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Kyle York & Jeremy Hitchcock Talk Geek Summer Camp Creation


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Dyn's Kyle York and Jeremy Hitchcock kicked off Geek Summer Camp with a talk on how the event came to be, why the company loves its customers and friends so much and why the first-ever GSC was held in New Hampshire, rather than another more trendy location.

Watch the video here:

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Kyle York & Jeremy Hitchcock Talk Geek Summer Camp Creation

  1. 1. Welcome! CEO Jeremy Hitchcock & CRO Kyle York
  2. 2. How This Whole Thing Happened A WhippleHill intern with a simple task: put on the 1st annual user conference
  3. 3. That was then…
  4. 4. …and this is now.
  5. 5. How about our own user conference?
  6. 6. The TLC then...
  7. 7. …and now!
  8. 8. Why You’re Here Today
  9. 9. You made this happen.
  10. 10. Who’s here?
  11. 11. We love New Hampshire…
  12. 12. …and especially the Silicon Millyard.
  13. 13. Our Keynotes
  14. 14. How will you get the most out of this conference?
  15. 15. Let’s Begin! @jhitchco @kyork20