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En _____ر 29-5

  1. 1. Great achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in Kousaeer cityUnites of the Syrian Arab Army continued their operations against the terrorists inthe countryside of Homs, killed many of them and seized their weapons andammunition.Another unit frustrated a try of infiltration of armed groups and smashed theirweapons.Martyrdom of three citizens including a child because of two mortarsThree citizens martyred and other injured because of mortars were launched byterrorists in Homs city.Smashing workshops of explosive devices in the countryside of DamascusUnites of the Syrian Arab Army killed many terrorists and smashed workshops formaking explosive devices , mortars and centers for terrorists in Doma,Harasta andBarzeh.Injuring four citizens because of mortars on the parks in AbaseenFour citizens injured because of mortars were launched by terrorists in Abaseen.Smashing a launcher of missile in the countryside of Adlib and HamaA unit of the Syrian Arab Army killed terrorists of the front of Al-Nosra andsmashed a launcher of missile in Adlib and Hama.Smashing two booby trapped cars in the central prison, Hilan and Andan in thecountryside of AleppoIn the countryside of Aleppo, unites of the armed forces smashed two boobytrapped cars and gatherings of terrorists.
  2. 2. Moscow: the European Unions decision to lift the embargo of arms on the"opposition" of Syrian is illegalRussia asserted that the decision of the European Union about the lifting of theembargo of arms on the Syrian Opposition is illegal and it affects negatively on thefuture of the international conference about the crisis, indicating that the importof S-300 defense systems is an actor for stability which prevents the militaryintervention in SyriaThe basic obstacle in front of the international conference about Syria is becausethe dispersion of the Syrian OppositionThe deputy of Russian foreign minister expressed that the basic obstacle in front ofthe international conference is because the dispersion of the Syrian Opposition.Czech criticizes the decision of the European UnionThe foreign minister of Czech criticized the decision of the European Union whichis about the lifting on the embargo of weapons for the armed groups in SyriaHe said that” Czech failed to prevent the lifting of embargo”.Belgium asserts that it will not provide weapons for the fighters of Opposition inSyriaThe foreign minister of Belgium asserted that his country will not provide weaponsfor the fighters of the opposition in Syria.Canada asserts its objection for providing weapons for the Syrian oppositionThe foreign minister of Canada announced that his country refuses to provide theSyrian Opposition by weapons.
  3. 3. Austria: France and Britain endeavored from the beginning to refuse our effortsabout the lifting of embargo of weapons for the Syrian oppositionThe foreign minister of Austria asserted “that France and Britain endeavored fromthe beginning to refuse our proposals about the case of lifting the embargo ofweapons on the Syrian Opposition, but we succeeded to limit the sending ofweapons to Syria.”“Slovak Communist": the supply of weapons to terrorists in Syria violates theinternational lawsSlovak Communist political party asserted that the providing of arms for the SyrianOpposition violated the international laws.Foreign Ministry.. EU Decision exposes the falsity of their allegations HindersInternational Communitys Efforts for Political SettlementSpokesperson of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday said, "TheEuropean Union Foreign Ministers Council adopted on May 27th, 2013 a decisionthat renews the economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and allows itsmember states to export arms to the armed terrorist groups, contrary to itsallegations on commitment to the political solution to the crisis in Syria.""The recent EU decision exposes the falsity of their allegations and uncovers thepolitical hypocrisy of France and Britain which claim to care about the interests ofthe Syrian people, while they push at the European Union for taking new decisionsto renew the economic sanctions imposed on Syria and supply terrorists in Syriawith weapons instead of lifting the immoral sanctions imposed away from the
  4. 4. international legitimacy and genuinely contributing to paving the ground forinitiating Syrian national dialogue through the international conference set to beheld in Geneva.Friends of Syrian People Meeting Discusses a Political Solution to the CrisisThe Friends of Syrian People meeting is to be held in Tehran on Wednesday underthe motto/ The Political Solution and Regional Stability/.Delegations of more than 40 countries are going to take part in the meeting whichaims at finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Abbas Araghchi, expressed the hope that thediscussions in the meeting will contribute to making the international conferenceon Syria which is scheduled to be held in Geneva next month a success.For his part, Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, stressed that his countrysposition on Syria has been and is still clear and transparent in that it is based onrejecting foreign interference in its affairs.Martyr Journalist Yara Abbas Laid to RestFinal tribute was paid to martyr journalist Yara Abbas, the reporter of al-IkhbariyaTV channel, who was assassinated Monday by the gunfire of the armed terroristgroups while covering the Armed Forces operations near al-Dabaa airport in al-Qseir in Homs countryside.Abbas was escorted from al-Zaeem Hospital in Homs to her final resting place inNisaf village in Masyaf area in Hama amid wide official, civil and popularparticipation.Syrian organization to monitor Human Rights.. Targeting journalist Yara Abbas is acondemned violation the international legitimacy of Human Rights
  5. 5. Syrian organization to monitor Human Rights condemned targeting the journalistYara Abbas by armed terrorists while doing her job in reporting the news,considering it violation to the media and freedom of expression advocated by theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights."Syrian Delegation at Human Rights council.. Pilay deals with Syrian issues withclear biasSyrian Delegation at Human Rights council expressed deep denunciation andregret at the obvious bias by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.Faisal al-Hamwi, Syrias Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva said inresponse to Pillays report before the UNHRC"My countrys delegation inspected the Commissioners report and wants toexpress their deep denunciation and regret at the obvious bias which Pillaypractices in her dealing with the events in Syria, places blame on the Syriangovernment while closing her eyes to the widespread human rights violationscommitted by al-Qaeda and al-Nusra groups and other takfiris."Parliament Speaker Calls for Increasing Committees Interaction with SocietySpeaker of the Peoples Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, stressed "Thecurrent stage requires unifying the efforts and not wasting the potentials, inaddition to doubling work in all the fields particularly regarding the nationalreconciliation," al-Laham addressed the Peoples Assemblys NationalReconciliation Committee during a meeting on Tuesday.He pointed out that a Peoples Assembly member is a Syrian citizen and arepresentative of the whole Syrian people without alignment."Peoples Assembly listens to replies of Industry and Oil Ministries
  6. 6. Peoples Assembly headed by Speaker of the Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham listened to the replies of the Industry and Oil Ministries about somequestions by the members.Russia Sends Two Planes with Humanitarian Aid to SyriaTwo Russian planes loaded with 30 tons of humanitarian aid arrived in al-BasselAirport in Lattakia on Tuesday to be delivered by the branch of the Syrian ArabRed Crescent in the province.Governor of Lattakia province, Suleiman al-Naser, expressed in a statement to thereports the Syrian people thanks to Russia for its standing by Syria during the crisisit is going through.Interior Minister: Internal Security Forces Anniversary Marks Continuation ofOur Peoples StruggleInterior Minister, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar, stressed that theInternational Security Forces Day, which is marked on May 29th of every year, is"a very dear anniversary as it represents a continuation of our peoples struggle toget rid of the colonization and its tools in the region.""Today is similar to that day when France wreaked havoc during its colonization ofour country," adding that France was expelled from Syria with the force of armsand that of the resistance.Government recognizes the draft legal titling of the seized land and amendsarticles of the law governing the banking professionThe Cabinet at its weekly meeting held yesterday under the chairmanship of Dr.Wael Al-Halqi President of the Council approved the draft law on titling the landsseized under the Agrarian Reform Law No. 161 of 1958, and its emendations,Board also approved a draft law amending some articles of Law No. 29 of 2012regulating the profession of exchange in order to tighten the punishment
  7. 7. contained in Law No. 24 of 2006, amended by Law No. 29 of 2012, because it didnot achieve public and private deterrence, especially in crises and exceptionalcircumstances...60 children participated in opening an exhibition of 40 paintings in IdlibWith the participation of 60 children a branch of the General Womens Union inIdleb province held yesterday Childhood exhibition in Idlib included 40 paintings,about different topics.