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No148 newslettr daily e-18_6_2013

  1. 1. The President Bashar Al-Assad … We will re-build our country…and we will stand against extremismIn an interview with the German Frankforter newspaper, the presidentBashar Al-Assad asserted that the greatest challenge is for standingagainst the extremism and restoring the stability and the security besidethe rebuilding the country.Also, he explained that the Syrian army can dominate any place when itenter the area; and he hopes that Geneva conference will be animportant stage to encourage the dialogue in Syria and preventsmuggling the weapons and terrorists to it.The president Bashar Al-Assad referred that any attempt for changingthe area will be the beginning of many wars in the Middle East and noone can stop it .He said that what happens in Syria (surely is not aspring), but it was an opportunity for all the countries to get rid of Syria(the indocile country) and looking for a president says ok all the timeand this will not get now or in the future.About the case of supplying the opposition, the president said that if theterrorists get the weapons, Europe will be a terrorist garden and it willsuffer of poverty and mess.The president added that Syria did not reject coming of any investigations’ committee ton it, but it will not allow to anyone to know its secretsbecause they want go to all the Syrian lands.
  2. 2. Seizure of a vehicle was loaded with weapons andammunition was going to WadiBaradaThree citizens were injured because of blasting two explosive bombswere putted in a garbage container on the way of Alzahera.While the units of the army continued its operations in the easternGuttah and killed many terrorists, some of them were Saudi. Also, theunits killed sniper in the farms that are in the west of the internationalhighway, where they destroyed anti-air craft cannon 23mm caliber,weapons, ammunition and mortar. In the countryside of Damascus,thecompetent authority seized a car was carried with weapons, rifles, twosnipers and submachine gun were hidden in a hid out is similar to thefuel tank.Explosion of Booby-trapped Car in AleppoArmy kills many terrorists of Jabhat Al NusraA booby trapped car exploded in the eastern countryside ofAleppo.Unites of the armed forces kill many terrorists of Jabhat AlNusra in Aleppo and its countryside and smashed their weapons.
  3. 3. Martyrdom ofdean of Education University and explosion ofan explosive device next to Al Kadesia SchoolThe dean of Education University in Hasaka was martyred byshooting him by terrorists during his leaving the university.Three citizens were injured because of explosion of an explosivedevice in the countryside of Hasaka next to Al Kadesia School.Unit of the armed forces confronted terrorists who tried to attackon a military barrier, killed many of them and smashed theirweapons.Army caught a store of weapons in HomsKilled terrorists from many nationalities in LattakiaIn Homs, unites of the armed forces confronted terrorists whotried to infiltrate through tunnels in Waar Neighborhood toHoms.Syrian Arab Army killed many terrorists from foreignnationalities in the countryside of Lattakia and smashed a storeof weapons in it.
  4. 4. Dismantling the Israeli-Made Mines in DaraaUnits of the Syrian army faced a terrorist gang attacked a military checkpoint near Gallen in Daraa, and destroyed many heavy machine gunswere with the members of this group. Also, the units of engineeringdismantled mines, some of it were Israeli-made. The terrorists planted itin Galeen surroundings.American Russian Agreement to push all the parties in Syria tostart dialogueThe two presidents of America and Russia agreed in theirmeeting to persuade all the parties in Syria to start dialogueandto stop all kinds of violence.
  5. 5. Obama …….The military intervention in Syria does not endthe crisisAmerican President in an interview with The Americantelevision, BBS, asserted that the American military interventionin Syria does not end the crisis, while The President of Israelientity supported the plans of America to support the armedgroups in Syria by arms.Al Jeffery………Putting the armed groups in the list of Shame isvery lateThe permanent deputy of Syria to United Nations in his speechyesterday during a special session of Security Councilwhich isabout the involving of children in the armed disputescriticizedthe long period which is taken by the specialrepresentative of the general Assembler to United Nations toput the armed groups in the list of Shame because of recruitingthe Syrian Children in the armed groups.The central bank sells the foreign currencies in the market
  6. 6. The Ruler of central Bank of Syria announced that the banksells the foreign currencies in the Syrian commercial Bank insuitable prices to meet the needs of citizens.Alhalaki…we watch the state of the Syrian LiraThe Prime Minister WaeelAlhalaki asserted, during a meeting of theeconomic committee, that the government watches the situation oftheSyrian poundexchange price and takesa package of economic measuresthat ensure the steadfastness of the national economy for facing theeconomic and informational war. Also, he referred to the importance ofthe cooperative role between the ministry of information and theinformational national council in making the informational policies, forrebuilding real national information and finding the right structure ofinformation to get benefit of the scientific professionals.Gallawanji…Distributing 300 million Syrian Liras for theresidents in Al-QuseirDuring a visit of ministerial delegation to Al-Quseir city yesterday,the deputy of the prime minster of the service affairs, the engineerOmar Gallawanji revealed that 300 million lira were given to Homsprovince for distributing it to the citizens in al-Quseir. This step
  7. 7. comes to help the people for reforming their homes and shops thatwere damaged because of the terrorism of the armed gangs.Lavrov ……………..the opposition should not specifypreconditions for Genève ConferenceRussian Foreign Minister asserted that the imposing of AirEmbargo in Syria will be in the interests of extremists and willobstruct the preparations for the international conference inGenève, adding that Syrian Opposition should not specifypreconditions for this conference.Al Maliki ……..Takfiri Fatwas which call to fight in Syriaare immoralIraqi Prime Minister renewed during a meeting with the highrepresentative of foreign Policy in European Union the stand ofhis country which is represented by the refuse for militaryintervention in Syria, announcing his support for holding ofGenève conference, criticizing the Takfiri Fatwas which call tofight in Syria.
  8. 8. Red Cross …….. We can reach all the regions in SyriaThe head of activities in Red Cross in the Middle East assertedthat the representatives of Red Cross can reach all the SyrianRegions and asserted that Red Cross does not have anyinformation about using the chemical weapons in Syria.The Syrian Airlines… Blocking booking programs servers, andissuing e-ticketingsupports terrorismThe general director of the Arab Syrian airlines, DoctorMosaabArsalan assured that the American procedure forblocking the Seta web (one of the essential servers that areresponsible for blocking programs and e-ticketing) is forfulfilling apolitical targets. The forces and the countriesthat support terrorism in Syria and attempting for stoppingthe company to do its national and economic duty and itcontradicts with items of the signed contracts between thecompany of flight and the web.Reinforcement ofIranian Syrian CooperationSyria and Iran signed in a common meeting on the mechanismsof common cooperation in the fields of oil, electricity andmedical devices.
  9. 9. Preventing importation of bottled water …An opportunityfor marketing of the national productThe government approved on the request of the ministry of industryfor preventing the importing of bottled water.This new step is important chance for increasing the products of thecompany.