looking out across the plain of Médoc, where you can put your new expertise into practise. Our chef, Olivier Garnier, is a master of “bistro cuisine” and serves nothing but the best; magnificent produce prepared in an authentic modern style. In fine weather, take out a Wy picnic hamper, both 100% natural and deliciously chic to linger over in the park!
  7. 7. NCE EXPERIECultural eventsall year round La Winery also acts as a gateway between wine and the arts, which both have a magical gift for encouraging sharing and communication. In our 25-hectare park (40 acres) you can encounter monumental sculptures carved by some of the greatest contem- porary artists. Through the year, there are cultural events dedicated to the plastic arts, music, theatre, dance and more. - a permanent collection of works that grows each year - around thirty cultural events every year
  8. 8. Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm (8.30pm in July and August) - Closed on Mondays The restaurant “Le Wy” is open at midday from Tuesday to Sunday - evenings from Tuesday to Saturday Tel. +33 (0)5 56 390 491 To place orders or for further information Horaires d’ouverture +33 (0)5 56 390 490 Du mardi au dimanche, de 1 h à 19h (20h30 en juillet et août)- 1 Fermeture le lundi Le restaurant Le Wy ouvre le midi, du mardi au dimanche ; le soir du mardi au samedi Philippe Raoux SAS au capital de 1.032.210  - 33460 Arsac-en-Médoc. RCS Bordeaux B 462 202 177 Nouveau Monde DDB - Photos : Richard Sprang - Rodolphe Cellier et Alain Souloumiac. Ne pas jeter sur la voie publique. Leave the Bordeaux ring road at exit 8 and follow Le Taillan then Castelnau-de-Médoc GPS coordinates: N44°590 55 E 0° 44 638 A N E W A P P R O A C H TO W I N E www.winery.frTHE A BUSE O F A L C O HO L I S D A N G E R OU S F OR Y OU R H E A L T H . D R I N K AND AP P R E CI AT E I T I N M ODE R AT I ON.