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Happy 1st birthday, Serverless Toronto!


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"Serviceful Serverless" Meetup Theme continues in Tronto. "Serviceful Serverless" is a shift away from just coding Functions (FaaS), towards using third-party APIs for Back-end functionality (BaaS) as much as possible...

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Happy 1st birthday, Serverless Toronto!

  1. 1. Wed, Feb 20, 2019 Meetup Agenda 1. Introduction & Meetup Theme 2. “Birthday Party” Sponsors 3. Community Open Mic 4. Presentations by: Eric Courville - Cloudinary, Danny Elisha - HBC, Alan Williamson - Onica, Bhavana Srinivas - Netlify 5. Networking 1 Happy 1st birthday, Serverless Toronto!
  2. 2. How #ServerlessTO Came to Life? 2 1. Out of my frustration with what IT has become, and 2. wish do something meaningful:
  3. 3. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail – Abraham Maslow 3 Maslow's Hammer (Psychology of Science)
  4. 4. Teaching People to do Serverless is Hard – Paul Johnston 4
  5. 5. Serverless Computing Emphasis is now moving towards “Serviceful Serverless” 5 This is a shift away from just coding Functions (FaaS), towards using third-party APIs for Back-end functionality (BaaS) as much as possible . Here’s why: 1. Using Functions like a glue between Back-end services 2. requires less Back-end code. 3. Less code = less Complexity and less Technical Debt.
  6. 6. February 2019 Presentations & Presenters 6 Full “Serviceful Serverless” presentation (~30min): 1. Show and tell of Cloudinary BaaS recipes and DAM for a dynamic world Eric Courville, Sr. Director - Business Development, Americas at Cloudinary Lightning talks (from 5 to 15 minutes): 1. AliPay/WeChatPay @ HBC/SAKS Danny Elisha, Sr. Systems Architect at HBC 2. How to leverage AWS - Unofficial Guide for Startups Alan Williamson, Director - Solutions Architecture at 3. Spreading the JAM(stack) to build Static serverless websites Bhavana Srinivas, Solutions Engineer at Netlify
  7. 7. 7 Founded in 1670, HBC is the oldest company in North America. Today, HBC is widely recognized as a diversified global retailer, focused on driving the performance of high-quality stores and their omni-channel offerings, as well as unlocking the value of real estate holdings. Today, HBC's portfolio includes more than 480 stores, ranging from luxury destinations to off-price locations. Worldwide, HBC is proud to have more than 65,000 employees. HBC's leading banners across North America include Hudson's Bay, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks OFF 5TH.
  8. 8. 8 @hbcTechTeam HBC Tech drives the digital retail/e-commerce and digital customer experience across all HBC retail banners, including Hudson’s Bay, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks OFF 5TH. While it’s clear that the future of retail will rely heavily on new digital and online innovation, we believe that this best model is an omni- channel approach to succeed in the coming years. With millions of customers, both online and in stores, HBC is positioned at the center of this reinvention. A recent survey of HBC Tech employees about HBC culture revealed the three most common attributes were “fast-paced,” “team-oriented” and “growth.” FAST-PACED – Our Associates are constantly tackling new problems and challenges that result from working in an industry that is continuously evolving. TEAM-ORIENTED – Our Associates work on small, cross-functional teams with a high level of autonomy and ownership. Projects are run in an agile environment. We keep meetings to a minimum so people can focus on getting work done. GROWTH – Our Associates are encouraged to use 20% of their time for learning new technologies. HBC Tech also has a strong history of developing our employees and opening new doors for them to grow their careers.
  9. 9. Manning Publications 2019 giveaways: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 9
  10. 10. Community Open Mic 10 10 seconds of freedom to pitch yourself, or your company
  11. 11. Join Home of “Less IT Mess”