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Serverless projects at Myplanet



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1) Learn about Myplanet's Headless CMS solution using Gatsby Preview and Contentful’s UI Extensions (

2) their Serverless project with IBM - using Apache OpenWhisk (

3) how Myplanet got involved with AWS DeepRacer - a fun way to get started with Reinforcement Learning (RL), and their racing experience at re:Invent DeepRacer League (

4) their Machine Learning (ML) research related to finding DeepRacer’s ideal line (

BONUS: Two TED Talks referenced in the intro

5) When ideas have sex | Matt Ridley | Jul 14, 2010

6) Why The Best Leaders Make Love The Top Priority | Matt Tenney | Dec 5, 2019


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Serverless projects at Myplanet

  1. 1. Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019 1. Intro & Activity Update 2. Community Open Mic 3. Short talks: “Serverless projects at Myplanet” 4. Networking 1 Meetup Agenda
  2. 2. How is #ServerlessTO different? 2 … But if you’re looking for a server to put in the cloud you probably made the first major mistake, because the cloud is NOT about infrastructure – it's about changing the way you build & deploy applications. Cloud is a different lifestyle, not a replacement for your data center and no CIO ever needed another data center… … Try to follow the logic that you shouldn't run applications you didn't build. – Gregor Hohpe, CxO Advisor Everybody's going to the cloud…
  3. 3. Why we do what we do? 3 Serverless is New Agile Serverless Dev (gluing other people’s APIs and managed services) We're obsessed by creating business value (meaningful MVPs, products) and helping Startups We build bridges between Serverless Community (“Dev leg”), and Front-end & Voice- First folks (“UX leg”), and empower UX developers Achieve agility NOT by “sprinting” faster (like in Scrum), but by working smarter (by using bigger building blocks and less Ops)
  4. 4. Why is this evening important? 4 The engine of human progress has been the meeting & mating of ideas to make new ideas – Matt Ridley, TED Talk 2010
  5. 5. #ServerlessTO Sponsors 5
  6. 6. Venue Sponsor 6 As Certified B Corporation, Myplanet is purpose-driven and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders!
  7. 7. Knowledge Sponsor 7 Use code CYBERWEEKLT for 1/2 off your whole purchase!
  8. 8. Remaining Manning Publications 2019 monthly giveaways: 1. 2. for-alexa-and-google-assistant 8 Get your raffle tickets ready… and GOOD LUCK!
  9. 9. Future Talks 2020 9
  10. 10. Upcoming 2020 #ServerlessTO Meetups 10 1. re:Invent re:Cap – Serverless Edition – Jonathan Dion, Senior Technical Evangelist at AWS 2. Using Data Science & Serverless Python (Zappa) to Find an Apartment in Toronto – Ian Whitestone, Data Scientist at Shopify 3. Intro to PySpark – Python Data Analysis at scale in the Cloud – Jonathan Rioux, Lead Data Scientist at EPAM Systems & author of PySpark in Action book 4. Introduction to Google BigQuery – ** teacher needed ** 5. Fivetran – Data Pipelines, Reinvented – Replicate your data into the Cloud Warehouse of your choice
  11. 11. Community Open Mic 11 Your 10 sec. pitch ☺ - Looking for work? - Offering work? About You – because without you, there would be no meetups!
  12. 12. Feature Talks Serverless Projects @ Myplanet 12
  13. 13. Serverless at work Two case studies of production projects PRESENTED BY Shanly Suepaul Solutions Architect
  14. 14. What’s Inside B2C E-commerce Enterprise Retail Platform 3 10
  15. 15. B2C E-commerce
  16. 16. Section Business Problem Our client is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of organic and sustainable plant-derived cannabinoid-based products.
  17. 17. Section Business Problem The problem is that many current out of the box solution providers refuse to work with them. Thus, we need to roll a custom e-commerce solution for them!
  18. 18. Section Enter Serverless Use a headless JAMstack solution to minimize development and maintenance costs. ● Presentation - Gatsby ● CMS - Contentful ● E-commerce engine - Moltin ● Fulfillment partner - Percos ● Payment processor - PayU ● Deployment - AWS (S3, CodePipeline/CodeBuild, Lambda) Tech Stack
  19. 19. Rendering
  20. 20. Post-checkout Example of Lambda usage
  21. 21. Section A few gotchas Internationalization (i18n) Be careful how you structure your content and where it’s stored. Depending on the structure of your client’s teams, they may require different tools (eg. merchandising vs product). Authorship Experience Re-compilation of the site A few different concerns come up here. First, integrating third-party sources of content. Second, preview. Third, hard-coded content. Do your best to manage recompilation times. You should do your best to understand what should be moved to a data fetch post-render.
  22. 22. Section Results The site is live and accepting orders in multiple locales around the world, integrated with their in-store supply chain.
  23. 23. Enterprise Retail Platform
  24. 24. Enterprise Retail Platform Business Problem Our client is a large Canadian luxury clothing retailer. They were mired in legacy systems with an inability to innovate and deploy new e-commerce and omni-channel experiences. How did we help them build a platform on which to move forward?
  25. 25. Image goes here Enterprise Retail Platform Integration Problem Many sources of data, multiple domain models Accounting, ERP, Loyalty, CRM, Data Science, Merchandising, etc
  26. 26. Enterprise Retail Platform Two sources of inspiration Domain-Driven Design Joel Crabb’s Retail Platform Protect our domain model and concepts from the upstream models using a bubble context separated by an Anti-Corruption Layer (ACL). Joel Crabb (VP Architecture and Chief Architect, Target) proposed a model for a Retail Platform as an event-driven system, with read-only APIs for primitives like Carts and Product.
  27. 27. Enterprise Retail Platform Bubble Context Allows you to create your own clean domain model Decouples you from the underlying data sources Increases the pace of innovation over time
  28. 28. Enterprise Retail Platform [A retail platform] is a set of primitive APIs and Services that represent the data, processes and business logic required to complete customer transactions Joel Crabb
  29. 29. Image goes here Enterprise Retail Platform Architecture Streaming ETL powered by IBM Event Streams (Apache Kafka) and Functions (Apache OpenWhisk) acts as an ACL feeding data into a read-only set of APIs for retail primitives. A GraphQL server aggregates and caches those APIs to serve multiple apps leveraging the platform.
  30. 30. Section Results The platform reached a year of service recently and we are continuing to build new apps and services on it.
  31. 31. Thanks!
  32. 32. reInvent 2019 DeepRacer Championship Story PRESENTED BY Mohammad A Weiling Gu
  33. 33. Backstory - how did we get involved?
  34. 34. How did we get started? AWS Serverless Meetup at Myplanet We started our journey when Myplanet hosted a Serverless Meetup session by Alex Coqueiro from AWS on DeepRacer. (Thanks Shanly!) We launched a DeepRacer channel after that for collaborative learning.
  35. 35. Toronto Summit League AWS Toronto Summit Winning AWS Toronto Summit has given us a chance at reInvent 2019 Championship. We won the #1 and #4 spots and got an entry to reInvent 2019 Championship!
  36. 36. Preparations for summit and reInvent
  37. 37. Team Work Team work 1. Innovate and make mistakes a. Mistakes bring up new ideas b. Try anything - get new ideas! 2. Learn a. Always ask feedback and second opinions b. Analyze using log analysis 3. Iterate a. You never know which one is your winning model
  38. 38. Track Building DIY Track building DIY - Cheaper than printing - Reusable - Easy to fold/deploy/customize - You can add your own track features
  39. 39. Track featured based strategy (one of our Toronto Summit winning model secrets!)
  40. 40. Track Features Track Feature Based Raceline Based Performance Based
  41. 41. Track Features What to do: Look ahead
  42. 42. Track Features Problem?
  43. 43. Track Features Problem? Straight line Waypoints analysis
  44. 44. Track Features Solution 19 (7.28001974178861, 1.76283083133939) 21 (7.26596070131059, 1.86225687493604)
  45. 45. reInvent 2019 Championship
  46. 46. reInvent 2019 reInvent 2019 Setup - Schedule: - Mon Dec 2: 3 more winners who would race on physical summit at reInvent - Tue Dec 3: 64 racers go down to 16 - Wed Dec 4: 16 racers go down to 3 - Thu Dec 5: Finals! One winner. - Venues - MGM Grand Garden Arena - 17,000 seating capacity, repurposed into 6 tracks + hands-on mini booths - Aria “Quad” - DeepRacer Expert Bootcamp over Tue/Wed, 30 -min talks + expert panels
  47. 47. reInvent 2019 So, the results? - Tue: - Qualified into top 16 with 10.852 s - Lowest was 9.056 by Sola - Wed: - We hit a new record for us - 9.824 s, but still had very tough competition - We did not make it into the top 3 :( - Thu: - Winner was Sola at 10.230s! - New track lighting/conditions so competitors struggled a bit
  48. 48. reInvent 2019 DeepRacer Championship
  49. 49. reInvent 2019 But we still won ... - Presented at DeepRacer Expert bootmap about our model and track building - Participated in Expert Panel - Met racers from all over the world, and forged new relationships! - Celebrated by Amazon Canadian PR team partnership and featured in IT World Canada ( makes-machine-learning-fun) - It was FUN and a learning opportunity!
  50. 50. AWS DeepRacer 2020
  51. 51. reInvent 2020 DeepRacer Evo and DeepRacer 2020 AWS just announced DeepRacer Evo - 2 cameras and a LIDAR sensor (for object detection and avoidance), 3 or 5-layer CNN and more physical and virtual summits, and you can do private leagues! So start your engines! aws-deepracer-update-new-features- new-racing-opportunities/
  52. 52. reInvent 2020 Head to head racing Race against another DeepRacer that is on the same track. Do your best to avoid it while still turning in the best lap time.
  53. 53. Q&A Anything we did not discuss you feel curious about?
  54. 54. Jorge Silva Technical Lead, Ventures PRESENTED BY The Best Path a DeepRacer can Learn
  55. 55. The Ideal Racing Line
  56. 56. • Follow a straight line for as long as possible • Use the full width of the track to make the widest possible turn around a curve • Keep braking to a minimum and get it all done before you start turning • Accelerate throughout the curve and exit it at full throttle How do we race it?
  57. 57. • Smooth paths can be raced faster • List of waypoints (x, y) • If the waypoints were a data stream, how might we smooth them out? • In signal processing, we often smooth out (filter) data streams • Low-Pass RC filter? • Simple digital implementation Smoothing-out the track
  58. 58. Low-Pass RC Filter
  59. 59. How do we refine it? • Filtering is a good start, but we need to refine • Do NOT edit your path in the waypoint space, edit in the direction space! • Start with constant directions for straight tracks • Start with linear direction changes for curves
  60. 60. Jorge Silva Technical Lead, Ventures More details & Code: Questions?