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No 220 newslettr daily e-30_8_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )220( 2013/8/30 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Killing of terrorist groups in the country- side of Damascus A unit of Syrian Arab Army smashed a rocket launcher and a mortar for an armed terrorist group at the southeast of the shrine of Hajar Ibn Odai inAdra area in the countryside of Da- mascus and killed the members of the group. Another unit of our strong army targeted a ter- rorist group belonging to” Jabhat al Nusra” in the region, killed and injured their members. Destroying of hideouts of terrorists in Daraa al-Balad Killing of terrorists of many nationalities in the countryside of Lattakia Targeting a gather- ing of terrorists in the countryside of Hasakah Unites of Syrian Arab Army smashed hideouts of terror- ists at the east of mosque of Abu Bakar al-Siddiq and in the west of postal center in Adra al-Balad, one of the killed terrorists, the Jordani- an “Nadim Jomaa Taref” . Another unit targeted an Unites of Syrian Army killed many terrorists in Al- Tofahia , Khodra and Doreen in the countryside of Lattakia , most of the killed terrorists non-Syrians, some of the killed ter- rorists “ Algerian -Abdul Rahman Al- Tilm- sany “ “Saudi – Abdullah al-Shomary” and the Palestinian” Abdul Rahman Al-Khalaf”. In the countryside of Ha- sakah, unites of Syrian Arab Army targeted gatherings of terrorists in Tal –Homais Town which caused the kill- ing and injuring many of the terrorists. armed terrorist group in the road of Al-Hiraak , killed their members and destroyed their criminal weapons.A unit of the army made an ambush between Sheikh Saad and Tal al-Jomoo villages, where the unit killed three terrorists and seized their weapons.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )220( 2013/8/30 President al-Assad to Yemini Delegation: the people and army of Syria are determined to smash terrorism Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, De- fense Minister Fahd Jasem al-Freij affirmed during a telephone call he received from his Iranian counterpart Hussein Dehghan, al-Freij that criminal terrorists have deliberately used chemical weapons and killed women and innocent children to get more support from super- powers to blackout their defeat, mislead the public opinion and justify their continued crimes. For his part, the Iranian Defense Minister said that the main loser in any war in the region is the side which starts it. He underlined that the use of force and violence will only lead to escalating the crisis. _Premier Dr. Wael al-Halqi said the current conditions require that all governmental bodies mobilize national resources and scale up their emergency pre- paredness to confront any con- tingency and foil the enemies who are betting on creating dis- Defense Minister: Syria will confront any aggression and will respond strongly Al-Halaki: Mobilizing national resources to confront any contingency Mr.PresidentBasharAl-Assad received yesterday a delega- tion comprising a number of political figures and MPs of the Yemeni Parliament.Dur- ing the meeting, President al- Assad stressed that the threats to launch a direct aggression on Syria would only bolster its adherence to its firm princi- ples and independent decision which stems from the will of its people, emphasizing that Syria will defend itself against any aggression.”Syria, with its steadfast people and brave army, will continue eliminating terrorism which is utilized by Israel and the western countries to serve their interests in frag- menting the region,” President al-Assad said.The President pointed out that the popular awareness on the Arab arena is an essential element in con- fronting the schemes targeting the region, stressing that the peoples are the genuine makers of relations among countries and the popular state guaran- tees victory and this is what is happening in Syria.Members of the delegation stressed support to Syria in face of all attempts aimed at undermining its posi- tion and role. orderandconfusionintheworkof state service institutions.Al-Halqi was speaking during a qualitative meeting of the Services Commit- tee to discuss the preparedness plans in all governmental bodies to cope with the current condi- tions, through finding common denominators between the res- cue systems and providing oil products. The Syrians are accus- tomed to confront all challenges, al-Halqi affirmed, indicating that the government is working hard to provide all foodstuffs, medical equipment and services
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )220( 2013/8/30 Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russia opposed any decision by United Na- tions to justify using of power against Syria. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said “‘‘all needed measures have to be taken at this stage to prevent any potential developments or any military action against Syria” Russia: we oppose any decision for United Nations to justify using of power against Syria UK House of Commons rebuffs Government’s call for military action against Syria Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said that the UN Security Council must not adopt any measures against Syria before the UN investi- gation team on chemical weapons use finishes its mission, warning of any unilateral measure as it would not resolve the crisis.He warned that the military force would only lead to aggravating tensions in the Middle East, as- serting that the political solution is still the only way to emerge from the crisis.In the same context, the Chinese Foreign Minister stressed in telephone conversations with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle and the Arab League Secretary-General the neces- sity of self-control and calm, pointing out that it is difficult that taking unilateral measures would resolve the problem and there will be doubts about the legitimacy of such measures. British House of Commons rebuffed Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for military strike against Syria.”The Parlia- ment clearly does not want a British military intervention and the government will act according to this.” The French News Agency (AFP) quoted Cameron as saying after voting down his call that,285 MPs voted against the government’s call for military action in Syria in contrast to 272 votes in favor of it. British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond announced yes- terday that Britain would not participate in any military action against Syria. Chinese Foreign Minister: UNSC must not adopt any measures against Syria before UN experts finish investigation
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News )220( 2013/8/30 Minister of Awqaf: Supreme Hajj Committee blames Saudi government to prevent Syrian citizens from performing Hajj Massive protests in New York and Paris to reject any military interven- tion in Syria Threats against Syrians make them more insist- ing to continue their normal lives... Hundreds of people have demonstrated in the Times Square in New York to ex- press their rejection of any potential military interven- tion in Syria. “The demon- strators raised posts of Presi- dent Bashar al-Assad and chanted slogans against the US and the NATO,” Reuters said. In spite of the threats of United States and its allies in the west by an aggression against Syria, the Syrians are more determined to continue their normal lives.Where the markets are crowded and the Syrians are going for shopping. The Minister of Awqaf Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar al- Sayeed asserted that Hajj is a fundamental pillar of Islam. He pointed out during an in- terview yesterday about the decision of the Saudi govern- ment to prevent Syrian citi- zens from performing Hajj that the Supreme Hajj Com- mittee blamed Saudi Govern- ment for this, explaining that when you prevented a man to perform one of these pillars, you prevented him from one of the pillars of Islam and that is extremely dangerous.