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DLYohn What Business Are You Leading?


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Four types of businesses and the challenges of each -- plus how to leverage your brand internally to address those challenges

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DLYohn What Business Are You Leading?

  1. 1. What Business Are You Leading? Start-up Turnaround Realignment Sustaining Successobjective Get a new business, Get a troubled unit or Revitalize a unit, Preserve the vitality of a product, or project off product, process, or group back on track project that is drifting successful organization the ground into troublestrategy Build structures and Identify and implement Deal with deeply Find ways to take thechallenge systems from scratch solutions with a quick ingrained cultural business to the next without a clear and significant impact norms and systems that level framework or no longer contribute to boundaries high performanceorganization Weld together a Make difficult Live in the shadow of a Convince people that revered leader andchallenge cohesive high- personnel choices and change is necessary performing team re-energize deal with the team demoralized he/she created employees and other stakeholdersbrand-building Generate brand Prompt consumers to Stretch existing brand awareness and trial re-consider the brand equity to increasechallenge with limited marketing and embrace new Cultivate brand loyalty adoption of new investment attributes and value offeringsinternal brand Use the brand as a Use the brand vision to Implement brand filters Use the brand platform to focus theleverage compass to navigate re-ignite people’s organization to identify new new opportunities passion opportunitiesopportunity an adaptation of Michael Watkins’s “STARS” Model as outlined in The First 90 Days. Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing, 2003 © 2012 Denise Lee Yohn, Inc.