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Twilio & Serverless (SmashingConf inspired meetup)


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#Serverless Toronto welcomed developer evangelists Phil Nash from #Twilio ( – he was a #SmashingConf Toronto 2019 presenter, and Timirah James ( from #Cloudinary – SmashingConf Platinum Sponsor.

Phil’s talk and live coding demo include a bit of history behind Telecommunication APIs at Twilio, Node.js-powered Twilio Functions (, intro to Autopilot – a new service from Twilio for building Omni-Channel Digital Assistants, AI-powered Chatbots, Conversational IVRs, and Alexa Skills (, and 27 minutes of Q&A!

The talk was preceded by Timirah's overview of what "Cloudinary's Media Developer Experts Program" was about and how to get involved:

Here is the recording of this very special meetup:

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Twilio & Serverless (SmashingConf inspired meetup)

  1. 1. Monday, June 24, 2019 1. Intro & Activity Update 2. Community Open Mic 3. Phil Nash: “Twilio & Serverless” 4. Networking 1 Meetup Agenda
  2. 2. SmashingConf Toronto 2019 2
  3. 3. Why we do what we do? 3 Serverless is New Agile
  4. 4. Community Open Mic 4 10 seconds of freedom to pitch yourself, or your company
  5. 5. Manning Publications 2019 giveaways: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 5
  6. 6. 2 What is the Media Developer Experts program? The Cloudinary Media Developer Experts program is a year-round program debuting in 2019 to advance developers and dev influencers who are passionate about learning, building, and sharing, while utilizing the Cloudinary platform and resources to: ❖ Build their brand as media experts in their given field ❖ Advance the state of media management and adoption ❖ Foster a community of media management professionals Want to be an expert in media management?
  7. 7. What do Media Developer Experts do? Learn. Build. Share. Cloudinary is looking to help MDE’s expand their brands and build communities as media management experts! Cloudinary Media Developer Experts will receive access to exclusive training and insight, and will contribute to the media management ecosystem by giving back to their communities being advocates in sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts at community events and across the social web, using the Cloudinary platform, products, and internal resources. 3
  8. 8. The biggest quality in potential Media Developer Experts is that they LOVE what they do! We’re looking for elite and passionate thought leaders and influencers who are active contributors both on and offline. Whether you’re contributing to code projects, educating and mentoring other developers by creating content such as blog posts or tutorials, hosting workshops, or love speaking at awesome conferences about cool new concepts-- we’re looking for you! You should apply if you: ● Are passionate about mentoring and teaching developers ● Have an interest in Media Management ● Have a love for, experience, and/or are curious about Developer Evangelism ● Are over 18 years of age ● Have demonstrated experience in at least 2 of the following: Creating blog posts (media/tech related content), public speaking, developer events (hackathons, meetups, conferences, etc.), web and/or mobile development, and/or serverless computing, and/or backend development, and/or ux/ui design
  9. 9. Perks & Benefits ● FREE Cloudinary Plus account ● Exclusive training and early access to new Cloudinary products and features 5 ● Recognition on all Cloudinary’s social outlets (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) ● Custom Cloudinary Media Developer Expert Swag ● Mentorship, support, and insight from Cloudinary ● Special invitations to attend special events and internal Cloudinary team meetings
  10. 10. Join Now! Cloudinary.Rocks/MDE
  11. 11. TWILIO & SERVERLESS @philnash
  12. 12. Phil Nash @philnash
  13. 13. ☎ @philnash
  14. 14. @philnash
  15. 15. APIs curl -X POST --data-urlencode "Url=" --data-urlencode "To=+14155551212" --data-urlencode "From=+15017122661" -u ACCOUNT_SID:AUTH_TOKEN @philnash
  16. 16. APIs curl -X POST --data-urlencode "Url=" --data-urlencode "To=+14155551212" --data-urlencode "From=+15017122661" -u ACCOUNT_SID:AUTH_TOKEN @philnash
  17. 17. @philnash
  18. 18. NATIVE TWIMLBINS @philnash
  19. 19. DEMO @philnash
  20. 20. MEANWHILE @philnash
  21. 21. @philnash
  22. 22. TWIMLETS @philnash
  23. 23. Twimlets @philnash
  24. 24. IS THIS ENOUGH? @philnash
  25. 25. TWILIO FUNCTIONS @philnash
  26. 26. @philnash
  27. 27. FULL CONTROL + DEVELOPER TOOLS @philnash
  28. 28. DEMO @philnash
  29. 29. THE STORY SO FAR... @philnash
  30. 30. AUTOPILOT @philnash
  31. 31. Autopilot “Build, train, and deploy artificially intelligent bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps using natural language understanding and machine learning frameworks with Twilio Autopilot.” @philnash
  32. 32. Autopilot Build and train one bot with Twilio. Support all the channels Twilio supports. @philnash
  33. 33. Autopilot - Channels @philnash
  34. 34. CONCEPTS @philnash
  35. 35. TASKS @philnash
  36. 36. SAMPLES @philnash
  37. 37. FIELDS @philnash
  38. 38. MODELS @philnash
  39. 39. DEMO @philnash
  40. 40. AND NOW... @philnash
  41. 41. @philnash
  42. 42. TWILIO FUNCTIONS @philnash
  43. 43. DEMO @philnash
  44. 44. Thanks! @philnash