TheNextWeb '12: How To Hire Your First Salesperson


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Dyn CRO Kyle York has seen and done it all when it comes to sales and revenue generation. At TheNextWeb '12 event, he shared his secrets on the tipping point of when to hire your first salesperson and how to avoid disaster when you do.

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TheNextWeb '12: How To Hire Your First Salesperson

  1. 1. The Next Web 2012: Hiring Your First Salesperson... And How To Not Mess It Up When You Do Kyle York Chief Revenue Officer @kyork20 | @dyninc #tnw2012| #GetSomeIaaS
  2. 2. What I’m Selling You Today • How I became a ‘first salesperson’ • 12 Steps to Building The Sales Machine • How three companies are working with this …and are still improving the process • Five things you need to do before you hire that first salesperson
  3. 3. Who is @kyork20? • Chief Revenue Officer at Dyn, started in 2008 • Today: nearly 150 employees, 60+ in sales, marketing, client services, 3 worldwide offices, revenue bookings of $35+ million in 2012 • Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur in Manchester, NH: Incutio, 1band 1brand, trendslide, Carrier Pigeon, Catchpoint, GY&K Marketing and more… • I’m still learning and figuring it all out
  4. 4. My sales career began at WhippleHill, but it took a while to get the gig. “You’re not worth $1/hr.” Ladder Climbing: • Intern • Marketing Assistant • Biz Dev Rep • Inside Sales • Outside Sales • Regional Director of Sales
  5. 5. 12 Parts To Build The Modern Well-Oiled Sales Machine • Executive buy-In • Sales leadership • Go-to market strategy • The pitch • Bag of tricks • Sales process • Forecasting & pipeline • Pricing strategy • Compensation plans • Quota models • Sales team structure • Hiring road map TAKE AN INSTAGRAM… WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!!!! - @kyork20
  6. 6. Dyn • The Pitch • Create foot soldiers • Tell the story consistently • Ensure your audience buys in, relates and become advocates for your brand “We put a sign-up link on our website, but no one is buying our enterprise product. We hired two experienced sales guys, but they can’t sell.”
  7. 7. • What do you do when the CEO/founder is the best at everything? • You don’t always get it right the first time • Consultative premium enterprise approach • Hard to advise when no sales leader in place • They are trying to find the ‘right’ sales leader “No one can sell our services better than our founding team. We are so experienced and passionate.”
  8. 8. • Established passionate micro/SMB customer base • Sales activity historically inbound only. Users want human interaction during the process, creating product comfort, deeper engagement, loyalty • Heavy focus on account development, consultative sales and coaching to use the product better “Do we say we have a sales force vs. we don’t have a sales force?”
  9. 9. Before You Hire, Take Care Of These 5 Things 1. Executive buy in and sales leadership 2. Sales people need comp plans and quota models 3. The bag of tricks: case studies, references, pricing plans, contracts 4. Well-rounded: not just a sales guy/gal. Account management, project management, brand advocacy 5. Honesty, Passion & Persistence. Ensure hires fit into the company culture and work hard for the brand
  10. 10. Final Takeaways • Everyone must be in sync • Hire someone who can grow with you • Get “The Pitch” down • Know what you don’t know • Use your resources • Your founder isn’t (and is!) your best sales guy • Keep trying. We’re all still figuring it out #GetSomeIaaS #TNW2012
  11. 11. The Growth Engine Formula Launched in late 2011 at our yearly sales retreat, this is a collection of sales and culture blogs. For a copy of Dyn’s Growth Engine Formula book, email or follow/request on Twitter @kyork20. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Let’s sell.