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No 232 newslettr daily e-11_9_2013


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No 232 newslettr daily e-11_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Ma’loula to Zabadani Syrian arab army takes over on (Al-Rakem) in the eastern mountains of (Zabadane), and continued its operations in the two eastern and western re- gions of (Ma’loula) and its sur- roundings, and destroyed the headquarters of the elements of the “ Nusra Front” in the area between the towns of (Ras al- Ain) and (Al-Sarka) north of the town, and shot and a num- ber of militants killed and in- jured in (Orbin) , (Jobar) , (Bar- zeh) and (Qaboun), was also killed “MunirAlwash” a leader of armed group in the town of According to an official source in Aleppo that the army was spent by an ambush on the gunmen’s “Ahrar Al-Sham” (Qasimiyah), and spent on” Fi- rasAl-Karah” and “Abu Shadi” a leaders of armed groups in the farms located between (Darya) and(Moadamya) and also had been seized weapons including machine guns and rifles war- ship gunmen from Arab nation- and blocking the attempt on the hospital Canadian, also destroyed 10 the headquar- ters of the armed groups north alities at the rail along the town of (Deir Salman) and destroyed in (Darya) a weapons which loaded in a car, while media sources said it was arrested head of military operations in (Darya) in Damascus and he is from Libyan nationality. (Neirab), as were clashes in different parts of Aleppo and its countryside, near (Hanano) and (Al Bab) led to the de- struction of cars loaded with weapons and mortars, heavy machine guns and missiles, in addition to the deaths and in- juries in the ranks of the insur- gents. In Qamishli, an official source said that the army tar- geted a convoy of gunmen in the village (Abajria) and (Tal Barak) farm. Ambush.. And mortar in Aleppo
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 According to a military source that the Syrian army targeted the headquarters of the gun- men in countryside of Salma, inflicting casualties in the ranks of Arab nationals and foreign knew them Kuwaiti “JaykobHabib”andtwoJordan “Khaled Deshrla” and “Atef Abdel Hadi” and the Moroc- can “Omar Sheikh Dali” and the Egyptians” FouadAladdin” and “Khaled Abdel Wahed” Arabs and foreigners dead in the countryside of Lattakia and Turks “Hirsch and Armen” and “OmarBosho” and “Abdul Rahman Darsh also 16 mili- tants were killed in the village of (Ain Arab) and destroyed weapons were loaded with a car, and spent the heavy ma- chine guns and armored vehi- cles and military mechanisms in (Droshan) and (Rabiah). Syrian army restored security and stability to Maksar Al Housan village in Homes coun- tryside, also the Competent Authorities con- fiscated 5 big buses containing secrets tanks In Idlib theArmy frustrated an attempt to blow up a bomb inAl Thalathen Street and a sneak- ing attempt towards Al Dalla circle in Moaret Al-Noman, also spent on a full members of an armed group in Al-Shoughour bridge countryside and destroyed the headquarters of them in Al Arbaeen mountain . Also Army Units clashed with gunmen in Al Sheeha and Weapons and explosive devices in Homs countryside Sneaking Attempts in Idlib..Deaths in Hama filled with gasoline prepared for smuggling in “Palmyra”, coming from Damascus to- wards Der-Zor , also it seized gun machines, snipers ,bomb actions and binoculars in Al sokhna region. While army units frustrated gunmen trying to seize wheat truck that was going to Palmyra countryside and the at- tempt to blow 3 explosive devices ranging weight between 25-35 kg on the outskirts of Al Saieh valley .In the same context the army unit faced sneaking attempts that from Al Waeer towards military hospital and from Lebanese territories to Al –Aredaa crossing. Al Rowaeth which located in Hama coun- tryside. In the same context , military source mentioned that in Homs and its countryside headquarters for gunmen , warehouses con- taining rocket launchers and weapons were destroyed in Jeb Al Jaraah , also numbers of insurgents around the military hospital and the old garage in Al Karabees were killed.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 Syria is ready to cooperate with political initiatives Lavrov.. French proposal is unacceptable Dr. Wael al-Halaki , the Prime Minister asserted on the support of Syrian government t for the Rus- sian initiative, he pointed at the weekly meeting of the Council that the Syrian gov- ernment is keen to the glob- al security and stability, and is ready to cooperate with various international politi- cal initiatives aimed at de- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov refused the proposal of France to adopt the UN Security Council resolution under Chapter VII on Syria, Lavrov said in a phone call with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius that Russia will be presented to the UN Secu- rity Council a project in- cludes a welcoming by the initiative Russian to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control The Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that the solution of the issue of chemical weapons in Syria would be a positive step to- wards resolving the crisis, Putin... It is difficult to give up chemical weapons fusing the war. This Council has approved the alloca- tion of 500 million Syrian an invitation addressed to the General Secretary- of the United Nations and the General Secretary of the Organization for the Prohi- saying in a statement to the channel of Russia Today that this requires cooperation from the U.S. side and from which supports it because it is difficult to force any pounds from domestic rev- enues added to the customs duties. bition of chemical Weapons and on concerned parties to make efforts for the imple- mentation of the Russian initiative. country, whether Syria or others to abandon its weap- ons in case there was an ag- gressive campaign against it, and the Russian president added that Syria considers that its chemical weapons are against Israeli nucle- ar weapons, pointing out that the Russian position is clear in this area and stands against the proliferation of Wide Destruction Weapons in general wherever their kind, chemical or nuclear.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 Russia gave evidences shows that the use of chemical weapon is by the “opposition” Alexei Boshkouf , the Chair- man of International Affairs Committee in Russian State Duma announced that his country gave the UN Secu- rity Council evidences shows that the “the Syrian opposi- tion” used chemical weapons more than once in Syria. Abdul Qader Saleh, the spokesman for the “ the coalition of Doha” revealed that Washington began the distribution of lethal weapons and non-lethal to “the Supreme Military Council,” he said in a Washington provides lethal weapons to gunmen statement during a press conference in Washington that “ military leaders in the Council” coordinate with countries that may be involved in the American Aggres- sion against Syria.
  5. 5. Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 CIA.. Israel has chemical weapons U.S president Barak Obama considered the Russian initiative can put an end to the threat of the chemical weapons without resorting to force .Pointing out in an official statement from the White House that the initiative is an “Encouraging sign”, but it is too early to say whether this plan will succeed or not , adding, “Even if there will be a limited strike ,Washington intends to continue the diplo- matic pressure maintaining the military pres- sure in case of the potential strikes”, point- ing out that he asked Congress to delay the vote on military intervention against Syria. The High Representative of Foreign and Se- curity Policy of the European Union Cathe- rine Ashton welcomed in a statement yester- day the Russian proposal about the situation of chemical weapons in Syria, under the in- White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the United states , Britain and France prefer a diplomatic solution regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria, he added that U.S president Barack Obama agreed during a telephone conversation with French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron that the UN Security Council will discuss the Russian proposal. Obama.. The Russian initiative is an encouraging sign Ashton welcomes by Russian Proposal White House.. America , Britain and France with a political solution “Forein Policy” magazine re- vealed unveiled a secret doc- ument issued by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1983 stating that Israel has an arse- nal of chemical and biologi- cal weapons based on images captured satellites the U.S. in 1982, and includes docu- ment published by the re- searcher and historian “Mat- thew Wade” that “Israel has a facility for the production of nerve gas and stored in (Di- mona) area as well as provide a number of other facilities producing chemical weapons, which are believed to form part of the technical chemical Israeli sophisticated. ternational supervision, arguing that the pro- posal contributes to the resume efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, call- ing for the need to implement this decision as soon as possible.
  6. 6. Peter Haiek a chief editor of the Czech Prouty Brodod warned that the whole world will find itself at the center of spiral war in the event of aggression against Syria, and could face a similar situation similar to what happened in the sixties of the last century, when separated a few hours for the outbreak of a nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States because of the Carib- bean’s crisis. While gathering of American States Caribbe- an and Latin expressed deep concerns over the dangers that may threaten the Middle East , international peace and security in the event of U.S. aggression on Syria. Page NO.6 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )232( 2013/9/11 Austria and Canada.. Political solutions are the possible solutions in Syria Czech site .. The world is in the vortex of warGulf Cooperation Council considered that the Russian initiative on the development of chemical weapons in Syria under international supervi- sion, “Do not stop the bleed- A poll conducted by the U.S agency “Associated Press” revealed that the American oppose any military action against Syria. Noting that more than 60% of them want the U.S Congress to vote Gulf Cooperation Council rejects Russian initiative 60% of Americans vote against military action Austria welcomed the initia- tive of Russia about chemi- cal weapons in Syria, and Michael Shbindalegr, the Austrian Foreign Minister demanded in a statement that all the international par- ties and the countries of the UN Security Council should reach to a common formula to this matter. The Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird announced in a statement for his country’s support for a political solution in Syria, noting that Canada supports the efforts made by the Unit- ed States and other countries to strengthen the prohibition of the use of chemical weap- ing, calling for deterrent ac- tion against the Syrian regime, adding that the GCC countries are ready to deal with the re- percussions of any blow to Syria. against any military action . The poll showed that 53% of Democrats , 59% of indepen- dents and 73% of Republicans say that the Congress must vote against Obama’s plan hit Syria.