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GreenSky Dealer Presentation 5 9-12


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GreenSky Dealer Presentation 5 9-12

  1. 1. GreenSky Consumer CreditMay 2012
  2. 2. About GreenSkyGreenSky is a leading provider of consumerfinance specializing in Home Improvement,Retail and Healthcare. We have builtrelationships with retailers and serviceproviders in all 50 states.Since 2006, GreenSky has played a criticalrole in transforming small business andconsumer credit, enabling more affordableand more pervasive access to financing. Ourcompany’s people, process and technologysolutions improve customers’ lives.GreenSky is recognized for its ability toprovide customized credit solutions thatenhance sales. GreenSky serves customersranging from the worlds largest and mostdemanding retailers and contractors to smalland medium businesses, and consumersnationwide. 2
  3. 3. The GreenSky AdvantageAt GreenSky, we’re committed to providingthe tools your business needs to increase sales Your Business Our Commitment The Highest That is the Contractors Approval Rates Retailers The Easiest Process TM Service Providers The Best Products Advantage 3
  4. 4. How It Works –The Highest Approval RatesEvery declined application represents a lost opportunityfor our customers… That’s why GreenSky built a national network of funding TM sources to provide a one stop, seamless solution for prime, near prime and subprime customers. The Result The Highest Approval Rates • Highest approval rates • Best credit terms for your customer The Easiest Process All at the The Best Products Lowest Dealer Cost! 4
  5. 5. How It Works –The Easiest ProcessCombining industry expertise with the latest technologies,our application and funding process is so advanced it’s simple! Step 1: Apply for GreenSky Credit (Simple and Fast) Paperless application process takes less than 5 minutes Apply on-line or by phone (iPhone/Droid app coming soon!) TM Step 2: Get Customer Approved 85% of credit decisions are made INSTANTLY All other credit decision are made within fifteen minutes The Highest Approval Rates Step 3: Get Funded The Easiest Process GreenSky immediately provides the customer with an Account # Customer pays Dealer by providing the Account # Dealer processes the payment just like a credit card payment The Best Products NO Certificate of Completion or paperwork required for funding GET PAID FAST! 5
  6. 6. How It Works –The Best ProductsOffering the broadest range of Credit Products in the Industry…the choice is yours! No Interest* 6, 12 & 18 month options Same as No Interest & Cash No Payment 6 & 12 month options TM Reduced 0%, 3.99%, 7.99%, Interest Rate 9.99%, 11.99% options At No or Reduced Pay in Full w/ Equal Interest Monthly Payments 12, 18 & 36 month options The Highest Approval Rates Dealer has the ability to expand approvals even Dealer Controlled Credit Override further by electing a Recourse or Self-Funded The Easiest Process Credit Program on a deal by deal basis. The Best Products All Products Are: Fixed Monthly Payments and Fixed Interest Rates (average APR of 14%) Payment Factor as low as 1.67%*With Minimum Monthly Payment Credit Limits up to $40,000 6
  7. 7. The GreenSky AdvantageWhy your Customers will love GreenSkyApplication Process is Fast,Easy & PaperlessCredit Limits up to $40,000Attractive, Fixed Interest Rates(as low as 3.99%)Low Monthly PaymentsAbility to offer your customer the CreditProduct that best meets their needs.• No Interest with Minimum Monthly Payments• No Interest AND No Payments• Reduced Rate APR• Equal Payments with No Interest 7
  8. 8. The GreenSky AdvantageWhy YOU will love GreenSkyHighest Approval RatesBroadest offering of Credit ProductsSeamless Prime & Sub-Prime ApprovalsDealer Controlled Credit Override-Allows you to extend approvals even furtherEasiest Process-Paperless and Rapid FundingIncrease close rates, average order values and sales 8
  9. 9. Increase the Close Rate and Average Order Valueby Focusing on Low Monthly Payments Loan Amount Monthly Payment $2,500 $47 $5,000 $94 $7,500 $141 $10,000 $188 $15,000 $282 $20,000 $375 $25,000 $469 $30,000 $563 $35,000 $656 $40,000 $750*Quoted Monthly Payments assume an 84 month term at 13.99% Annual Percentage Rate. 9
  10. 10. GreenSky’s Customer Service CommitmentGreenSky’s success is dependent on our Customers’ experience.We have earned the trust of world class companies because of our commitment to customercare and fairness. We keep that trust by living up to that commitment every day.The GreenSky Customer Experience Vision1. Our Customers understand the value and cost of the product and how they can maximize the product to their benefit.2. Our Customers are offered a fair deal and believe that they received a fair deal.3. Our process is simple and easily understood by our Customers.4. Our Customers can reach GreenSky for the service they need, when they need it, utilizing their preferred method.5. Our Customers’ issues are resolved efficiently.6. Every Customer is treated with respect and care and a sense of urgency.7. Choosing GreenSky means our Customer received the best service, the best value, and the best experience. 10
  11. 11. The GreenSky Advantage –Strategic PartnersPartnering with GreenSky empowers you to develop customized creditprograms that will increase your sales and benefit your authorized dealers Benefits for Your Business Your Business Manufacturers Increased sales Distributors Increased market share Retailers More visibility Franchisors More control Trade Associations Greater differentiation 11
  12. 12. Getting Started with GreenSky:Dealer EnrollmentGetting Started with GreenSky Sign up Todayis as Easy as 1, 2, 3:Step 1: Complete the one page Dealer Application Online: www.GreenSkyCredit.comStep 2: Accept the GreenSky Dealer ContractStep 3: Within one business day, You’ll receive a “Welcome Kit” containing: Call/Email your Dealer Representative • Your GreenSky Dealer # Jeffrey Gold, 404.832.4130 • Contact information for your dedicated GreenSky Representative • Training Materials for your sales and administrative staff Dealer and Customer Service Hours Monday – Saturday: 6 am – Midnight EST Sunday: 8 am – 10 pm EST 866.936.0602 12