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My journey is continuing with mates


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This is a presentation that I talked as a Lightning talk at DevRel meetup in English #4

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My journey is continuing with mates

  1. 1. My journey is continuing with mates Tokyo/events/256560467/
  2. 2. 大平かづみ / Kazumi OHIRA @dz_ Mainly, as a server-side engineer Infrastructure as Code, DevOps I cloud tech! Azure
  3. 3. Do you know “guru”?
  4. 4. Superior Teacher
  5. 5. There are many gurus in my mates. I met with them in communities.
  6. 6. Work with gurus!
  7. 7. Further to get various knowledge (and for a stable income), I decided to work on some projects.
  8. 8. They admitted and welcomed me!
  9. 9. Why they can admit me and my abilities? It is no coincidence, is the result of my activities.
  10. 10. Keep effort, passion and the relationship with mates :)
  11. 11. Have fun!