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AWS e-Zest Cloud Event 2013 - AWS for Enterprises


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e-Zest boasts to have organized a full day seminar on ‘cloud roadmap for enterprises’ on October 9 ‘ 2013 at Mumbai, in partnership with AWS India. More than 50 participants gained AWS cloud overview through presentations made by Parijat Mishra and Ashish Gupta.

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AWS e-Zest Cloud Event 2013 - AWS for Enterprises

  1. 1. 7/25/2014 © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 1 Cloud Roadmap for Enterprise Presented by Ashish Gupta President – Technology : @eZest
  2. 2. The cloud computing promise No upfront capital expense Low cost Pay only for what you use Self-service infrastructure Easily scale up and down Improve agility and time-to-market © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 2
  3. 3. What this Promise of cloud means for us? • Businesses would love to have their applications running in AWS cloud – This means that our CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers need to – Understand what is Cloud/ AWS – Create the Cloud Adoption Roadmap – Support & maintain all applications in Cloud – For Future Applications: – Architect the applications that can run effectively on cloud – Develop the applications capable of running elastically on AWS – For existing applications in Data Center, – Migrate existing applications on cloud © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 3
  4. 4. Quick glace @ Setting up a Cloud Roadmap © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 4 Realize the need for cloud Plan for setting up AWS cloud as an extension to your Data Center Setup the structure of cloud as VPC Setup the management system in VPC Port/ migrate/ build applications on VPC Leverage the power of AWS cloud
  5. 5. Cloud need realization • For Startups – No Capital investment – High scalability promise – New applications can be built for cloud • For Enterprises – Quick planning & ability to change the plan – Ease of migration of discrete solutions on cloud – Networking and network monitoring – Security, monitoring and performance management © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 5 Startups & enterprises though have different needs and concerns, Cloud Adoption is the solution!
  6. 6. Extend your Data Center to cloud • Setup the secured connectivity mechanism (VPN site to site connectivity) • Visualize cloud as the cushion for your variable computing needs • Before expanding/ replenishing Data Center, evaluate the cloud suitability • Increase the familiarity with AWS services and billing • Look out ways for storing your data securely on cloud • Consider cloud for DR and BCP purpose © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 6 50% of CIOs say by 2017 more than half of business on public cloud: Gartner
  7. 7. Set-up VPC first time right • Decide on the VPC CIDR • Plan for the subnets based on its intended usage • Plan for the DMZ, private and public subnets • Set-up the routes in routing Tables • Define the NACLs for subnets • Set-up the naming conventions and Tags for AWS resources • Finalize the suitability of operating systems and services inside VPC • Create the reference architecture • Create architectural guidelines for applications inside VPC © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 7
  8. 8. Setup ‘The Management System’ in VPC • Set-up security management practices – Hardening practices of – Choices of firewall, IPS, antivirus and ISMS – External party access policy – Disaster recovery and business continuity • Log aggregation and management – OS log aggregation – Server log aggregation – Application log aggregation – Selection of log aggregation tool • Time synchronization of servers in cloud and with Data center servers © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 8 • ITSM tracking – Cloud assets changes tracking – User request, Incidents, Cloud change management – Support SLA Mgmt & escalation procedures • Cloud performance management – Cloud performance matrices – Application availability matrices – Application performance management matrices • Mail relays, Internet connectivity • Cloud cost management
  9. 9. Applications in VPC © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 9 CloudStrategy New Applications Build for cloud Build cloud ready Build Non-cloud Apps Existing Applications “No Brainer to Move Apps” Planned phased migration Non-mover Apps Existing Data/ Processes Cold storage back-up ( DR Purpose) Hot back-up, Zero downtime (BCP) Extension of Datacenter AWS Storage Gateway Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier • New Apps: – Building new applications in a non-cloud manner is suicidal! – If applications are public facing ( out of organization premises use cases), then strongly consider cloud. – Not all application are suitable for moving on cloud
  10. 10. • Application refactoring • Application ArchitectureYour App • Choice of Services • Its CustomizationApp Services • Services configuration • Service provisioningAWS PaaS • Right selection • Right sizingAWS IaaS Leverage the power of AWS Cloud • Refactoring in code to implement elasticity and performance. • Take advantage of some of the other advanced AWS features and services: – Auto Scaling Service – Amazon CloudFront – Amazon Elastic MapReduce – Amazon elasticache – CloudSearch – dynamoDB – SQS, SWF • Automate processes to maintain and manage applications using tools like puppet or chef. © e-Zest Solutions Ltd. 10
  11. 11. e-Zest Solutions Ltd. Detroit | California | London | South Africa Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore e-mail : | Website : Toll Free: +1 (888) 778-9977 Thank You!