Interop 2012: The Dyn & InteropNET Partnership


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Dyn Senior System Admin Neil Schelly spoke at Interop 2012, explaining the relationship between Dyn and how we help power the event's website uptime.

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Interop 2012: The Dyn & InteropNET Partnership

  1. 1. Welcome! Scalable and ReliableIP Address ManagementInfrastructure as a Service
  2. 2. Welcome!● IaaS Overview● IaaS Integration & Support● InteropNET Case Study
  3. 3. Overview Its pronounced “eye-ass”● IaaS is the cousin to PaaS and SaaS● It is the total sum of managed DNS and Email deliverability● Biggest and fastest growing enterprise companies in the world● Why IaaS? ... is because it ensures 2 things: ● Eliminates web downtime ● Eliminates emails missing their intended inbox
  4. 4. Overview Managed DNS● IaaS seeks to educate technologists on the tricks you can do with DNS such as: ● Geographic routing ● Dynamic sub-domain provisioning ● Performance monitoring ● CDN control ● GSLB ● Disaster recovery planning
  5. 5. Overview Email Deliverability● IaaS seeks to educate technolgists on the importance of email deliverability, including: ● Monitoring and coaching of potential email sender issues ● Spam compliant solutions ● Reporting on authentication, volume/frequency, inbox acceptance rate, bounce rate, complaint rate ● Avoid guessing if important emails (invoices, confirmations, auto-response, marketing campaigns, etc) are making it to the inbox
  6. 6. Overview Why Get Some IaaS● 24/7 trust-based service● Elimination of expensive and labor intensive investments in bodies and/or hardware● Allows you to stay focused on what you do best● A solution that scales with you● The peace of mind that comes when you outsource to the experts● Less risk, better reliability
  7. 7. Integration & Support● DNS Services ● API access, reporting, and control ● DNS updates ● DNSSEC with a click ● Reverse DNS● Email Services ● API access and control ● Deliverability monitoring ● Sending volume, spam trends compliance
  8. 8. InteropNET● Authoritative DNS Services ● and Reverse DNS zones ● IPv4 and IPv6 addressing ● DNSSEC key management ● Dynamic updates from DHCP● Recursive DNS ● Internet Guide platform ● Security and content filtering in DNS
  9. 9. InteropNET Authoritative DNS Integration● Secondary DNS and cut zones● IP Address Management ● Automated reverse DNS record creation ● Zone file export and import ● API control● DNSSEC management and key generation ● DS records for your registrar
  10. 10. InteropNET● DHCP Updates DHCP Request: Assignment:● Secondary Zone soloru● Zones are DNSSEC-signed● Zones are served => on global DynECT DNS infrastructure => nearly instantly.
  11. 11. InteropNET● DHCP Updates● Secondary Zone● Zones are DNSSEC-signed● Zones are served on global DynECT DNS infrastructure nearly instantly.