No130 newslettr daily - e -31_5_2013


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No130 newslettr daily - e -31_5_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )130( 2013/5/31Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Yesterday, Shahinaz Abd Alwahab Mohamad the member of the branch of Deir al-Zour GeneralFederation of sports was martyred by the fires of terrorist group during her backing from Damascusto Deir al-Zour in Harasta .Also, five citizens were martyred and the others were injured becauseof bombing an explosive bomb during its making by terrorists in Kanaker and this led to destroytheir den and killing all the terrorists inside it.In Damascus and its countryside, units of the armed forces killed many terrorists and destroyedtheir weapons, mortar, heavy machinegun and ammunition in Harasta and on the international wayof Damascus-Homs.Mr. President Bashar Al Assad asserted that the battle of the Syrian Arab Army is a battle forthe homeland not for an office, and what happens now is not a move from a defense stage intoan attack stage but is evidence that the Armed forces won in the battle.He added that the Syrian Delegation will go to the conference of Genève to represent the Syr-ian People and come back to Syria but they will come back to the hotels.Mortars Shells in Harasta Suburb…and Elimination of Terrorists from Jabhat al-NusraMr. President Al Assad... the battle is a battle for the homeland not for an officeWe will participate in the conference of Genève and wecome back to our homes not to the hotels
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )130( 2013/5/31The security is at the villages of KousaerSmashing a base for a launcher of missileExplosion two explosive devices at the road of Bosra ShamKilling terrorists at the southern entrance in AleppoIn Aleppo and its countryside, unites of the armed forces killed terrorists in the southern entrance in Aleppo.In Homs and its countryside, unites of the armed forces returned the security for the vil-lages of Kousaer.Another unit of the armed forces killed and injured many terrorists in Homs.In the countryside of Lattakia, unites of the armed forces smashed a base for a launcher ofmissile.In the countryside of Dara, two citizens martyred and other injured because of explosionof two explosive devices.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )130( 2013/5/31Russia…We Need Turkish Clarification aboutFinding the Sarin Gas with the Armed peopleAfter the Turkish intelligence arrested 12 member of Jabhat al-Nusra in Adana who had two kilos of the toxic Sarin gas. Russiaasked the Turkish government to give it clarification and explanationabout the arresting of the armed people. This step came after itsrepeated warnings about the using of chemical weapons by thearmed terrorist groups in Syria as a prelude to open the way forforeign intervention.The members of Security Council agree to put the front ofAl-Nusra in the list of terrorismAmerican diplomats in the Security Council announcedthat the members of Security Council agreed to put thefront of Al-Nusra which is linked to the terrorist Al Qa-eda organization in the list of terrorist organizations.Associated Press Agency reported the speech of Ameri-can Diplomats that the all members of Security Councilagreed to put the front of Al-Nusra in the list of terror-ist organizations and it is expected that it will be an-nounced for this decision officially in next time today.The United States which put the terrorist front of AlNusra in the black American list for terrorist organiza-tions in the past December because of its closed relationwith Al Qaeda Organization welcomed by the decisionof European Union to lift the embargo of arms for whothey called by the Syrian Opposition and which theFBI ... killing an American who fights withthe terrorists in SyriaAbd Alahian… We formed Egyptian,Iranian and Venezuelan Troika in Tehran conferenceThe office of American Federal investigation FBI admitted on Friday by thekilling of an American who is called Nicole Lynn Mansfield through herfight with terrorists in Syria.The assistant of the Iranian foreign minister Husein Amer Abd Alahiantalked about the consequences of Tehran conference about the crisis in Syriaand he said that we formed a communication committee , which one of itsmissions to provide a suitable ground for a dialogue between the Syrianopposition and government and the second mission of it to stop the violence.reports of news especially thewestern of them assert that thefront of Al Nusra is a basic partof the opposition.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )130( 2013/5/31Denmark…The initiative of withdrawal of nationalityof the fighters in Syria is rejectedThe Syrian Foreign... we welcome by the meeting of friendsof Syria in Tehran and their resultsAfter the lifting of the arms embargo on armed groups in SyriaThe former Czech defense minister warns of a major war in the Middle EastHealth and the economy... Facilitations toimport raw materials for drugsThe Danish minister of Justice Morteen Peodescow rejected the initiativeof the Danes deputies of the Danish peoples’ party for adjusting the lawsof their country to withdraw the nationality of the person who fight inanother country ,since two Dens go to Syria every week to fight with thearmed terrorist groups.Some responsible persons asserted that men leavedKarigastan which lies in Asia and went to Syria to fight with terrorists.The speaker on behalf of the foreign and expatriates ministry said that Syriawelcomed by the meeting of friends of Syria in Tehran and by their results tostop the violence and to start a national dialogue by the Syrians.The former Czech defense minister criticized strongly EU›s decision to liftthe arms embargo for the armed terrorist groups in Syria, warning that thisdecision opens the door to a great war in the Middle East.The minister of health during a meeting with the minister ofeconomy and foreign trade in the ministry of health clarifiedthat the ministry of health provides facilitations to import rawmaterials for the drugs.Italy, Germany and Canada we must supportthe holding of the international conference about SyriaThe Italian foreign ministry demanded to support theholding of the international conference in Syria.The foreign minister of Germany and Canada called for apolitical solution for the crisis in Syria.