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No143 newslettr daily e-13_6_2013

  1. 1. Terrorists from Jabhat Al Nusra commit a new massacre inDer Al Zour; its victims are women and childrenA new massacre in Der Al Zour; its victims are women andchildren.Mortars on the airport of DamascusTwo mortars fell around the international airport of Damascus.An explosion of an explosive device in a carA citizen was injured because of explosive device in a car wasput by the terrorists.
  2. 2. Douma people protests against the terrorism– Scores of citizens in Douma city went out in a massive protestdemanding the armed terrorist groups to get out of the city and blamingthem for the loss of the food materials, high prices and the acts ofterrorism in the city.The citizens became fed up with the terrorists acts in the city whichcaused the loss of security, so they took to the streets in a massiveprotest against the terroristsThis massive protest comes after several demonstrations in the last fewdays which demanded the armed terrorist groups to leave the city, butthe terrorists brutally cracked down on the citizens and destroyed theirproperties.Killing of terrorists in AleppoUnit of the armed forces killed terrorists from Jabhat Al Nusra in Aleppoand smashed their weapons.Army dismantles 4 explosive devices
  3. 3. Unites of the armed forces dismantled 4 explosive devices in Homs.The meetings of ministerial committee which is in charge ofthe implementing of Political ProgramThe members of Executive Office of the GeneralSportsFederationclarified during their meeting with theministerial committee that the political program is the solutionfor the crisis in Syria, asking for more communication amongthe citizens to success the national dialogue.Ministerial meetingsThe meeting of Prime minister with the members of council ofpeople about HomsThe Prime Minister announced that the government will do theplan of reconstruction in the provinces according to developed
  4. 4. organized plans, while the members of People’s council refusedall the kinds of terrorism in Homs, indicating to the role andsacrifices for Syrian Arab Army.The meeting of minister of information with the delegation ofPolandThe minister of information asserted that the government has aclear policy toward the dealing with foreign media devices tocover the events in Syria, so it allows for the journalists to enterSyria and to move in it, but they should get the permission fromthe ministry of information in order to keep on their safety andlife.The minister clarified during a meeting with the delegation ofPoland which visits Syria now that the ministry allowed formore 300 media sides to visits the country to broadcast theevents on the land, asserting that the journalist has thecomplete freedom to write about the events from his opinion,because the honest journalist will write just the truth.
  5. 5. He previewed for the delegation the details of killing of FrenchJournalist –Jell Jackie- in the beginning of Past Month in Homs ,so he entered Syria in illegal way and was killed by terrorists ,indicating that the French government stopped asking for aninvestigation to discover the real criminal after it knew that theterrorists were the responsible for his killing.He clarified that Syria allows for journalists to enter Syria inorder to broadcast the real events and to clarify the situationfor the foreign world.He indicated that” the ministry intends to do its best tobroadcast the events in Syria for the public opinion throughdocumentary moves will show the truth of events in Syria bydifferent languages ”.The minister denied the information which was broadcasted inEuropean Media about the using of Chemical weapons bySyrian Arab Army in the war against the terrorism, clarifyingthat Syria refuses using these weapons for ethical and politicalreasons and Syria called United Nations to investigate in thisissue.
  6. 6. The delegation visited the directorate of electronic media in theministry of information; the directorate was opened in the lastyear to communicate with the other electronic websites.The meeting of interior minister with the Syrian SocialNationalist PartyThe Secretary General of theSyrian Social NationalistPartyEssamMahaireeconsidered that the law ofparties is a basicstepin thestrengtheningof democratic life and intheperformance ofthe political role, during a meetingof partymemberswith theMajor General -Interior Minister-Chairman oftheParties Affairs Committee, who explainedthat theCommittee will helpthe partiestopursuetheir workandovercometheir difficulties.
  7. 7. The leadership of Army……….aiming terrorists who tried toescape for LebanonThe General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces saidin a statement on Wednesday that one of the helicopters of theSyrian Arab Army on June 12, 2013, targeted a terrorist grouptrying to escape to the Lebanese territories.The helicopter targeted the terrorist group and injured some ofits members while the rest managed to flee into Arsal districtwhere they were targeted with gunfire from the helicopter, thestatement noted.The Syrian Arab Army will continue fulfilling its duties toprotect the Syrian Arab Republic and preserve the security of itscitizens, and it is committed to respecting the sovereignty of theLebanese Republic and its peoples security, the GeneralCommand stressed in the statement.A Tunisian newspaper …… killing of A Tunisian terrorist inAleppo
  8. 8. A Tunisian newspaper revealed that a Tunisian terrorist waskilled the last Sunday in Syria by Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo.America and Britain …. We support the political solution inSyriaThe Foreign ministers of America and Britain announced thatthey support the political solution in Syria.The government and private sector import foodThe foreign trade and economy ministry issued a generalizationin which it clarified that the government imports food at thesame time of importing food by the private sector.
  9. 9. Health Ministry, Belarusian Company Sign Agreement toProcure Cancer MedicineThe Syrian Health Ministry and Belarus pharmaceuticalcompany Belmedpreparaty on Sunday signed an agreementprotocol for importing cancer medicine to Syria valued at USD100,000 for each type of medicine.The protocol was signed by Assistant Health Minister Dr.UsamaSammaq and the director of Belmedpreparaty during thevisit of a delegation from the Health Ministry to the Belarusiancapital of Misk.Health Minister Dr. Saad al-Nayef said that this protocol is partof the Ministrys efforts to boost Syrian-Belarusian cooperationin the field of health, and that this cooperation will be boostedfurther after stability is restored to Syria.Al-Nayef called upon Syrian pharmaceutical manufactures toexpand partnerships with Belarus to create new markets forSyrian pharmaceuticals.In turn, Sammaq said that this protocol is part of the Ministryswork to continue providing medicine for hospitals in Syria, andthat coordination with Belarus is ongoing to sign moreagreements and procure more types of medicine and medicalequipment.