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No 237 newslettr daily e-16_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )237( 2013/9/16 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Arab nationalities in Damascus Two citizens were injured yes- terday because of three mortar shells by gunmen on residential areas in the (Hijaz) and (Marja) in Square “George Khoury” in Damascus. An units of the Syr- ian army killed a number of mili- tants from Arab nationalities in a series of operations in (Gouta) eastern and southern regions, northern and western province of Damascus destroyed a large quantities of arms and ammuni- tion, while ruled and other units on the numbers of militants of “Nusra Front” in (Maloula) and the west side of the city and in (Zabadani) and its mountains, some of them are “Mohammed Al-Nmous” and “Tariq Awkar,” and destroyed the headquarters The units of the army de- stroyed a rocket launchers, mortars and heavy machine guns and cannon anti-aircraft of militants in the (Jiraud), and caused a large losses in their ranks. An army units ruled on more than 20 insurgents in farms (Elaab) most of them are for- eign nationals, including who nicknamed “Abu Nasr Khan, and called “Kalaf Alsodat” a leader of one armed groups and the number of members of the group, including “Osman Al- Sen” on the axis of farms towns (Qasimiyah) and (Der-Salman), in farms (Neirab) and villages (Kwers), and spent a number of armed men in the villages of (Arbid) and (Aboud), also also destroyed the headquarters in the town of (Alzeabih) killed a Jordan “Jabr Freihi,” also ruled on “Ali Abdel Karim Kaza” a leader of one armed groups and “Mohammed Zuhair Al- Drmani” in Darya, and “Youssef Hammad” between in (Barzeh) and (Qaboun), in addition to 12 gunmen in the neighborhood of (Jobar) whose killed by targeting their vehicle loaded with weap- ons. thwarted attempts to infiltrate militants to a safe areas in the neighborhoods of (Salah al- Din) and (Sheikh Saeed) and old Aleppo, and spent seven gunmen and wounded 8 others try to infiltration of (Marjah) district to the village “Asan” and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.. Missiles and guns in Aleppo
  2. 2. One citizen was killed and another was wounded because of targeting the residen- tial quarters in Alkosour district with mor- tar shell by terrorist gunmen and it caused great material damage. Also, units of the army destroyed the site of the so-called “The legitimate agency of Jabhit Al-Nus- ra” in Dair Al-zzor and large amounts of weapons and ammunition was inside a car in Alhamidia district and the Syrian army units killed the sniper “Abed Alrazaq Mak- Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )237( 2013/9/16 Two citizens were injured by rocket shells fired by terrorists from Rahoum village on citi- zens’ houses in Al-Masaoudya village in the eastern country- side of Homs. Syrian army re- stored control on many villages in the eastern countryside of Homs after clashes with gun- men. Syrian army units also destroyed weapons’ warehouse near cultural center in Talbesa, another units destroyed ter- rorists’ gatherings killed all its members including terrorists from Arab Emirates and Sau- di Arabia. Army units also de- stroyed terrorists’ headquarters in Al-Rastan, Kisien, Tasnien, Al-Dar Al-Kabera, Al-Houla, Talbesa, Al-Ganto, Ein Husien Terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates in Homs and Al-Barghoutya, and killed large number of terrorists in- cluding two suicide bombers wearing explosive belts in Al- Barghoutya. Syrian army unit thwarted an attempt by a ter- rorist group to attack a military point in the surroundings of Jabbourien village, eliminated on most of the terrorist, and destroyed anti-air cannon cali- ber 23mm, another unit found a vehicle carries a cannon base and a number of tunnels and explosive devices and forged plates and flags of the Al-Nusra Front during inspecting vil- lages Khattab and Esmoud and Msherfeh. In Homs, many ter- rorists were killed after their headquarters have been tar- geted in Bab Hood, Al-Qusour, Jourat Al-Shayah, and Bustan Al-Dewan neighborhoods, and Al-Zmamier village eastern Al- Rastan and northernAl-Ghanto. In the countryside of Idlib an army unit ruled on the all members of the armed group be- longing to the “Jabhat Al-Nusra” in the town of (Kafr Owaid) Among the dead “Fouad Ibrahim Al-Shaban” , “Mohammed Jawad Al-Attar” , “Jamal SaidAl-Atrash” and “Mo- hammed Ahmed Khashan,” while the other units destroyed the headquarters to “Nusra” militants also in the villages and towns (Qa- diriya) , (Hamidiya) and (Ma’arrat Numan) and eliminated dozens of them. Al-Nusra in countryside of Idlib The legitimate agency of Jabhit Al-Nusra in Dair Al-zzor lief Alhusein” , “Ebrahim Alhiji” and “Iad Alalwan.” Also ,units of the army clashed with terror- ist groups in Alardi ,Alhawika quarters and it killed many of them while the others were injured and it destructed their ammunition. Another unit of the army eliminated the gatherings of gunmen terrorists in Mraat and Htla villages ,one of the killed terrorists was “Ebrahim Alholo” who is the leader of the terrorist groups.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )237( 2013/9/16 Mekdad.. Syria is committed to the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugee camps Al-Zoubi: Syria will adhere to the Russian-American plan Dr Faisal Mekdad Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants during a meet- ing yesterday the Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi Director of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Orga- nization Stressed on Syria’s readiness to return all services to Palestinian camps and the return of residents and repair- ing the infrastructure as soon as militants will go out, ac- Information Minister Omran Al-Zoubi said that Syria will adhere to Russian-American plan on chemical weapons in Syria if it is approved by the United Nations. Al- Zoubi added in an interview with British Channel (ITN) that Syria will implement the Russian-American plan when it becomes something more tangible in the light of the UN The Ministry of State for En- vironmental Affairs and the General Authority for Remote Sensing signed yesterday a memorandum of cooperation for the implementation of proj- ect monitoring and control of dust storms using remote sens- National environmental observatory in Damascus cording to the Palestinian ini- tiative in this regard. Mekdad confirmed that Syria will deal with the Russian initiative to put the chemical weapons un- Security Council’s resolution, pointing out that Syria will facilitate the task of the UN ing techniques, The note in- cludes the formation of a joint working group between the two sides and the implementa- tion of training workshops for the project in order to raise its efficiency, both for the produc- tion of maps of dust storms der international control with all “honesty and transparency” pointing out to the Palestinian National position in rejecting any aggression on Syria. inspectors in the framework of the agreement between Washington and Moscow. using a geographic informa- tion system “any ARCG S” or the interpretation and analysis of satellite images to identify dust storms using the image processing space “ARDS” and the project will continue for two years. The two sides have launched the National Envi- ronmental Observatory in the province of Damascus in or- der to protect the environment from pollution in all its forms and to take advantage of soft- ware and data, satellite images and analysis of this data to find solutions in this area.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )237( 2013/9/16 New protests reject the aggression against Syria The Syrian community in France, Canada and many organizations in Brazil and Tunis protested for reject- ing any military aggression against Syria. The former Czech diplomatic Meroslave Bolreik in his speech to the “Kaditkom T C Z ” asserted that the American administra- tion which is headed by Barak Obama and it supports the extremist groups in Syria which are affiliated to Al-Qaedaa is not only contrary to its global responsibili- ties, but also it is contrary to its essential interests. For his part, the political com- mentator in Journal “The Czech radio” Yan Fingerland assured that the terrorist Jabhit Al-Nusra does not stop after what it did in Maaloula town but also it attacked Makser Al-Hussen region in Homs. He re- ferred that many Christian leaderships in The Minister of Health, Dr. Saad Naef as- serted that the ministry continues providing drugs of chronic and common diseases for free including 11 kinds of vaccines despite the doubling of costs during the current year which reached 5 billion pounds. Al-Naef, America’s supporting of extremist groups in Syria is contrary with its essential interests Drugs for chronic and common diseases and vaccines are available for free Syria and Lebanon believe that the west is a part of the radical extremist conspira- cy for ending the Christian existence in the East. during a meeting yesterday with the General Director of the Foundation for Foreign Trade Tariq Al-Tawil said that the ministry is fac- ing major challenges related providing those shipments as a result of the unjust economic embargo and banking sanctions on Syria.. The Egyptian newspaper “Alosboou” condemns the suspicious positions of the Arab League towards Syria and the positions of its Sec- retary-general Nabil Alarabi who is affiliated to Qatar .The Egyptian writer SanaaAlsaeid noted to the Russian initiative about putting the chemical weapons in Syria under the The Egyptian Newspaper “Alosboou/Week” condemns the suspicious positions of the Arab League international oversight which cancelled the will of America for attacking Syria and she asserted that (the American –Qatar league) proved that there is no difference be- tween its resolutions and the aggressive Israeli desire to- wards Syria and they ignore the great Israeli arsenal of the mass destruction weapons.