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Seatwave & TagMan talk Dyn Managed DNS


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Enjoy the slides from a recent webinar Dyn conducted with Seatwave and TagMan about managed DNS services. See the whole show here:

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Seatwave & TagMan talk Dyn Managed DNS

  1. 1. Case Study: Premium DNS@DynInc @TagMan @SeatWaveA Case Study: Premium DNS
  2. 2. Case Study: Premium DNS@DynInc @TagMan @SeatWaveToday’s PresentersAve Wrigley -Chief Technical Officer, TagMan@Ave_Wrigley | @TagManPerry Dyball -Ecommerce Operations Manager – Seatwave@SeatwaveDave Lemaire –VP, Engineering - Dyn@Bigg33k
  3. 3. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• Who is TagMan and what do we do?• Performance challenges• Dyn Geo load balancing and RTTM• How did we measure success?Summary
  4. 4. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 20131.7 billion tag scenariosWhat is Tag Management?
  5. 5. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013What is Tag Management?Replace them withjust one…Remove all the tagsfrom client site...House them in asingle system underclient control…
  6. 6. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013TagMan - SolutionsDataManagementTracking Attribution PrivacyManagementSTREAMPartnerProgramThe Tag LibraryMonitoring andControlsSite Data andEvent TrackingMobile AppTrackingCampaignTrackingReal-TimeAttributionVisual InsightsSuite (VIS)Data GatewayTagMan Opt-out ControlVendor Opt-OutControlEvidonpowerednotification andvendor opt-out
  7. 7. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• Static content from CDN• Akamai / EdgeCast• Dynamic content from SoftLayer• Conditional tags, tracking calls, data collection• 30 web heads in 4 POPs (Amsterdam,Washington, San Jose, Singapore)TagMan -Architecture
  8. 8. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• High performance / high availability• Client website performance• Fully asynchronous solution• Data collection• Click / impression tracking• Conversion tracking & attribution• <300ms response time• Traffic• CDN – 1.3B requests / month• Dynamic - 5B requests / monthPerformance Challenges
  9. 9. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013Fast response + asynchronous tag delivery
  10. 10. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• Performance• Speed of response for DNS lookup• Drive the "fastest response" from CDN / datacenters• Arbiter in our multi-CDN strategy• EdgeCast & Akamai• RTTM failover• Mitigates single points of failure• Spreads traffic based on healthy criteria• Monitoring & alerting using real requests• Immediate rebalance on failure & automatic recoveryDyn Geo Load Balancing & RTTM
  11. 11. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• Testing CDN requests with Catchpoint & Keynote• avoid single point of testing• External testing services tied to datacentres - whichmight be the same as CDN provider• Testing done prior to multi-CDN deployment• Weighted metrics across several providers• Based on target behaviour• Tested requests for 4 days to forecast differenttraffic conditions• Results• 10ms difference overall (DNS & RTTM)How did we measure success?
  12. 12. Private and confidential, copyright TagMan 2013• Testing of dynamic content• Response to poor performance / failure• CDN arbitrationFurther testing
  13. 13. What was the reason for contactingus?Agenda• Who is Seatwave?• Why DNS is important to Seatwave• Why did we change provision to Dyn?• Basic architecture of the solution• How we migrated our DNS• On going DNS management• Future steps
  14. 14. What was the reason for contactingus?Who we are…
  15. 15. What was the reason for contactingus?Who we are…• Seatwave is one of Europes leading Ticket Marketplaces• Seatwave has over 6 million concert, theatre and sporting eventtickets for sale at any one time across 12 country specific sitescovering Europe and North America• Seatwave is the ticket site of choice for over 2 million users permonth• Seatwave customers can purchase from us with absoluteconfidence with our TicketIntegrity™ guarantee• Seatwave provides a platform for content owners, affiliate sites &app developers to promote their tickets
  16. 16. What was the reason for contactingus?Importance of DNS• DNS is the ‘IP Address directory’ of the internet• Translates the domain/sub domain in every URLrequest to an IP Address• DNS is the critical ‘first step’ for your end customers toreach your site• If your DNS is unavailable, your site is unavailable• When your IP address changes, you need to updatethat DNS and propagate fast
  17. 17. What was the reason for contactingus?Why Dyn?• Evaluated DNS in lead up to a major data centremigration• Over 100 domains to move• Wanted a specialist DNS provider• Focus on Uptime / Speed / Propagation / Scale• Ability to load balance across data centresTIP : Note that doing DNS Load balancing candramatically increase the number of DNS querieswhich has a direct effect on costs so plan your needscarefully
  18. 18. What was the reason for contactingus?Why Dyn?• Ability to self-manage our DNS• Ability to automate DNS changes• Ability to see DNS query statistics• Key partner / working relationship / 24 x 7 support• Right cost structure for business of our size
  19. 19. What was the reason for contactingus?ArchitectureDyn Anycast NetworkDyn DNS & Data Centre Load BalancingFirewallsLocal Load BalancersVM Web ServersVM App ServersFirewallsDB Servers (Failover)VM Back Office (Failover)FirewallsLocal Load BalancersVM Web ServersVM App ServersFirewallsDB Servers (Active)VM Back Office (Active)CDNStorageMiscellaneous WebMonitoringAnalyticsCRMDC1 DC2 Cloud/External ServicesA record (2/3) A record (1/3) A / CNAME
  20. 20. What was the reason for contactingus?Data Centre DNS MigrationPlanMove Existing DNS to DynMigrate DNS to DC1Load Balance to DC2
  21. 21. What was the reason for contactingus?Move of existing DNS• Add the Dyn transfer IP to the ‘AXFR’ DNS attribute for all existing domains• Provide Dyn with list of a ‘Zones’ (domains) to import from your current DNSprovider(s)• Review all DNS resource records have imported correctly via the Dyn PortalTIP : At this point DO NOT make any further resource record changes until transfer isfully complete• Request each domains registrar to change the existing authoritative NS to Dyn NSTIP : Some TLD registries require written authorisation for NS changes so allow timefor this in your overall projectTIP : If you have a lot of domains to move do them in batches to make verificationsimpler• Check queries start to flow to Dyn (online statistics in Dyn Portal)
  22. 22. What was the reason for contactingus?Switch on new DC’s• Allow 7 days for any residual traffic (due to DNS caching) to disappearfrom the original Name Servers (NS)• Decommission original DNS provider(s) / NS• Prepare all resource record changes• Prepare any Dyn support needs• Use customer portal to make changes manually or script via api• VERIFYTIP – we were going from Active/Passive DC’s to Active/Active so we made ourchanges in two tranches. Firstly get up and running on one DC and then set upthe DNS load balancing to bring the second DC into play
  23. 23. What was the reason for contactingus?On-going Management• Use the customer portal for anyadhoc changes• Review your usage statsregularly• Use the Dyn team for help andadvice
  24. 24. What was the reason for contactingus?Future Steps• Automation• Dyn can automatically handleDC failover if yourarchitectural designaccommodates it• For our use case we needmanual control of failovers,but want to make the processhappen as fast as possible• Answer : Dyn REST API’s
  25. 25. Case Study: Premium DNS@DynInc @TagMan @SeatWaveThank you!
  26. 26. Case Study: Premium DNS@DynInc @TagMan @SeatWaveNext Webinar:Wednesday, June 19Everything You Need To Know About DDoSDyn Director of DNS OperationsAndrew Sullivan