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Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Center AI on Google Cloud

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Google #ConversationalAI expert Lee Boonstra explains how to build Enterprise Chatbots and Telephony (#CcaaS #CallCenter) Agents using #Dialogflow, #CCAI and other #GoogleCloud #Serverless services. Courtesy of #ServerlessTO.

The lecture recording with Q&A is at

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Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Center AI on Google Cloud

  1. 1. Welcome to 1 Sep 14, 2021: “Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Center AI on Google Cloud” with Lee Boonstra. Introduce yourself if you “arrive” before we start at 12:05pm ☺
  2. 2. Serverless Evolution (since FaaS started) 2 Serverless is New Agile & Mindset #1 We started as Back- end FaaS (Serverless) Developers who enjoyed “gluing” other people’s APIs and Managed Services) #3 We're obsessed by creating business value (meaningful MVPs, Products), focusing on Outcomes – NOT Outputs, and we mesh well with Product Managers #2 We build bridges between Serverless Community (“Dev leg”), and Front-end, Voice-First & UX folks (“UX leg”) #4 Achieve agility NOT by “sprinting” faster (like in Scrum), but working smarter (by using bigger building blocks and less Ops)
  3. 3. Disconnect between IT & Business needs 3 How to help companies accelerate? Technology is not the point => We are here to create Value Adopting Serverless Mindset allowed us to shift the focus from “pimping up our cars” (infrastructure/code), towards “driving” (the business) forward. ≠
  4. 4. Let’s bridge the Businesses & IT Gap by: 4 1. bringing more Business-focused topics (like one today) to educate, 2. offering free Second Opinions on Application/Data Architecture modernization (to Businesses), 3. offering for-fee Consulting service (regardless of how short they are), 4. connecting Cloud enthusiasts from the Community with Employers Fill the Survey help us serve you better, plus to win Lee’s NEW book:
  5. 5. Upcoming Meetups 5 1) Dr. Maloy – Empowering Developers to be Healthcare Heroes 2) Intro to Vertex AI, unified MLOps platform for Data Scientists & ML Engineers – Jarek Kazmierczak & Brian Kang from Google 3) An Evening with Felipe Hoffa – Big Data guru from Snowflake 4) YOUR “This is my Architecture” style presentations are welcome! Regardless how big or small your learning & sharing will be ☺ Please rate us on Meetup, Tell your peers We’re here to Help YOU help others
  6. 6. 6 Feature Presentation
  7. 7. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Center AI on Google Cloud Lee Boonstra Developer Relations Engineer, Google
  8. 8. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Lee Boonstra Developer Relations Engineer, Conversational AI @Google Author of the book: The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow & Google Cloud (Apress) @ladysign
  9. 9. Proprietary + Confidential Agenda 1 2 3 4 Intro Conversational AI Google Dialogflow Different Versions Contact Center AI My Omnichannel Project Code Repos Q&A 5 6
  10. 10. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Chatbots exists since the 90’s… So why are they popular now?
  11. 11. FIRST CHATBOT, 1994
  13. 13. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Chatbots. It's all about Machine Learning. ● Natural Language Understanding ● Intent Matching ● Speech to Text ● Text to Speech (Wavenet)
  14. 14. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Main Categories of Conversational AI IoT Search Customer Care Assistance
  15. 15. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Conversational AI as part of Google Cloud Dialogflow ES Dialogflow CX Speech to Text Text to Speech Insights CCAI Agent Assist Developer APIs SAAS Partner GTM offering
  16. 16. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Dialogflow usage ● 2016 - 2020 - people started to experience with conversational AI ● Our conversational UI development suite: Dialogflow, has a user base of more than 1.7M. Development Suit for building Conversational UIs
  17. 17. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign What we see at Google In the beginning (2016), most conversational AIs ● Simple chatbots / voice bots - 1 or 2 turn taking turns ● "Example Google Assistant bot; ○ 'hey Google, what's my balance?' Building conversational AIs is an ongoing process, and thus the conversational AIs become more complicated over the years.
  18. 18. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Chatbots are expected to cut business costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022 Juniper Research Lee Boonstra | @ladysign
  19. 19. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign What we see at Google ● The big $$$ savers are typically complex use-cases ● Replacement or add-ons for Customer Care / contact centers ○ Which is very expensive for businesses ○ With conversational AI we can: ■ Reducing Calltime, ■ Reducing hold time ■ Offer 24/7 availability
  20. 20. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign The next generation of conversational UI's are more complex. ● Large complex flows / giant implementations ○ hundreds or thousands of intents ● More than 3 turn taking turns (branching of conversations) ● Parts of a dialogue are repeatable ● Understanding the intent & context from long utterances (in contact centers) ● Working with teams on large implementations ● Maintaining an always growing conversation
  21. 21. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Introducing Development suite for building large & complex Conversational UIs. BETA An additional conversational product which co-exist next to the other Dialogflow tooling… ● Build complex enterprise conversations ● Easier to maintain
  22. 22. DEMO
  23. 23. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign 60% want easier access to self-service solutions prefer personal interactions, not necessarily with humans Note: US statistics millennials; Source: Zendesk, Statista, Strategy Analytics, HBR, Ovum, USA market, CISCO VNI expect to receive real-time assistance 64% 75% Customers expect great, flexible, & personal experiences
  24. 24. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Often the reality looks like this ● Long waiting / hold times ● Unlimited Call transfers ● IVR difficult to navigate ● Availability ● Inadequate information ● Agents have to answer same types of questions over and over again. v=72tF7ggdQyU
  25. 25. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Introducing Google Cloud Contact Center AI Out of the box solution for telephony contact centers to use AI. No machine learning expertise required. It's using popular Google Cloud components...
  26. 26. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Use machine intelligence, to make the experience of calling a service number better; better for the customer, and better for the agent
  27. 27. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Bots in a telephone contact center are actually much more complicated... Turn on the lights Short utterance. -> Match to 1 intent. Long utterance. Many possible intent matches.
  28. 28. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign ...and speech quality is critical ● Phone Quality: 8kz mono ● Background noises ● Speaker Diarization (multiple speakers / interrupting each other) ● Requires special IVR features
  29. 29. Conversational core Insights V i rt u a l A g e n t A g e n t A s s i s t We enable rich interactions with virtual agents. Allows customers to have multi-topic and multi-channel conversations. Bot interactions provide more natural experiences. Multi-lingual support. We make agents superheroes in the eyes of customers. Agents can quickly respond to customers with the suggested responses rather than needing to determine the right response themselves. Agents are suggested knowledge base content to solve a customer’s issue so they don’t have to ask a customer to wait while they search. We offer the visibility and actionable ways to improve contact center performance. Analysts no longer need to manually review and categorize conversations. Accurate and scaled coverage of call driver assignment allows easy data segmentation and helps drive deeper analysis of conversations. Data from Virtual Agents and Agent Assist feed Insights, providing continuous evaluation and cyclical feedback.
  30. 30. Proprietary + Confidential Cloud STT Session Manager State Management Agent Assist Articles Cloud TTS (Wavenet) Cloud STT Full Session Transcripts Dialogflow Virtual Agent Agent Assist NLU + Model Knowledge service/KB Agent Assist Feedback Partner Virtual Agent Path Human Agent Path Agent Desktop Telephony Partner Customer Call General Reference Architecture (Voice)
  31. 31. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign What's possible with Contact Center AI in combination with Genesys IVR system hWmPLOJPYSc
  32. 32. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign A preview of CCAI Insights
  33. 33. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Conversational AI Summary ● Developer APIs, such as Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Natural Language Understanding. ● Conversational AI suites / SAAS: ○ Dialogflow Essentials ○ Dialogflow CX (advanced conversational AIs) ○ Insights AI (suite for detecting the call drivers of a conversation) ● Contact Center AI & Agent Assist ○ GTM offering, where Google delivers the above components + specific Contact Center APIs so telephony partners can integrate this in their existing architectures.
  34. 34. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign
  35. 35. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Future of Customer Care ● Proactive ● Ubiquitous ● Omnichannel "Make your call center not a cost center but a revenue center."
  36. 36. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign An example of a conversational omnichannel experience
  37. 37. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign The technology is already there RCE 360 Architecture Twilio Telephony Backend Container Dialogflow ES Stackdriver Cloud Pubsub Twilio SMS Mobile App Google Assistant Dialogflow CX Nginx Container Website Container Server Actions on Google Middleware Flutter Middleware Twilio Middleware Website Middleware NLU Cloud Functions AdLingo Dialogflow ES External Load Balancer
  38. 38. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Code Repos ● ○ ● ○
  39. 39. Lee Boonstra | @ladysign Thank you! Twitter: ladysign Amazon: Lee Boonstra
  40. 40. Proprietary + Confidential
  41. 41. Join Home of “Less IT Mess”

Google #ConversationalAI expert Lee Boonstra explains how to build Enterprise Chatbots and Telephony (#CcaaS #CallCenter) Agents using #Dialogflow, #CCAI and other #GoogleCloud #Serverless services. Courtesy of #ServerlessTO. The lecture recording with Q&A is at


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