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No135 newslettr daily e-5_6_2013

  1. 1. The Armed Forces Restore Security and Stability to al-QseirCityThe armed forces on Wednesday restored security and stability to thewhole city of al-Qseir in Homs countryside.An official source said that the army carried out qualitative and promptoperations to restore security and safety to the city after the killing of abig number of terrorists and the surrender of others.The army destroyed the terrorists hideouts with all the weapons andammunition inside them, and the tunnels and barricades where theterrorists were fortified.The source added that the armed forces dismantled dozens of explosivedevices planted by terrorists in the citizens houses and on the publicroads to hinder the progress of the army."However, the determination of the army to save the city from the armedterrorist groups led to those groups full defeat and collapse," the sourcesaid.The source went on saying "Our armed forces are now continuingthe process of looking for explosive devices and criminal tools which theterrorists left behind in al-Qseir city."Syria: UNHRC Committee Insists on Exaggeration, Ignores CrucialEvents
  2. 2. Syrias Permanent Representative to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC),Fayssal al-Hamwi, stressed that the UNHRC investigation committee on Syria stillpremeditates exaggerating results and ignores crucial events.Addressing the UNHRC session held Tuesday to discuss the situation in Syria, al-Hamwi denounced the delay in publishing the report of the investigation committeegiving no time enough for delegations to study the report and send it to theircountries."In spite of our warnings against using sectarian expressions, basically rejected bythe Syrian society, the committee used such terms and ignored in its conclusionsand recommendations the causes of deteriorating the social and economicsituation, including the unjust unilateral sanctions imposed by some Arab andwestern countries on the Syrian people," al-Hamwi added.He pointed out that the committee ignored in its report the role of Qatar in theabduction of UNDOF personnel in the Golan which is being investigated byUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General HervéLadsous after he received evidenceabout that.Concerning the situation in al-Quseir city, Al-Hamwi added that the report did notmention the hundreds of rockets and shells which were launched by the armedterrorist groups on Lebanon and the losses sustained by the Lebanese citizens andal-Quseir residents since these groups controlled the city two years ago.He noted that when member of the committee, Carla Del Ponte, confirmed that thearmed groups in Syria used the poisonous Sarin gas, pressures were intensified onhead of the committee to issue a statement refuting Pontes conclusions.Putin: Any Attempts at Using Force in Syria Are Doomed toFailureRussian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the attempts to influencethe situation in Syria through direct military intervention will yield nofruits and is doomed to failure, warning that these attempts would resultin heavy humanitarian consequences.
  3. 3. Speaking during a press conference following the end of the 31st Russia-EU Summit, which kicked off Tuesday in the Russian city ofYekaterinburg, President Putin expressed his countrys disappointmentwith the European Unions decision to lift the embargo on exportingarms to the "opposition" in Syria."I wont hide that we were disappointed by this issue," he added.He reiterated that Russias arms exports to Syria are being carried outon the basis of transparent contracts that are internationally recognized,noting that the contract on exporting S-300 anti-aircraft missile systemsto Syria has not yet been implemented."The S-300 systems are, really, one of the best air defense systems in theworld, probably the best...It is a serious weapon," said Putin. "We donot want to disturb the balance in the region. The contract was signedseveral years ago. It has not yet been realized."The Russian President pointed out that Russia and the European Unionagreed to closely coordinate their efforts to address the urgentinternational issues."We agreed to further coordinate the joint efforts to succeed in holdingthe Geneva conference on Syria as well as in the other urgentinternational issues," he said.He pointed out that both sides agreement was arrived at within theframework of the UN and with an initiative from Britain for aninternational treaty on not sending arms to non-government formations.President Putin added that a document was adopted within theframework of the European Union that prohibits sending weapons toconflict areas in the world.He expressed his hope that no "man-eaters" would be among therepresentatives of the "Syrian opposition" to the conference on Syria dueto be held in Geneva, referring to footages aired by some TV channels
  4. 4. showing members of the "armed opposition" cutting out and eatinginternal organs of people they had killed.He added that the participation of "such types of people" in theinternational conference on Syria "would make it difficult to ensure thesecurity of the Russian participants in the conference."President Putin said that absence of good will and a unified program onthe part of the "armed opposition" in Syria, in addition to the inability todetermine their representatives to the conference, are all issues thathinder the holding of the conference on Syria.He pointed out that Moscow and Brussels share the same stance on theneed to hold the international conference on Syria Geneva 2, saying"this is what unites us with our European colleagues."Lavrov: the appointment of international conference aboutSyria will be specified after the specification of the names ofparticipatorsRussian foreign minister announced that the appointment ofinternational conference about Syria will be specified after thespecification of the names of the participators.Russia Rejects Deployment of Foreign Countries Arms inSyrias Neighboring CountriesRussian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, stressedhis countrys rejection of the deployment of foreign countries weapons
  5. 5. in the territories of Syrias neighboring countries, saying what ishappening is injecting a dangerous region with foreign arms."I remember that early this year such missiles were deployed in Turkeywhich are similar in their tactical and technical characteristics to the S-300 missile systems…There are also foreign fighter jets in air bases,"said Lukashevich in a press conference in Moscow."We expressed our position on that several times and it is that what ishappening is a dangerous region being injected with foreign arms," headded.He clarified that the U.S. State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki,earlier stressed that the deployment of the American F 16 fighter jetsand Patriot missiles to Jordan aims to participate in joint military drillsand noted that these weapons could stay in Jordan in case it requestedthatRussian Foreign Ministry Expresses Concerns over Terrorists Attemptsto Use Chemical Weapons in Syria and IraqRussian Foreign Ministry Expressed concerns over the news publishedby Iraqi authorities over the possession of terrorists in Iraq equipment toproduce chemical weapons and poisonous gases.Russia Today website reported the Ministry as saying in a statement "thenews coming from Baghdad confirms the need of caution over terroristsattempts in both Syria and Iraq to use poisonous materials."The statement pointed out that the terrorist groups in Syria, particularlyJabaht al-Nusra, had pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda forming "IslamicState in Iraq and Syria."
  6. 6. The Iraqi military intelligence arrested a terrorist cell specialized inmanufacturing chemical compounds that produce sarin, mustard andnerve gases that they intended to use inside Iraq and in neighboringcountries.The Iraqi defense ministry said that the 5-member terrorist cell has beenunder surveillance for three months.The Iraqi defense ministry spokesman, Mohammad al-Askary saidduring a press conference on Saturday that the terrorist cell attemptedto target visitors with chemical weapons.US State Department: Washington Committed to FurtherFunding for Syrian OppositionThe U.S. Department of State stressed that it is committed to furtherfunding for the "armed opposition" groups and it has no intention to cutoff money to them.Many Western intelligence reports, including from the US, admitted thatthe money which goes to the so-called "Syrian opposition" mostly endsup in the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda.U.S. State Department Spokesperson, Jen Psaki, affirmed that hasalready provided the "opposition" with USD 123 million and is nowstudying the most effective means to provide additional USD 127million.
  7. 7. She denied media reports on Washington withholding the provision of asum of USD 55 million to the "Syrian opposition", stressing that the USis continuing support for the opposition.A lot of information has revealed the scale of the U.S. involvement insupporting the terrorist groups in Syria. The Washington Posthighlighted in several articles the role of the CIA in directing the crisisin Syria in the interest of Washington and exchanging information withSaudi Arabia and Qatar- both Gulf states that have been providing theterrorists with weapons.On the possibility that the assistance to the "opposition" would bewithheld in case it failed to participate in the international conferencedue on Syria in Geneva, Psaki said the U.S. State Secretary, John Kerry,is confident that the "opposition" will attend the conference.The "Doha Coalition" has set preconditions to participate in theinternational conference, which drew criticism from Moscow thatconsidered the Coalition was putting obstacles in the path of holding theconference and finding a political solution to the crisis.White House asserts that it needs more evidences about usingSarin Gas in SyriaThe White House asserted yesterday that it needed moreevidences to prove officially of the using of Sarin Gas in Syria.
  8. 8. American Study: the most people of foreign terrorists whofight in Syria are LibyansAn American study revealed that the most people of foreignterrorists who fight in Syria are Libyans.Israeli Occupation Starts Two Fires in Occupied Syrian GolanThe Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday started two fires in Ein al-Tineh site and the slopes of al-Sheikh Mountain in the occupied SyrianGolan.Selectman of Ein el-Tineh Yousef al-Bassar that these fires arent thefirst such acts, as the Israeli occupation started a large fire on Mondayevening that spread from the slopes of al-Sheikh Mountain overlookingMajdal Shams to Ein al-Tineh, causing massive damage to farmlandsand pastures before the locals managed to put it out.Al-Bassar said that fires started by the occupation authorities destroylots of green spaces in the Golan and threaten the extinction of manytypes of animals and plants, in addition to polluting the air.
  9. 9. The Israeli occupation authorities start dozens of fires every year in theoccupied Syrian Golan as part of their policy of aggression against itand its people.Patriarch Yazaji Calls for Finding Solution to Crisis in SyriaPatriarch of Antioch and the entire East for Greek OrthodoxYohanna X Yazaji called for finding a peaceful solution to thecrisis in Syria through dialogue and understanding."We hope to find a solution to the crisis in Syria through nationaldialogue, not through violence or any other language thosecontracts with peace and amity," Yazaji said in a statement atBeirut Airport coming back from Turkey where he discussedefforts to release the two abducted bishops of Aleppo YohanaIbrahim and Paul Yazaji."We are in continuous contacts with all sides concerned torelease the two bishops.. We discussed with the Turkish officialsthe situation in Syria and prevailing peace in it," Yazaji added.An armed terrorist group abducted the two bishops on April 22ndwhile they were on a human mission in Kafr Dael in Aleppocountryside.Syrian, Tunisian Women Launch Women against Hatred and TerrorismInitiative
  10. 10. Syrian and Tunisian women on Tuesday launched the "Women againstHatred and Terrorism" initiative at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.This initiative aims for drawing attention to violence against women,particularly Syrian women who were forced out of their homes due tothe events in Syria and took refuge in camps in neighboring countrieswhich exploit them and subject them to physical and psychologicalabuse.The Tunisian women who participated in the initiative are members of aTunisian delegation currently visiting Syria, encompassing civil,popular, and religious and media figures and representatives of unions,in addition to parents of Tunisian youths misled into fighting in Syria.During the event, Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad BadreddinHassoun said that there are sides who misled Tunisian youths andpresented them with an incorrect image of what is happening in Syria,which caused them to be misled into fighting alongside armed terroristgroups.Hassoun cited an example of a disabled Tunisian youth who wasbrought to Syria where terrorists attempted to rig his wheelchair withexplosives to perform a terrorist bombing, but the youths brothermanaged to prevent this and took him home.In turn, Patriarchal Deputy of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, BishopLuca al-Khouri, said that Syrians always coexisted and will remain so,asserting that Syria is facing a war in which those who dont agree withthe terrorists horrendous and atrocious acts are singled out and markedfor death.For his part, Tunisian Islamic scholar Abdelmajid al-Barari said thatthe suspicious "fatwas" that misled Tunisian youths to fight in Syria are
  11. 11. unlike the true qualities of the Tunisian people, and that these fatwas arepaid for by the enemies of Arabs and Muslims.Members of the Tunisian delegation voiced wishes for Syria to emergevictorious and safe from the conspiracy, apologizing to the Syriandelegation for what some of their countrymen did.In turn, relatives of martyrs and members of civil societies in Syriavoiced appreciation for the misguided Tunisian youths parents whocame to Syria to try and make up for their sons actions, asserting thatthe full responsibility for this situation is on those who exploited youthsto do their dirty work.Al-Halqi: Government is Mobilizing National Resources forReconstructionPrime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the government ismobilizing all national resources for the reconstruction andcomprehensive development process after the crisis ends, and works toimprove the millennium development goals indicators.Al-Halqis comments came during his meeting on Monday with theResident Coordinator of the UN activities in Syria, Adam Abdul-Mawla.The two sides discussed Syrias cooperation with internationalorganizations in various humanitarian and development fields andmeans of expanding it.Al-Halqi said that the government will continue to offer all necessaryfacilitations for delivering basic materials, especially food and
  12. 12. medicine, to citizens in all areas, adding that it is working to provide bignumbers of the temporary residential centers.He added that the government is ready to cooperate with allinternational organizations in various fields according to the principleof national sovereignty, hailing the efforts of NGOs in helping thedisplaced Syrians and providing them with food packages and medicine.Premier al-Halqi hailed the achievements of the Syrian armed forcesand their defense of the homeland for restoring security and stability,indicating that the armed groups are working methodically to vandalizethe development, service and economic sectors in service of US, Westernand Israeli schemes.Abdul-Mawla said that the UNDP has accomplished the humanitarianresponse plan in Syria and plans were set for reconstruction and helpingthe Syrian people improve their living conditions in coordination withthe government through creating job opportunities in several areas.He expressed appreciation for the Syrian governments efforts andfacilitations for delivering aid to citizens, indicating that the UN work inSyria is restricted to delivering humanitarian aid.Electricity Ministry, Iranian Company Sign Four Contracts Valued atEUR 40 MillionThe Electricity Ministry and the Iranian Engineering Company forImporting Electric and Petroleum Materials signed on Tuesday fourcontracts for supplying high-voltage capacity conductors and otherequipment for power relay stations valued at EUR 40 million.
  13. 13. In a statement to journalists, Electricity Minister Imad Khamis saidthese contracts are part of the ongoing cooperation between Syria andIran, and that they aim at outfitting new power plants and restoringdamaged relay stations, in addition to providing spare parts toguarantee that the electricity sector remains working at high efficiency.He pointed out that after installing the new equipment procured throughthese contracts, the Ministry will link the new generator array to thepower grid to provide more electricity across Syria.The contracts were signed by Director General of the Electric PowerEstablishment Nasouh Semsmiyeh and Director of Marketing at theEngineering Company for Importing Electric and Petroleum MaterialsMajid Shemis.Arab popular initiative to support Syria in its battle against theterrorismAn Arab popular initiative was to support Syria in its battle againstterrorism.Levant Scholars Union: Qaradawis Takfiri Fatwas Contradict Islam,Prophet Teachings
  14. 14. Levant Scholars Union said that the takfiri fatwas of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars(IUMS), go against the teachings of Islamic Sharia law and ProphetMohammad (Peace Be upon Him).In a statement released on Tuesday, the Union said that these fatwasaffect the creditability of the IUMS as a representative of Muslimscholars from the Islamic nation."The Islamic nation is urgently in need for those who could help stop thebloodshed among its people and find an exit from seditions," thestatement said, calling for the nations people to search for the factors oftheir strength and unity and point weapons to those who are violatingand desecrating the sanctity of al-Aqsa Mosque.