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No94 newslettr daily - e -25_4_2013


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No94 newslettr daily - e -25_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )94( 2013/4/25Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Again...The Terrorism Targeted The Umayyad Mosque7 citizens martyred and 25wounded becauseof the fall of two mortars by terrorists onSchool Street in Jaramana. A citizen mar-tyred and 4 wounded, also material dam-ages in the buildings because of missile waslaunched by terrorists in Slinfi in Lattakia.Unites of Syrian Arab Army continued theirmilitary operations in Doma and Harast, sothey killed huge numbers of terrorists in-cluding snipers; also they made explosivedevices inactive. The Syrian Arab Armydominated in Otaibia, so they found a tunnelunder the houses of people, also they foundexplosive devices.Martyrs in Slinfi and Jaramana… tunnels and explosive devices in Otibia
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )94( 2013/4/25Again …The Umayyad MosqueIn another terrorist attack on the Houses of worship, terrorists from ” Jabhit al-Nusra“ explodedthe minaret and the southern gate of the Umayyad mosque.The explosion led to great materialdamage.The Umayyad mosque was attacked by terrorists many times in the last months . Also,units of the Syrian army did many operations and killed a big number of terrorists in Aleppo andits countryside and destroyed their weapons and equipment.Unites of the armed forcessmashed a gathering forterrorists in Homs and itscountryside and killed a lotof them and smashed theirammunition ,also they ar-rested 11 terrorists throughtheir try to infiltrate toArresting terrorists and killing othersKosaeer . In Adlib and itscountryside, Syrian ArabArmy killed terrorists andsmashed their weapons.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )94( 2013/4/25International consensus on resolving the crisis in Syria by dialogueGerman Extreme Are Fighting In SyriaRussia and Iran asserted on the need toresolve the crisis in Syria through dialogueand to stop foreign interference, as theSpanish foreign minister asserted that thepolitical system in Syria has the support ofthe Syrian people and has a strong army, asthe Secretary of the Central Committee ofthe Labor Party of Democrat Korea as-serted that his country’s support for Syrialeadership and people, also Lebanese Presi-The German Minister of Interior Hanz Bet-ter Vrederch revealed about the participationof German Islamic extremists in fighting indent Michel Suleiman called to disallowsending weapons and fighters to Syria andnot to allow the establishment of an in-surgent training bases inside Lebanon. Onthe other hand, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’sPermanent Representative to the UnitedNations asserted that the European Union’sdecision to import Syrian oil from “Syrianopposition is” dangerous and constitutes aviolation of the norms of international lawand the sovereignty of Syria. Venezuelaalso condemned the intervention of someforeign countries in the affairs of Syriathrough its arming terrorist groups; it as-serted its rejection of these interventionswhich constitute a clear violation of theprinciples of sovereignty, territorial integ-rity and political independence of Syria.Syria with the armed terrorist groups. Also,he expressed about the fear of his countryfrom those terrorists , if they come back to it.The former intelligence chief of Israel:the fall of regime in Syria is a pure Israeli interest.The former intelligence chief of the Israeli occupation entity and the head of nationalsecurity said that the fall of regime in Syria is a pure Israeli interest, adding that theinterest of Israel requires the weakness of the regime of Syria and to fall it because thatmeans the smashing of the axis of Iran and Syria .Aljaafrei …The Islamic Struggle Instead of Israeli StruggleDr. Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian PermanentRepresentative to the United Nations said inthe Security Council session of Middle Eastthat the alliance of Saudi, Qatar, Turkey,Israel and other western countries endeavorto make Islamic Islamic Struggle to replacethe Israel Arab Struggle in order to bury thePalestinian Case and to ignore the violationsof Israel for the international human rule, therights of human and the decisions of UnitedNation He declared that in spite of evidenc-es which prove the terrorist acts of ZionistEntity there is not any punishment for anyIsraeli responsible.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )94( 2013/4/25A legislative Decree… amending the law of Teachers’ OrganizationThe Master presidentBashar AL-Assad issuedthe legislative decreewhich is related to amendthe law of teachers’ orga-nization .The law includesthe developing of the ex-ternal relationships withthe organizations of teach-ers and the Professionalassociations in the world.In addition to that, thedecree included the not al-lowance for Syrians or anyone in their state ,who hasthe membership terms ,topractice the teaching pro-fession or the administra-tive works in the associa-tions that are followed tothe Ministry of Educationor the ministry of HighEducation for more thanthree months if he doesnot belong to the Organi-zations’ membership. …….. Syrian lira is stable and we have enough supplyHalaki in an interview with The Syrian Channel ofIkhbaria yesterday said that the government is anexecutive authority, and it does their acts accord-ing to the proposals and opinions of parliament andtranslates them to recommendations and decisionsto support the people, asserting that the governmentworks to implement what in the governmental state-ment or through adapting with these challenges andis continuous in providing the needs of Syrians especially the basic needs for life. The prime minister saidthat the government after two years of the crisis stills providing the saving materials and the materials of pet-rol and energy ,also it will produce all the needs of life for the damaged families because of terrorist attacksfrom centers of housing, medicines, food and clothes. He declared that the problem of increasing of prices isa common responsibility but the crisis is the great reason for it, also the increasing of the costs of transportingwas a reason of increasing of prices in addition because of monopolists, however the government and throughits executive system cannot observe all the disorders in the country because there are agitating areas, and theobserves cannot enter them and control all breach, so the local community and powers of community mustparticipate in that in order to defend the livings of people. Al Halaki assured that we have strategic stocksfrom the all basic materials and we have supplies of wheat, he clarified that the government provided all theneeds of farmers who hold by their lands He noted that the offices of government and ministry of economyand foreign trade are available for all who wants to serve the sector of importing and provide the needs ofSyrians; Al-Halaki asserted that the sector of health is invulnerable. As for the fuels, this is rising in the pricesof patrols internationally but the government commits by supporting the petrol materials. Halaki clarified thatthe sector of petrol is one of the sectors which were under the attacks of terrorists. Halaki noted that there areindirect connections between powers from the foreign opposition and the government which call all who re-fuses the terrorism and the foreign intervention and returning to the homeland. Halaki clarified that the SyrianLira is stable, declaring that the government take all the procedures to provide all the privileges of the fami-lies of martyrs, also there are amounts of money for the damaged families because of terrorism.
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )94( 2013/4/25The ministry of information Syria doesn’t and will not use the chemical weaponsThe Investment of the Financial Surpluses for Supporting the Projects100 Million Syrian Pounds for Supporting the Animal WealthThe minister of information, Omran Zoo-bie, asserted through a lecture in a Russianinstitute for science that Syria will not usechemical weapons, reminding that Syriawas the searcher for the investigation inthe case of using the chemical weapons inKhan Assal ,and the mission of investiga-tion didn’t come because of the impres-sive situations in the United Nation whichmade the organization retreated and itannounced to make the investigation inanother area in Syria in order to manipulatewith the investigation like what happenedin Iraq .The Minister of Economy and InternalTrade Dr. Mohammad Mohabeek discov-ered for the existence of the financial sur-pluses in the international organization forthe ministry of economy will be investedin supporting the small projects .The pri-ority of projects will be for the least costsand which uses more workers and linkedto the production of foodstuffs.A resource in directorate of animal healthin the ministry of Agriculture and Agrar-ian Reform ,referred that 100 million Syr-ian Liras were the budget for supportingthe animal wealth .Mohammed Kishto,The Minister of Interior…The Parties are national project and intellectualschools... They are not only gatheringsThe Minister of Interior, the major generaland the chairman of the parties’ affairs com-mittee Mohammad Ibrahem Alshaar in hismeeting with the political office of the SyrianNational Youth Party asserted that the essenceof the law of parties is activating of the politi-cal life through the establishment of partiesthat are based on a national project whichshould be able to raise the political awarenessfor the citizens and to be intellectual schoolsand not to be just gatherings. On the otherhand, the members of the party referred toimportant role of the parties’ affairs commit-tee and their supporting to the new parties.who is the President of the Chambers ofAgriculture, referred that this amount willbe used for developing livestock insur-ance fund and increasing of its financialresources for supervision