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Famili 3-in-1 Transformer Booster Installation


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Quick installation guide for Famili 3-in-1 Transformer Booster Seat

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Famili 3-in-1 Transformer Booster Installation

  1. 1. Famili 3-in-1 TransformerBoosterQuick Installation Guide
  2. 2. InstallationStep 1 – Pull out your seat belt all the way, cross the shoulderbelt through slot at headrest and under the arm rest
  3. 3. InstallationStep 2 – Thread the buckle clip into the nearest side slit, routearound the back, and come out from other side slit
  4. 4. InstallationStep 3 –Route under the other arm rest and secure the buckleclip into the buckle
  5. 5. InstallationStep 4 – Tighten the seat belt, so the car seat is secured.