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No191 newslettr daily e-1_8_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )191( 2013/8/1 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 President al-Assad.. we have the ability to withstand Because we are confident of our victory General President Bashar al-Assad the commander in chief of the Army and Armed Forces said, “if we don’t have a confidence of Victory in Syria, we had not the ability to resistance and we cannot to capacity to hold more than two years after the aggres- sion, this came in a speech of the Syrian army and armed forces on the occasion of the 68 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day. The presi- dent address in his speech, “I have a big trust of your abil- ity to carry the secretariat and the performance of the mes- sage and putting a brighter pages to the history of our army”.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )191( 2013/8/1 Syrian Arab Army restore the security and stability to the region mills in Ghazlanah in countryside of Damascus after elimination of terrorists and their dens, while continued its operations in the destruction of the headquarters of the ter- rorists, including weapons and ammunition in Kaboun, Gota eastern, Harsta and Alzeabih in countryside of Damascus. A citizen killed and other injured in a car bomb in “Hesya” at Homs country- side, army forces discov- ered tunnels of the terror- 6 citizens were martyred and others 19 were wounded by the fall of a mortar shell on the bus staff of scientific research center in Barzeh, addition to material damage in place. A car bomb in Homs A terrorist group assassinated the mayor of Zabadani “Majed Tenawi” and a member of the Units of army targeted in Aleppo and its countryside gatherings of terrorists and restored security to the vil- lage “hill Maragha”, and other units of the armed group elimination of ter- rorist group that tried to at- tack on the palace of justice and Carlton Hotel, and the other was carrying arms to Khan Al-asal, also clashed with the terrorists they tried to infiltrate into safe areas in the neighborhoods of Salah al-Dinand. The army inflicted a heavy loss- es in the ranks of terrorists who belong to a “Jabhit Al- nasraa” in each of Haritan, Khan Al-asal and Aleppo Central prison. Thwart the attempts to sneak into Aleppo National Reconciliation Com- mission “Ghassan Al-Hajj“ in countryside of Damascus. At Dei Ezzur, Syrian army units destroyed hideouts of the Al-Nusra Front’s ter- rorists including weapons and ammunition, while terrorists attacked amounts of hydraulic oil needed for the work of the elec- tric power generation’s en- gines, which was loaded in a truck on Damascus-Al- Hasakah road. The army Elimination onAl-Nusra Front’s terrorists at Der Ezzur forces also destroyed hide- outs of terrorists at Al-Ha- sakah countryside inflicted them direct injuries. ists in “Joret Al-Shaiyah” at Homs, it also foiled an attempt by terrorist armed groups to infiltrate into Pal- myra farms and Al-Ghota, and eliminated on most of its members, it also con- trolled on buildings south- ern the Central Bank at “Bab Hood” neighborhood after it eliminated on ter- rorists who were inside, and seized on a warehouse of arms and ammunition in “Tel Kalakh” at Homs.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )191( 2013/8/1 Armed forces restores the safety to the town Maatarm in countryside of Idlib after the elimination of last gatherings terrorists, and the dismantling of improvised explosive de- vices and control weapons and ammunition. Syrian army units killed terrorist group’s mem- bers at “Baareen” and arrested people who at- tempted to infiltrate into “JabbataAl-Khashab” Army restores security to the countryside of Idlib The army continues its operations in Hama In Sarakeb forces armed killed terrorists of different nationalities is Syria, including the leaders of those groups, also elimination of terrorists in Bashlamon, Deir Snapple, Kvr- romh and Altmanah in countryside of Idlib. town at Al-Qunetra countryside, who admitted that they smuggled weapons and ammunition into “Beit Gen” and “Jabbata Al-Khashab”.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )191( 2013/8/1 Health Ministry signed yes- terday two memorandum of Understanding with mon- Dr. Ali Haidar the minister of state for national reconcilia- tion confirmed on the need to document the work of armed Memorandum of Understanding among the Health Ministry and monastery of Saint Jacob Al-Maqtaa and the international organization of migration Haidar and Al-Brazi…. In Khalidiya astery of Saint Jacob Al- Maqtaa and the international organization of migration Minister of Justice Dr. Na- jeem Hamad Al-Ahmad Al decided to formation 5 com- mittees of judges and law- yers are specialists to docu- ment the crimes of terrorism and murder against human- ity, women and children and against public and private property associated with the events of current so they can be placed in a single report to published by the ministry in Arabic, English and French after the completion of the committees function within a specified period. Committees to document the crimes of current events to support the health sector in Syria to meet the health needs of the citizens, espe- cially the residents in the af- fected areas and temporary accommodation centers, In addition to providing a rov- ing hospital equipped with two clinic and operations rooms , and to provide some medicines for chronic and common diseases. The newspaper “Daily Tele- graph” published that the British group “SSG” formed by the United States to sup- port the “Syrian opposition” as a tool to change the rules of the game because it has the capacity and potential to collect money to send sophis- ticated weapons, suffered a state of chaos and failed to offer any aid and suffers Prime Minister Dr. Wael Hala- ki asked yesterday in a general- ization to all public bodies, not to address any judicial body “Daily Telegraph” .. “SSG” is in a full state of chaos and collapse The captain.. Not address the judicial bodies from fragmentation and in- ternal divisions, and its work is limited now on the struggle for survival. groups in Khalidiya in Homs to be a witness on their ac- tions and evidence of their hatred blind in the name of religion. In turn, the governor of Homs Talal Brazi refer- ring to the invite the people to return soon to their places and start operations to open roads and remove the debris and re- servicers of electric- ity, telephone and water. on any arrested or any pending case in front of the courts, and if there an necessary it can ad- dress the Minister of Justice.