Stetson University: Kyle York on building a living legacy


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Dyn CRO Kyle York spoke at Stetson University in November 2013 on how to build a living legacy with a family business (Indian Head Athletics), as well as Dyn.

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Stetson University: Kyle York on building a living legacy

  1. 1. Living Legacy: Indian Head, York Family, Dyn, New Hampshire 11.4.13 Kyle York Chief Revenue Officer Advisor, angel investor, entrepreneur @kyork20 /
  2. 2. / Stetson Preso @kyork20 Street Cred §  30 Years Old, married to Katie, Dad to Henry (14 months) §  Bentley University, BS Marketing 2005 §  Career Ladder Climber – Intern to CRO §  Dyn 2008 (15th employee) – Present §  Scaled $4M-$50M+ revenue run rate §  Advisor/Angel: Datanyze,, Catchpoint, Fastly, SquareOne, Mill33 §  Co-Founder: 1band 1brand – Music & Brand Alignment Agency §  Speaker: Harvard, Bentley, St. A’s, SNHU, Dublin Web Summit, The Next Web, Launch, Interop, Interact, Facebook EMEA & more Motivated by family, competition, legacy, money, community, growth, relationships, vengeance, impact. Pg. 2
  3. 3. / Stetson Preso Portfolio Approach (NASCAR) "   Co-Founder: 1band 1brand – Music & Brand Alignment Agency "   Non-Profits: abi Innovation Hub, Rock On Foundation "   Advising/Investing: Catchpoint, Fastly, SquareOne, Datanyze,, Mill33, Incutio (and more…) Pg. 3
  4. 4. / Stetson Preso Pg. 4 Foundational Company
  5. 5. My Career Narrative How did I get here? 11.26.82 – Present Pg. 5 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20
  6. 6. / Stetson Preso Ladder Climbing 101 " Dyn (2008-Present): Director of Sales à Director of Sales & Marketing à VP, Sales & Marketing à Chief Revenue Officer " WhippleHill (2003-2008): Intern à Business Development Rep à Inside Sales Rep à Regional Director, Business Development "   New England Interviewing (2002-2003): Intern "   Indian Head Athletics (baby-Present): Heat Transfer Specialist à Retail Clerk à Parking Attendant à Shareholder/Supporter/Advisor Pg. 6
  7. 7. / Stetson Preso Ladder Climbing 101 (continued) "   Four year varsity football player at Bentley College and member of Student Athlete Advisory Council (NCAA), 3.3 GPA, group leader in business school "   Student Council (4 years), Vice President of Manchester West High School (11th)/President (12th), non-profit volunteer, Football captain, 1st team All-State football, honors student "   Multi-sport athlete in baseball, basketball and football, middle child, outgoing personality, class clown Are entrepreneurs born or made? Pg. 7
  8. 8. Dyn… who the heck is that? Pg. 8 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20
  9. 9. / Stetson Preso What is Dyn? Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet performance. Through traffic management, message management and performance assurance, Dyn is connecting people through the Internet and ensuring information gets where it needs to go, faster and more reliably than ever before. The crossroads of consumer behavior and enterprise performance is where Dyn/Delivers. Pg. 9
  10. 10. / Stetson Preso Company We Keep “Dyn’s  DNS  Load  Balancing  solu4on  &  aiCache’s   proven  caching  so<ware  have  enabled  a  top-­‐4er   financial  news  website  to  shave  30%  off  response   4me,  save  money,  have  beHer,  real-­‐4me  monitoring,   repor4ng  &  aler4ng  setup.”     Rashid  Kamirov,  Director  of  PlaOorms,  CNBC         When  improving  our  DNS,  we  chose  the  focused  pros  &     the  switch  was  quick  &  painless.  Dyn  helped  Etsy’s   performance  improve  in  all  aspects.     John  Allspaw,  SVP  of  Technical  Opera4ons,  Etsy           Switching  to  Dyn  took  literally  a  few  hours  (not  days,   not  weeks)  for  75+  zones/domains.  Their  expert  editor   makes  old  hacks  like  me  feel  comfortable  –  ease  of  a   GUI  &  the  flexibility  of  command  line  interface.     Lenny  Tropiano,  Senior  Systems/Network  Architect,   Homeaway           Pg. 10
  11. 11. / Stetson Preso What We Do  =­‐map/   Pg. 11
  12. 12. / Stetson Preso People are Culture •  Trust •  Passion •  Performance •  Respect #HUSTLE Pg. 12
  13. 13. / Stetson Preso Culture is Brand •  Dyn$ni  Events   •  Music  Meets  Tech   •  Culture  Conference   Pg. 13
  14. 14. The Roots & Legacy Why am I here? Indian Head Athletics / Indian Head Shoe Company 1946 – Present Manchester, New Hampshire, USA Pg. 14 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20
  15. 15. / Stetson Preso Indian Head Timeline Indian Head Shoe Company Founded 1946 7-24 Cigar Building Purchased 1958 Indian Shoe Factory Outlet Opened 1963 York Purchase/Evolution Indian Head Athletics Early 1970’s US Manufacturing Exodus PRESENT Pg. 15 1980 1981 Downtown Revitalization Building Purchase 18 Lake Avenue 1984 Opening Of Sister: Screen Printed Special T’s 1990’s Big Box Stores Internet Commerce Continuously operating, successful & recognized New Hampshire small business 2000’s
  16. 16. / Stetson Preso Indian Head History Pg. 16
  17. 17. / Stetson Preso Poppa Wrote ‘Us’ a Letter Pg. 17
  18. 18. / Stetson Preso Pg. 18
  19. 19. / Stetson Preso Heritage Brand – eBay Obsession The Indian Head Brand has a rich 65+ year history that we intend to capitalize on. We’re also amazed at the collectables we’ve been acquiring. Pg. 19
  20. 20. The York Family & IHA – 16 Deep (and counting) Indian Head Athletics Pg. 20 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20
  21. 21. / Stetson Preso Putting The Family In Business Indian Head Athletics is a complete school, team and family sport outfitter since 1958! We are family owned and operated. IHA  Website   Pg. 21
  22. 22. / Stetson Preso Board of Directors Pg. 22
  23. 23. / Stetson Preso Perfect Match – Indian Head Owners "   Donald Edson Joseph York (DEJY) – Street smart "   Gail Spaulding York (GG) – Book smart "   The Perfect Match – Wonderful parents who instilled work ethic, integrity, family first, work/life balance and ambition into each of their kids. I consider myself the perfect blend. Pg. 23
  24. 24. / Stetson Preso Not Just A Business: Our Community Pg. 24 Indian  Head  Athle4cs  TV  Commercial  –  1986   Indian  Head  Athle4cs  TV  Commercial  –  1990    
  25. 25. / Stetson Preso My Brothers – Five Sons •  Travis (35) – CEO of GY&K Marketing, 75 person marketing agency in Manchester, Boston and LA. Married to Danielle, two beautiful girls Madeleine (7) & Lily (5). Lives in Manchester, NH. •  Evan (32) – Sr. Product Manager at Newforma (software company). Married to Kelda for nearly 10 years, two beautiful girls Sylvie (6) & Esme (4) & son Lincoln (13 months). Lives in Manchester, NH. •  Tyler (26) – Production Manager/Associate Producer at Big Brick Productions. Dating Emily for two years, getting close… hint, hint. Lives in Manchester, NH. •  Dylan – Freshman at UNH studying business & poised to do big things. Pg. 25
  26. 26. / Stetson Preso My Wife & Son "   Met Katie in Marketing Management class 2nd semester of my senior year at Bentley. "   Married five years… She’s my best friend and dream girl. "   Amazing woman: Supportive, loving, funny, thoughtful, caring, organized, smart, supportive (yes, saying that twice!) "   Henry is the first York son after my parents had five sons and then four granddaughters. He is special. Pg. 26
  27. 27. / Stetson Preso Why We’re Building An Ecosystem Startup Ecosystem = Living Legacy Pg. 27
  28. 28. The Future: Indian Head Brand A thriving family business enterprise, diverse in its portfolio, relevant to the journey, true to its roots, aspirational in its mission & rich in legacy. Pg. 28 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20
  29. 29. / Stetson Preso My Parents Take "   The brick & mortar retail sporting goods industry has been declining for 40 years. When my parents started there were tens of thousands of stores nationally. "   The business couldn’t support two salaries at the lifestyle we grew up with. "   My parents didn’t send us to the colleges they did to take over IHA: Boston University (Travis/Evan), Bentley (Kyle), Plymouth State (Tyler) & Dylan (UNH) "   My parents own the building & land, the inventory, the sister business, the equipment. It’s always been built to be their retirement. "   No one works as hard as Don York. In any field. Ever. He epitomizes the core brand. Pg. 29 QUESTION:   Wait,  so  your   parents  have   five  sons  and   none  of  you  are   taking  over  the   current   business?  Why?    
  30. 30. / Stetson Preso My Parents Take (going forward) "   DEJY: “Do I need to do anything?” "   GG: Tears, research and search for memorabilia Pg. 30
  31. 31. / Stetson Preso IHA/York Family Objectives "   Carry IHA legacy forward "   License brand from Mr. & Mrs. York "   Establish a highly respected & financially successful Lifestyle / Fashion brand IHA Core Attributes "   Primary / ‘must have’ : 1) IHA brand name & identity (evolved) 2) Authentic storytelling 3) link to Sport "   Secondary / ‘nice to have’ : 1) Made in the USA 2) Territory affiliation with Manchester, NH Pg. 31
  32. 32. / Stetson Preso Important Insight "   Digging deeper into the history. This isn’t the first time future legacy is top of mind. May  15th,  1973   Pg. 32
  33. 33. / Stetson Preso Evolving IHA For The Next Generation •  Research – IHA History & Market Opportunity •  Strategy – Brand Positioning & Go To Market •  Creative Direction – IHA Brand Identity & Product Concept •  Investor Deck – Brand Presentation for Investment Pg. 33
  34. 34. Questions? Inspired? … THANK YOU! Kyle York Chief Revenue Officer @kyork20 Pg. 34 Family Business Enterprise @kyork20