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No89 newslettr daily - e -20_4_2013


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No89 newslettr daily - e -20_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )89( 2013/4/20Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Syrian army continues his victories in Damascus and Aleppo countrysidesIn Damascus and its countryside, the military units in Syrian army killed many terroristsand snipers in Jober, Adraa, Nabek, Zakie, Een Terma,Daria,Dair Atteih and Eastern Gh-outa. The military units destroyed mortar, great amounts of ammunition and a car fittedwith gun. While another unit discovered many tunnels and trenches and they also madeexplosive devices inactive in Daria. A fighting happened between two terrorist groups,one of them from Jabhat al-Nusra in al-Hijara town because of conflict about the stolenpossessions. This conflict leads to kill and wound many of them. Also the engineer andthe colonial Tamim Abed- Allah martyred after the terrorists fire on him in Barzah.In Aleppo and its countryside, units of the armed forces aimed gatherings for terroristsand destroyed anti-aviation 23 mm, mortar and a car with a machine gun and they de-stroyed another car, also they seized machine gun RPK, Russian rifles, bombs and storesin each of Meng, Meyer and Andan.Discovering Tunnels and making explosive devices inactiveConfiscation of guns and bombs in Aleppo
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )89( 2013/4/20Non-Syrian NationalitiesThe elimination of a large number of terroristsKilling Saudi Terrorist in DaraaNATO... We will ill not impose a non-fly over SyriaIn Lattakia countryside , a unit of the armed forces targeted the gatherings of ” JabhitAL-nusra ‘s terrorists“ in Al-Rabiaa.They cause them a great loss in souls , there aresome killed people who are not Syrian.The Syrian Arab Army in Homs and its countryside confronted terrorist group tried to infil-trate from Lebanese territory, also another unit aimed terrorist hideouts in Rastan and theydestroyed cars equipped with cannon and mortar launcher rockets.While in the countryside of Adlib, units of army caused losses in the ranks of terroristgroups in Jesser Al-Shoghour, Kastan and KoreenIn AL-abasseih quarter, units of armed forces killed terrorists from Jabhat Al-nusra and one ofthem a Saudi terrorist, the units destroyed cars fitted with gun and 3 motorbike.Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO saidin his monthly conference press “that NATO is not planningto impose a no-fly zone over any part of Syrian territory tosecure Turkey, asserting that he did not change the attitudetoward Syria and solution of the crisis is only a political,adding that the deployment of Patriot on the Turkish borderto secure our allies from possible missile attack from Syria.The Jordan Security Prevent A Syrian Family to Leave AL-Zaatri RefugeThe Jordan security forces prevented a Syr-ian family to escape from al-Zaatri refugeby using tear gas canister. Therefore, fiverefugees fainted.
  3. 3. Mufti warned in a statement to the chan-nel of world from the strange fatwas.The Tunisian Interior Ministry Lotfi BinGidou discovered in an interview aboutdismantling webs for training Tunisians tofight in Syria.The Tunisian Interior Ministry Lotfi BinGidou discovered in an interview aboutdismantling webs for training Tunisians tofight in Syria.Bin Gidou said in an interview with theTunisian newspaper of Morocco, “weknow about a lot of them and there aremany of arrested people who involved intraveling the youth to Syria and we inves-tigated about theses. “Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )89( 2013/4/20Al Akhdar Ibrahimi, UN envoy to Syria denied yes-terday rumors of his resignation that he felt disap-pointed by the failure of the Arab League and theUN Security Council to find a way out of the crisisin Syria.The (Reuters) reported the speech of Ibrahimi “Ihave not guit ... but when I wake up every daythinking about the need for my resignation ... maybesomeday I quit.”Ibrahimi also denied the reports that say he will stayin his position for another three months and said, “Idid not reach to anywhere with Syrians... We havegot with the UN Security Council, the Americansand the Russians some progress but it is still veryminimal.”In turn, some envoys who attended the closed meet-ing of the Security Council yesterday said “Thereason behind Ibrahim’s desire to distance him-self from the Arab League is the decision of ArabThe Mufti of Republic of Tunisia, SheikhOsman Bateekh, emphasized that theJihad is only in Palestine, and we cannotcall who fights in Syria by mujahid.The Mufti said in a statement to a Tuni-sian newspaper “The Salafi youth whoimmigrated to Syria under the pretextof jihad will represent a threat to Tuni-sia after their return, carrying false ideasabout the Islamic religion and they arelike bombs on the country.” The SheikhBateekh asserted that Salafi youth whohave gone to Syria to fight where theywere misled by money and by convinc-ing them that they will go to heaven, enterparadise and enjoy by Hor Ein, stressingthat Jihad is only legal if is against co-lonialism, which is fighting the Islamicreligion along the lines of the Zionistmovement. On the other hand, he con-demned the calls for the so-called mar-riage of Jihad emphasizing that they con-stitute a way for adultery and prostitutionin the name of religion, citing by verses ofQuran to refute these calls. The TunisianAl-Ibrahimi ….. I didn’t quit and I will not stay in my positionThe Mufti of Tunisia: “there is not jihad in Syria. Jihad is only in Palestine”League last month about the approv-al on the Syrian opposition “Diplomats confirmed Tuesday thatIbrahimi hopes to change the nameof his position as mediator for peacein Syria to become an envoy of theUnited Nations without any formallink with the Arab League.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )89( 2013/4/20Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted with hisEgyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi, that Russiaand Egypt oppose any foreign interference in the af-fairs of Syria and call for an end to violence and tostart a dialogue and end the crisis politically, assert-ing the support for active of the workn of the Quar-tet Middle East in cooperation with the Arab Leagueto resolve the crisis.In a related context, the Deputy of Russian For-eign Minister Gennady Gatilov announced that anyhumanitarian aid to Syria must be given through theofficial Syrian authorities exclusively.An American responsible said that hiscountry will present aids for the SyrianOpposition its value 100 million dollars.A responsible person in European Unionreferred to the possibility of cancelling thesanctions on Syria, for helping the opposi-tion by reduction the proscription of oilwhich is supposed on Syria.Imams and preachers intheir sermons at Fridayprayers asserted thatGalaa day and indepen-dence is the day of theland, and our peopletoday are looking to thenear victory of new-colonialism.The Palestinian public committeefor defense on Syria made(The Loyalty for Arab and Resis-tant Syria) festival. It asserted onthe solidarity with Syrian people,army and his leadership in facingthe enemy.Russia and Egypt.. No foreign interference in Syrian affairsAmerican European‘s Aids for The Syrian OppositionNear victory over the new-colonialism“The Loyalty for Arab and Resistant Syria” in Ramallah