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No92 newslettr daily - e -23_4_2013


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No92 newslettr daily - e -23_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )92( 2013/4/23Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1TheArmycontinuesitsoperationsatDamascuscountryside,and continues restoring of safety at al-KsserTwo girls martyred, and eight people includingfive children were injured, because of a mortarfell near “the 7 April school” in Barzzeh causedmaterial damage in houses. On the other hand, anexplosive device exploded in a car near the “Al-mustafa mosque” in Alshagour area, led to injur-ing the driver. units of the Syrian armed forcescontinued their military operations in Harasta,Doma, Jober, Jidadt alfadel and Daria in thecountryside of Damascus, where they destroyedUnits of the armed forceseliminated on terroristgroup attempted to attackon Alhashemia School inJoret Alshaiah, it restoredthe security to Abo Hori interrorists’ gatherings, and killed large number ofthem, included members and leaders affiliated towhat is called “The prophet’s grandchildren bat-talion” and four snipers one of them is Saudi.The units also destroyed ammunition ware-house, and confiscated a car and anti-air craftcanon with 7200 bullets. The Competent authori-ty attacked terrorists’ gathering in Rukn Aldeen inDamascus contains large amount of ammunition,weapons, shield, and medical equipment.Al- kasser countryside, anddismantled tens of explo-sive devices, that the terror-ists putted in the villages’lands. They also eliminatedon terrorists in areas ofTwo Martyrs in Barzzeh… Confiscation of Mortar in Damascus’s Countryside…Restoring the Stability to Many Villages in Al-kasser CountrysideHoms and its countryside.The other units confrontedterrorists attempted to at-tack “Dedimian” hotel inTadmour, killed and injuredmany of them.
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )92( 2013/4/23Destroying hideouts and finding weapons at LattakiaCompetent authorities at Lattakia attacked terrorist hideout, found weapons and ammunition.At Aleppo and its countryside, armedforces eliminated on terrorists hideouts,inflected them heavy losses in weaponsand souls. Army forces also confrontedan attempt by terrorist to attack Abu-Al-Thuhour airport, AT Idleb countryside.At Der-Ezzur people of the Al-Husainiavillage confronted terrorists attempted toattack the citizens, while Syrian Army Unitclashed with a terrorist group at the oldairport area. A clash happened betweena terrorist group of the front victory anda group called “Badr martyrs battalion”while sharing the looting, at Der-Ezzurcountryside, led to the death of most oftheir members.Advance at Aleppo.. Deaths at Abu-Althouhour at Idleb...People confront at Der-Ezzur..
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )92( 2013/4/23The Lebanese and Iraqi confiscate weaponsLavrov...Supplying weapons to the Opposition, Violates International LawAoun.. Region wars are sabotage... Not liberationLebanese Army confiscated BMW carloaded with weapons and ammunition, atRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov af-firmed the European Union’s reducing of theembargo on supplying weapons to Syria in orderto arm the “Syrian opposition” violates inter-national law adding, the public lifting of thisembargo wouldn’t cancel out the internationalobligations which ban providing weapons andmunitions to non-governmental sides, addingthat U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry has aninclination towards finding a political solutionfor the crisis in Syria, and to search for ways toAl-Bkaa, was heading to Syria, they also de-tained the driver and his companion. At Iraq,a security source reported that joint forcesof Federal Police and the twenty-seventhbrigade have done successive strikes againstthe al-Qaeda terrorist gangs, resulted detain-ing 42 terrorists, and confiscating weapons,included Explosive belts, and quantities ofexplosive material “CIFOR high explosion”,were intended for smuggling to Syria.hold talks between the government and the op-position.Leader of the Change and Reform Bloc in Lebanon, Michel Aoun, said what is going on in theregion is sabotaging rather than liberating wars, as America and West countries plans to these warsby financial support from Gulf countries, But these countries will not be away from this organizedterrorism, pointing out that the solution to the crisis in Syria can only be done through dialogue.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )92( 2013/4/23President al-Assad..Parliaments are the true representatives of the people in confronting enemiesPresident Bashar al-Assad pointed out,during meeting a delegation from theIranian Shoura Council, headed by Chair-man of the Foreign Policy and NationalSecurity Committee at the Shoura Coun-cil, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, parliamentsare the true representatives of the peopleand, their duties to defend the people theyrepresent, what is happening currently inthe region constitutes plots that target itsstability and territorial integrity, whichrequires parliaments to coordinate moreand unite efforts to confronts the enemiesof their people. For their part, membersof the Iranian delegation reaffirmed Iran’ssupport for the political program for re-solving the crisis in Syria and its rejectionof the policies of some regional and globalcountries which seek to escalate the situa-tion in Syria.Information Minister.. Syria will not be a playground for anyone..America has trained the mercenariesMinister of Information Omran al-Zoubisaid during a meeting with leadership andactivities of the Syrian-Russian Friend-ship Association in Moscow, AmericanAdministrations are aware that Syria isn’ta playground for its polices, and will neverbe, stressing that the armed terrorist groupsbecame “an arm” for the US in the militaryand political field, and we have documentsconfirms that American officers have trainedand supported terrorist and mercenaries,who came from 29 world countries, addingthat UN will not be able to stop recognitionof Syria Because it is an organization to co-ordinate the international efforts, and safe-guard peace and stability in the world, butnot the presidency of the world. AlexanderDzasokhov, Chairman of the Syrian-RussianFriendship Association said that Russia, aspeople and leadership, has a unified stanceto support Syria in its struggle against thisglobal war.
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )92( 2013/4/23Shihabi ..What is happening in Syria, is an exhaustion process of the stateEngineer Fares Shehabi head of theFederation of Syrian Chambers of In-dustry, and head of Aleppo Chamber ofIndustry, confirmed that what is happen-ing in Syria is an exhaustion process ofthe state, and an attempt to return it tothe times of underdevelopment, wherepublic and private facilities became densfor terrorists mercenaries, rather thanbeing centers for the citizens serve andinterests, pointing to the presence of 113thousand industrial and artisanal facilitybefore the crisis, Aleppo’s portion is 35thousand.Ministerial committee meeting to implement the political programMinisterial committee met mem-bers of politburo of the SyrianCommunist Party headed by Secre-tary-General Ammar Bukdash, whoconsidered the political programthe only way to get out the crisis.