Facebook Business Page Setup 2013


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A short presentation by Lead Developer, Nick Fritzkowski. Explains how to set up a Facebook page for your business with information on best practice, Facebook Apps and more.

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  • Luke has explained about Social Media and how important it could be for your business.With Facebook being one of the leaders in social media, I will explain how to setup, theme, build a following, manage and add extra functionality to your Business Page.
  • What you will have to do is visit the link above, then you will be able to create a Facebook page for your business.You have two options for setting up your Facebook page initially, you will either want to setup the Facebook page under your own personal account and then add the other people in your company as administrators later or setup by creating a business account.In order to create the page under a business account instead of from your personal account you will need to make sure you log out of your personal account.If you do decide to create it under your personal account or get someone else to set it up under their personal account and you don’t set up any other administrators and that person leaved the business then you will lose control of the page if they don’t gibe you access.The next step is to choose the classification of your business. Choose the most appropriate and then you will ne given an option to chose the category as well. If your business isn’t listed just chose close enough.Lastly if you setup the account under a business account an email you will need to have access to that email account in order to activate the page via a confirm link,
  • These are the basic steps for initially setting up your Facebook page. Fill in your business description in step one, also place your website address in the box provided.Upload a profile picture which will be the image at the top left of your Facebook profile, This should most of the time be your logo.The last required step is the advertising. Facebook will allow you to advertise your page if you wish, so if you plan on this I recommend you fill in this information here.
  • Once the page is loaded and setup you will want to go about placing a profile picture, cover picture and filling in the basic information.The profile picture will need to be at least 180px wide and 180px tall, if you upload an image bigger it will let you resize and position it to fit.You will also want to install a cover photo which needs to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall this will also let you adjust it if you upload an image that is too large.You will also want to fill in the basic information on this page.
  • Once you have uploaded the cover photo and profile picture it will look something like this.
  • Now you will want to go to the edit page section and fill in the following information. Custom UsernameChange CategoryAddressPrice RangeParking DetailsPhone NumberEmail Address
  • Email contacts, you can import a list of email contacts to automatically invite to like your new Facebook page.You can also share the page on your personal profile, and get others to do the same.Invite friends only works if you are managing the account from a personal Facebook account as admin.
  • The administrator management area allows you to add other administrators so that they can help look after your page. This will allow them to manage posts, change settings and other useful things.
  • Privacy and Permissions is something that you will want to look over as well.Facebook allows you to: Restrict CountriesAge restrictionsPosting permissionsTagging AbilityBlacklist usersProfanity filter
  • Facebook has a great system that allows you to add what they call tabs which are basically little bits of functionality to your facebook page. Ill go through a list of great systems that you can use to customise and add functionality to your facebook page.
  • Like button is great for adding to your website to get people to quickly like your page.Comments can be used on your website as well to feed traffic back to your Facebook page.Activity feed allows you to place a nicely designed box on your site which will show the latest activity from your Facebook back on your website.Recommendations allow people to recommend things about your business to their friends.Facepile shows a collage of faces of the people that have liked your page.
  • That concludes my explanation on setting up Facebook business pages. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me after.
  • Facebook Business Page Setup 2013

    1. 1. e-CBD Workshop: Creating a business Facebook pageNicholas FritzkowskiApril 2013
    2. 2. Creating a business Facebook page 1 Sign up and set up your page 2 Theme and brand your page 3 Inviting friends and building your audience 4 Managing your admin panel 5 Apps and extra functionality
    3. 3. Sign up and set up yourpageSignup Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/about/pagesSigning up with or without a personal profileYou can signup with a personal account or with a business account.ClassificationsLocal Business or Place Company, Organisation, orInstitution Brand or productArtist, Band, or Public figure Entertainment Cause or CommunityConfirm your accountBefore continuing you will be required to confirm your account viaemail.
    4. 4. Sign up and set up yourpage Details and Business Information Fill in your business description that will appear on listings when people search Facebook. Also fill in your website address. Profile PictureUpload your logo or a key image to use for your profile picture. Advertising If you plan to spend a bit of money advertising your Facebook page, fill in the information on this section.
    5. 5. Theme and brand yourpageProfile Picture180 pixels wide and 180 pixels tallCover Photo851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tallOther InfoLocation Phone Number and Opening Hours
    6. 6. Theme and brand yourpageHeader section after cover photo and profile picture.
    7. 7. Theme and brand yourpageBasic Information• Custom Username• Change Category• Address• Price Range• Parking Details• Phone Number• Email Address
    8. 8. Inviting friends andbuilding audienceEmail contactsShare This PageInvite Friends
    9. 9. Managing your adminpanelAdministrator ManagementAdd other users to help manage your Facebook page.
    10. 10. Managing your adminpanelPrivacy and Permissions• Restrict Countries• Age restrictions• Posting permissions• Tagging Ability• Blacklist users• Profanity filter
    11. 11. Apps and extrafunctionalityAdd functionality with apps.
    12. 12. Apps and extrafunctionalityInvolver AppsCouponshttp://apps.facebook.com/involver_hoplvaex/Twitterhttp://apps.facebook.com/involver_mohfpfdp/RSShttp://apps.facebook.com/involver_tdvjasdb/Flickrhttp://apps.facebook.com/involver_caehhxyv/Youtubehttp://apps.facebook.com/involver_appjgeph/
    13. 13. Apps and extrafunctionalityEvents Calendarhttp://facebook.com/pages/Events-Calendar/320559604633852Events Calendar allows you to createand maintain a list of events displayedin a monthly calendar format on yourpage tab or as a standalone Facebookapplication. It is designed for FacebookPages which need to show their fans alist of upcoming events.Includes support for single-day, multi-day, repeating and multi-date events.Colour-code events, show Google Mapsof the event location, link toorganizers, allow visitors to share
    14. 14. Apps and extrafunctionalityForums for Pageshttp://www.facebook.com/ForumForPagesForum for pages allows owners of Facebook pages to add aDiscussion Board to their pages.
    15. 15. Apps and extrafunctionalityContactMehttp://www.facebook.com/contactformsYou can add business information including logo, address, phonenumber and social profiles. Customize your form with requiredfields and arrange them to your likings
    16. 16. Apps and extrafunctionalityPageModohttp://www.pagemodo.com/Like Gate Predesigned Themes Uploadyour own photosMaps & Location Contact Forms TwitterFeedSell Coupons Link to products on your store.
    17. 17. Apps and extrafunctionalityOther Notable Page Appshttp://www.facebook.com/appcenter• Instagram• Pinterest• Bigcommerce• Soundcloud• Bandpage
    18. 18. Apps and extrafunctionalitySocial plugins and badgeshttp://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/• Like Button• Comments• Activity Feed• Recommendations Bar• Facepile
    19. 19. e-CBD Workshop: Questions? Questions?Further information about Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/help/