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No91 newslettr daily - e -22_4_2013


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No91 newslettr daily - e -22_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )91( 2013/4/22Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Qualified operations of the Syrian ArmySome citizens were injured because of a car bombat Al-Mliha in Damascus countryside, at the timewhen employees and students go to their workand schools, while 5 citizens were injured afterUnit of the Syrian armyeliminated on terrorists’ gath-the fall of two mortar shells at Al-Assad suburb,causing material damages. Two mortar shells alsofell on the residential district “Ish Al-Warwar” atBarza, causing material damages.erings included their leaders,in Aleppo and its countrysideA car bomb at Al-Mliha .. Mortar shells at Barza and Al-Assad suburbThe Elimination of Terrorists in Aleppo and Its Countryside.The army destroyed theirweapons and equipment.
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )91( 2013/4/22Al-Qseir… restored securityUnits of the Armed Forces on Sunday, re-stored security and stability to towns in thecountryside of al-Qseir in Homs, inflictedheavy losses upon terrorists. Army unitsdestroyed a headquarter for the terrorists,Armed forces units confronted terrorist at-tempt to attack military checkpoints at “Jesral-shugur” inflicting them dead and wounded.included medical equipment, oxygen cylinderand a number of medical gags in addition tobags containing topographic and geologicalequipment the engineering units dismantled 4explosive devices at “Al-Rastan” CountrysideAnother units eliminated on terrorists gather-ing, including members affiliated to the FrontVictory and Al-Tawheed brigade in Idleb,killed large number of them, and destroyedtheir equipment and vehicles. In Hama coun-tryside, the Syrian Army eliminated on armedgroups, the The competent authorities dis-mantled three explosive devices in “Kremsh”village, they also foiled an attempt of bomb-ing an explosive device at Hama-SalamiyaRoad.Confronting attacks on military checkpoints at “Jesr al-shugur”
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )91( 2013/4/22Le Figaro .. Jordan opens airspace to the Israeli AirBoroujerdi: Switzerland meeting .. affirms the sovereignty of the Syrian stateJordan arrested 8 displaced Syrian at al-Zaatari campThe “Le Figaro” French newspaper revealedthe approval of King Abdullah II of JordanChairman of the Foreign Policy and NationalSecurity Committee at the Iranian Shoura Coun-cil, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, affirmed during meet-ing the head of the People’s Assembly, Moham-mad Jihad al-Laham, pointed out that the requestmade by Switzerland to hold a tripartite meetingwith Syria and Iran affirms the sovereignty ofthe Syrian state and legitimacy of its govern-ment , pointed out that the political program forsolving the crisis in Syria demands an interna-tional political action to stand in the face of whatthose who claim to be “Friends of Syria” aredoing. For his part Allaham pointed out that theUS and its allies in the region are openly send-to open Jordan space before the Israeli en-emy flight to spy on Syria, where it put twoJordanian air passages at their disposal, thefirst is in the south of Jordan, from the Al-Naqab desert, and the other is at north ofAmman, pointing out that Israeli drones willdo reconnaissance operations be flying atnight so as not to be terrorists and mercenaries to Syria, hailingthe countries friendly to the Syrian people, andthe BRICS group, for their role in consolidatingthe Syrians’ steadfastness and standing by theirjust causes at the international forums.A Jordanian security source stressed the arrest of 8 displaced Syrians on charge of “inciting riots”at al-Zaatari camp in northern Jordan after they protested the difficult conditions they are living in.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )91( 2013/4/22Upon The Directions of The President Bashar al-Assad..Azzam Offers Condolence to AlgeriaUpon the directions of the president Basharal-Assad, the minister of the presidentialaffairs Mansour Azzam yesterday offeredcondolence for the death of “Ali kafii”, theformer Chairman of the Supreme Council inAlgeria, at the Algerian embassy inDamascus.President Al-Assad.. no truce with terrorismPresident Bashar Al-Assad confirmed dur-ing meeting delegation representing Leba-nese national parties, forces and figures,confirmed that there is no truce with ter-rorist and takfiri groups. Syria will sternlyconfront terrorism in all its forms in parallelwith the government’s work to implementthe political program for resolving the crisis.pointing out that the political, cultural andsocial wealth and diversity of Lebanon andSyria bolster them in the face of the intellec-tual invasion targeting the region and helpsthem foil the foreign plots that seek to createa new Sykes-Picot which divides the regionon sectarian and ethnic basis. For their part,members of the delegation affirmed thatwhat Syria is facing targets the entire Arabnation, and that all the Arab people shouldbe involved in foiling the plots targetingSyria, They asserted that Syria will remainthe home of resistance and its host and de-fender.
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )91( 2013/4/22Brutal practices against the Syrian detainees at Israeli jailsOn the occasion of the Syrian detaineesday, the Committee of Supporting thereleased detainees and Syrian detainees inIsraeli jails and their families, delivereda letter yesterday to the Head of Missionof the International Committee of the RedCross in Damascus include a presentationof the reality and life conditions of pris-oners, and what the practices of brutalityand deliberate neglect they are exposed toby occupation authorities, The committeenoted in its letter to the efforts of the In-ternational Committee of the internationalRed Cross to improve the life and human-ity conditions for our prisoners from theGolan and Palestine, who are exposed tothe worst kinds of brutality and repressionexercised by the Israeli occupation prisonsAdministration inside the cells, Whichis very alarming on lives of strugglersprisoners. The committee appealed to thenoble human conscience and the will ofthe international community and all itsorganizations and, the rights, legal and hu-manitarian bodies to perform their human-itarian and international responsibilities,and to work to stop the suffering of theprisoners, and to put pressure on the Israe-li occupation authorities for the release ofSyrian prisoners, from the occupied SyrianGolan, and all Arab prisoners, because oftheir detention inconsistent with the foun-dations and principles of international law,the Geneva Conventions, and the principleof human rights.FAO Representative: increasing Cooperation with Agriculture MinistryRepresentative of the UN Food and Agri-culture Organization (FAO) in Syria, Dur-ing a meeting on Sunday with Minister ofAgriculture, Ahmad al-Qadiri, stressed theOrganization’s keenness to boost and de-velop the joint cooperation with the Ministryof Agriculture under the circumstances Syriais currently facing. For his part, AgricultureMinister, al-Qadiri noted that there are 11agricultural projects being jointly carried outwith the FAO in Syria, saying that there arealso two other new projects the FAO ad-opted in Syria.440 Million… projects for Damascus province clubDr.Waael Al-Halki, the prime minister, Inau-gurated projects of Damascus province club,sports, educational, and social with cost of440 million Syrian pounds, at “Kfarsousa”.