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Facebook Advertising 2012


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Learn how to use Facebook advertising to achieve your internet marketing goals. Areas covered include:

- Facebook account basics
- Defining advertising goals
- Creating Facebook ads
- Using effective landing pages
- Reporting & optimising
- Hot tips

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Facebook Advertising 2012

  2. 2. Facebook Advertising Agenda1 Facebook Account Basics2 Facebook Ads: Creative & Landing Pages3 Reporting and Optimising Ads4 Hot Tips
  3. 3. FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BASICS Getting social + advertising
  4. 4. Facebook & Your Business
  5. 5. Setting up: What you’ll need E-mail Address: (run ads from your current business facebook page – have you got one? Have you got a custom tab?) Best to run ads for different businesses on separate accounts as poor CTR on campaigns can effect your CPC on other campaigns. Password: use a secure password - f@ceb00kad5 Time zone: AU - Sydney Billings: AUD
  6. 6. Types of Facebook Ads1. Page Post Ads: Takes fans to one of your posts from your Facebook page. People can like pages directly from ads.2. Website Ads: Takes people to a page on your website (external URL).3. Facebook Tab Ads: Custom ad which takes fans to a tab on your Facebook Page.4. Event Ads: Promotes an event, e.g.. Sales, product promotion, educational workshop, trade show or any other event requiring an RSVP. When a person RSVPs there will be a notice in their newsfeed.5. Sponsored stories: Take social content and turn it into a marketing story e.g. Like ads, check-ins, page post like story.6. Polling Ads: Start interaction with Facebook users by conducting a poll. This creates a news story on the advertisers page as well as a story in the newsfeeds of those who like the companies page.7. Application Ads: Allows users to see when others use/share your app or allows you to promote you app with a direct ad.8. Gift Ads: Only available to qualified advertisers9. Comment Ads: Only available to qualified advertisers10. Video Ads: Only available to qualified advertisers with a monthly budget of over $30K.11. Hybrid engagement ads: only available to qualified advertisers
  7. 7. Facebook ads you might use Like Ads Sponsored Stories Direct Ads
  8. 8. Facebook Advertising Steps1 Define Your Goals for Advertising2 Create GREAT Landing Pages & Ads3 Define Your Target Audience4 Pick & Manage Your Budget5 Review, Test & Optimise
  9. 9. What are your Goals?• Leads• Sales• Likes• Branding• Page Post Views• Other? (Waste Money on Advertising)
  10. 10. CREATING FACEBOOK ADS The Guide to Facebook Ads That Perform
  11. 11. What You Need1. Define Your Target Audience2. Destination Page (Landing Page)3. Enticing Headings4. Enticing/Eye Catching Image*5. Well Crafted Body Text*6. Choose Your Budget & Bid Price*It’s definitely worth reading the Facebook Advertising guideline:† Also good to check out:
  12. 12. Me!TARGET AUDIENCE Who’s part of the crowd you’re trying to reach?
  13. 13. Target Audience: Geography
  14. 14. Target Audience: Demographics Hey! You can run ads for different age groups andgenders more effectively byusing your responder report.
  15. 15. Target Audience: Interests Interests can really help businesses find their clients. Start thinking of your clients interests and ways you can reach out using a Facebook Ad. Interest specific promotions are an excellent way to connect.iPhones Sport Rugby League
  16. 16. Advanced Demographics• Very useful for particular products and services. e.g. A hairdressingbusiness could target engaged women and offer a wedding special.
  17. 17. Social Connections• Used for sponsored stories – Like ads, page post ads, polls etc.• Good for creating hyper targeted ads for fans and non-fans of yourbrand.
  18. 18. USING A LANDING PAGE Or, how not to throw away money $$
  19. 19. BUT WHY?• 25% - 200% Increase In Conversions• Strong Message Match – Less bounced traffic• Focus and Simplicity – makes it easy for the visitor to complete the MDA (most desirable actions)• Less Interaction Points – avoids “wandering”
  20. 20. LANDING PAGE – HUH?
  23. 23. “THE MILTON”
  24. 24. USE THE RIGHT IMAGE A guide to enticing the click
  26. 26. “Ads may not be shocking, sensational or disrespectful, or portray ...”
  27. 27. THE POPULAR KIDS ... 0.058% 0.026% 0.029% Meg Dillon The Gang 0.007% 0.021% 0.061% Rachel Felicity “Like” Ad
  28. 28. Eyes itchy? Finding it hard to concentrate? Avoid Ad Fatigue Rule of thumb: Refresh your ad images when that ad generates impressions that are 3x your target audience size OR Every 10 - 12 days
  29. 29. Facebook Ads: Image Tips• Images should be 110px x 80px and saves in .png format for the cleanestlooking images• Use images that are not copyrighted and/or you have permission to use.• Images which evoke some sort of emotional response but are not “shocking”(see Facebook Advertising guidelines)• Images that seem to perform best: Happy women, colorful logos andheadshots.• If your image looks boring and you don’t have anything else: pick up a cameraand take a photo.• For service industry, using photos of the team and creating a feeling of “trust”can really work too.• Bottom line: try out a couple of different images and see what works best.
  30. 30. READING FACEBOOK STATISTICS How not to become a Facebook advertising statistic
  31. 31. Types of Facebook Reports• Performance• Responder• Conversion by Impression Time (time taken to convert afterimpression)• Inline Interactions (people who interacted with your adsdirectly and did not come to you page)The most common reports you will look at are theperformance and the responder reports.
  32. 32. Generating a Report
  33. 33. Performance Report
  34. 34. Responder Report
  35. 35. Stats in a Hat: The Easiest Stats Potential Reach: As “Likes” 516,180 increase the audience widens CTR for Direct Ads: Poor: 0.014% Average: 0.026% Excellent: 0.050%
  36. 36. THE JUICY STUFFHints and Tips to rock your Facebook Advertising World
  37. 37. TRY ASKING QUESTIONS• The more question marks there are in an ad, the higher the CTR is.• Having a question in the title can also provide a slight boost. (1%)• Don’t overdo it though! If it doesn’t make sense to have a question, just leave it out.
  38. 38. INCLUDE A TIME PROMPTS• Encourage users to act immediately.• Words like “now” or “today” and phrases like “limited time” can help emphasize the importance of taking action.
  39. 39. EMPHASIZE DISCOUNTS AND FREE OFFERS Everyone likes free/cheap things, so highlight this in the ad text. Try using words like: Free Discount Promotional Trial Complimentary
  40. 40. Bidding Hints & Tips• Higher Bid = Higher CTR = Lower CPC.• Try to bid as high as you budget allows and then try backingoff as you CPC drops.• Check and adjust bids on a daily or 2nd day basis formaximum performance.• Use CTR rates to guide you to raise your bids.• The more specific your targeting the more expensive bidscan become.
  41. 41. General Hints and Tips• Try a mix of sponsored stories, like ads and general directads.• Instead of a direct ad, try using a page post ad for apromotion. This often promotes more interaction, a viraltype effect and feels less like an ad.• Be clear about what you’re advertising – don’t be too tricky.• Fit the essentials into the written content area – what doyou need to say NOT what you would like to say.• Use your ad copy to target your audience further wherepossible e.g. Location specific details “On the Gold Coast”.They’ll feel like you’re communicating to them.
  42. 42. Photo: Keith BurtisTHE FACEBOOK AUCTION SYSTEM Why you pay the price you pay for clicks.
  43. 43. Factors influencing bid prices Competition with other Ad performance advertisers and inventory Marketplace(High CTR for CPC available Ads) Relevancy Quality User feedback (small X next the ad or button)
  44. 44. QUESTIONS TIME Anyone?