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This is my Architecture to prevent Cloud Bill Shock

“Fail Fast and Learn Fast” with Cloud is a bad idea because Cloud overall is like a double-edged sword: when used correctly, it can be of great use, but it can be lethal if misused. In this meetup, Sudeep Chauha - founder of the shared his “near business death” experience after a GCP experiment ended up with a $72,000 bill shock.

Infinite Recursions are a common problem, so this talk is useful to developers from any public Cloud. Sudeep explained the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned - so the rest of us can avoid similar near-Bankruptcy incidents. Thank you, Sudeep!

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This is my Architecture to prevent Cloud Bill Shock

  1. 1. Welcome to 2 Introduce Yourself: - Where from? Why are you here? - Looking for, or Offering work? Fill the survey to win prises! Apr 5, 2021: “How to use Cloud without losing Sleep (and $$$$)” starts at 18:10pm…
  2. 2. Serverless Evolution (since FaaS started) 3 Serverless is New Agile & Mindset #1 We started as Back- end FaaS (Serverless) Developers who enjoyed “gluing” other people’s APIs and Managed Services) #3 We're obsessed by creating business value (meaningful MVPs, Products), focusing on Outcomes – NOT Outputs, and we mesh well with Product Managers #2 We build bridges between Serverless Community (“Dev leg”), and Front-end, Voice-First & UX folks (“UX leg”) #4 Achieve agility NOT by “sprinting” faster (like in Scrum), but working smarter (by using bigger building blocks and less Ops)
  3. 3. Disconnect between IT & Business needs 4 How to help companies accelerate? Technology is not the point => We are here to create Value Adopting Serverless Mindset allowed us to shift the focus from “pimping up our cars” (infrastructure/code), towards “driving” (the business) forward. ≠
  4. 4. Covid-19 brought uncertainty to IT 5 Let’s Help one another as a Community Yes, Cloud Computing is more important than ever, but 1. most of you have to work longer hours, many had to accept “temporary” pay cuts, or both! 2. If takes longer to find work, and 3. if you are contractor, your engagements are getting shorter. On the flip side, COVID opened possibilities for remote Cloud jobs anywhere in the world... so
  5. 5. Community maturing into Consultancy: 6 Let’s Help Businesses propel into Clouds 1. Keep growing our Community of Cloud Experts… with more relevant Business-focused topics 2. Start offering Cloud Consulting services… for free, then for-Fee 3. Start offering “matchmaking” services… to connect Cloud experts with Employers 4. Employers will get priority access to the pool of Cloud Pros, regardless of how short (or long) they'll need us for… so Fill the form to let me know what you think and win in Manning raffle:
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  7. 7. Upcoming Meetups 8 1) Running Business Analytics for a Serverless Insurance Company – Joe Emison, 2) Azure for Bioinformatics: Data Lake Architecture for genomic- scale data analysis – Lynn Langit 3) Snowflake lecture is coming… 4) Evening with Lak Lakshmanan, Head of Data Analytics & AI Solutions at Google Cloud YOUR “This is my Architecture” style topics are welcome! ☺ Please rate us on Meetup & Tell your peers we’re here to Help YOU help others
  8. 8. 9 This is my Architecture to prevent Cloud Bill Shock
  9. 9. Sudeep Chauhan | How to use Cloud without losing Sleep (and $$$$) Access via
  10. 10. Sudeep Chauhan - Connect - Linkedin | Twitter | Personal Blog - - Based in Bay Area, CA - Currently in Cozumel, MEX - Founder at Milkie Way, Inc. (umbrella company) - https://Announce.Today - - Past - Startups | Engineer | Design | Cloud | Operations etc. etc. etc. - Google for ~7 years in India, Europe and USA - Google Maps - Payments and Security - Gmail and Google Accounts - Adwords and Business Operations
  11. 11. My team “Burnt $72K testing Firebase + Cloud Run and almost went Bankrupt”. Blog posts below: ○ Part 1 ○ Part 2 Background : What Started This
  12. 12. tl;dr 1 - Experimented with Cloud Run while building Announce - Comparable to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service - Without a great understand of Cloud - Fail fast approach to learning Cloud
  13. 13. tl;dr 2 - Triggered infinite recursion on 1000 instances - Thanks to “Background Processes” - Caused 116 Billion Firebase Reads - Thousands of hours of Cloud Run
  14. 14. tl;dr 3 - Instances scaled so rapidly, GCP billing notifications didn’t trigger in time - Got billed $72K within few hours of service test - Bill came after 2 days and blocked all our credit cards - Wrote a lengthy doc for Google engineers, explaining why it’s not just our fault - After ~10 days, some back and forth GCP let us go.
  15. 15. Relevant Information at the Right Place, at the Right Time
  16. 16. How to use Cloud and Sleep Well
  17. 17. Full Blog Post:
  18. 18. 1. Use multiple forms of payments, preferably with spend caps
  19. 19. 2. Setup Service Quotas
  20. 20. 3. Cloud Monitoring
  21. 21. 4. Spend good amount of time understanding and predicting costs
  22. 22. 5. CICD = Operational Efficiency Time spent in CICD is like time spent in converting cube into sphere.
  23. 23. 6. Use Free Projects To power multiple environments
  24. 24. 7. Multi Cloud
  25. 25. 8. Protect the keys!
  26. 26. - Code Repositories - Access Tokens - Deployment Keys - Deployment Permissions
  27. 27. 9. Read “Best Practices in XYZ Service” before deploying it
  28. 28. 10. Billing Budget Alerts / Notifications
  29. 29. Join Home of “Less IT Mess”