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Skolkovo md final competition angioscan 130315


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Skolkovo md final competition angioscan 130315

  1. 1. Moscow, December 12, 2012The concept of a mobile diagnostic unitANGIOSCAN
  2. 2. o The core of the team is the company"ANGIOSCAN-ELECTRONICS LLC", aparticipant of Skolkovo.o The main objective is the development ofmedical technology, based onbreakthrough achievements of medicalscience.o It is planned to output created devices tothe western market of medicalequipment.Introduction
  3. 3. Patents
  4. 4. Statement of the problem and an overview of the marketThe new State Program of the Ministry ofHealth of the Russian Federation«Development of health care for the periodof 2013-2020» is based on the newparadigm that shifts priorities from thetreatment of diseases to their preventionand health maintenance.Due to this approach the creation of mobilediagnostic devices becomes even moreimportantThe Program also declares the importance of the development and introduction ofinnovative methods of diagnostics and treatment.
  5. 5. The majority of diagnostic techniques, which we apply, isthe assessment of the state of the arterial wall.While we measure the stiffness of the wall and vascularreserve.elastic wall rigid wallOverview of the methodology used
  6. 6. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensorsAnemia Optical sensors, operating in three ranges of thespectrum (660,950 and 1300 nm)
  7. 7. a disease or condition used sensorsChronic obstructive pulmonarydisease (COPD)Volume/time, flow/volume of expired air with aspirometer. Monitoring of respiration optical sensor.Respiratory test.Diagnosed health condition and used sensors
  8. 8. a disease or condition used sensorsCardiac arrhythmias Standard ECG leads and an optical sensor, the evaluationof heart rate variabilityDiagnosed health condition and used sensors
  9. 9. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensorsSleep apnea Optical sensor "Angioscan" and tonometric sensor with anasal cannula
  10. 10. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensorsDiabetes Electrochemical sensor for glucose, the optical sensor"Angioscan" to identify vascular complications ofdiabetes
  11. 11. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensorsStenocardia Exclusive lead ECG sensor, optical sensors in a dockingstation for the evaluation of arterial function, the samplewith the load
  12. 12. Ear headseti-UhoBiosensors AngioscanoThermometeroPosition sensor bodyProduct description
  13. 13. Possibility of integration into the health care systemThe arterial function was evaluated inmore than 10,000 subjects in the Center forPreventive Medicine of Health Ministry ofRussia.«ANGIOSCAN» device has passedapprobation in "Health Center" and hasbeen integrated into the work place of acardiologist.
  14. 14. General architecture of the system
  15. 15. Competitive advantageso The uniqueness of the proposed diagnostic decision making moves the new medicalknowledge about the condition of the arteries to the home diagnosis.o This innovative approach is the secured intellectual property (patents of the RussianFederation, the United States and the European Union).o Protected by a trade mark and the brand «ANGIOSCAN».o The price of 5,000 rubles (basic version)
  16. 16. Business model
  17. 17. TeamParfenov AlexanderDoctor of medical Sciences, Professor, President and shareholder of Angioscan-Electronics LLC. His scientific method is used in Angioscan devices.Yuri ZobninTechnical Director and shareholder of Angioscan-Electronics LLC and the head of thegroup of developers of the software-hardware platform of mobile diagnostic devices.Dmitriy KovalenkoGeneral Director of Angioscan-Electronics LLC. The representative of the investor -holding company «GUTA Group».
  18. 18. НИР и НИОКРУспешно выполнены 4 Госконтракта на НИОКР с Правительством Москвы
  19. 19. Partners of the project
  20. 20. (495) 662-11-5016 Baumanskaya str., MoscowThank you!