"How to Do a Brand Diagnostic" Worksheet (by Denise Lee Yohn)


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Gather insights about your brand by looking through three critical lenses.
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This is the first in a 10-video series, "How to Build a Breakthrough Brand" (deniseleeyohn.com/breakthroughbrand). Whether you’re building a brand from scratch or looking to strengthen your competitive advantage, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand” provides the tools and instruction you need. Each of the 10 videos introduces a key step in the brand development process, and the accompanying worksheet outlines the points to get you started.
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"How to Do a Brand Diagnostic" Worksheet (by Denise Lee Yohn)

  1. 1. how to build a breakthrough brand -- worksheethow to do a brand diagnosticGather insights about your brand performance by looking through three critical lenses: What does the category demand landscape look like? _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ What are people’s needs, wants, usage occasions, drivers of purchase and re-purchase? customer ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Who are the brand’s target segments? What do they think of our brand?________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Who do we compete with and what are our brand’s strengths and vulnerabilities? _____ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ context What category trends impact our business and how? _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ What is the impact of macro-factors, e.g., economy, cultural influences, and social trends? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ What is our current brand strategy? How are we currently positioned? _________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ company What are our core capabilities as an organization? ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ What underutilized assets and resources can we leverage? ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________Then define an objective and use the above insights to conduct a S.W.O.T. S.W.O.T. analysisanalysis relative to that objective, organizing your points by:• strengths: attributes, resources, and capabilities objective: that are helpful to achieving the objective current & primarily ___________________________• weaknesses: attributes, resources, and capabilities internal factors strengths weaknesses that are harmful to achieving the objective• opportunities: conditions that may be helpful to new developments/ achieving the objective changes & primarily opportunities threats• threats: conditions that might hinder achieving external factors the objectiveUse the following data sources to gather your insights and conduct the S.W.O.T. analysis: in-depth interviews with key stakeholders – include: executive committee and board members managers and staff front line employees investors business partners – agencies, vendors, distributors customers audits of the brand experiences and communications for your brand and key competitors’ channel audits desk research – article search, trend analyses industry data and syndicated research existing and, if necessary, new primary researchvisit http://deniseleeyohn.com/bbb to view Denise’s “How to Builda Breakthrough Brand” video series and access other worksheets • mail@deniseleeyohn.com • © 2012 Denise Lee Yohn, Inc. • 917 446 9325 •