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Email Vs. Social Media - Why Does There Have To Be A Vs.?


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This is Josh Nason's presentation on Email vs. Social Media, made on March 21, 2011, to the Harvard University Social Media Group and then in the Digital Marketing track at the J.Boye conference on May 5, 2011.

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Email Vs. Social Media - Why Does There Have To Be A Vs.?

  1. EMAIL VS. SOCIAL: WHY DOES THERE HAVE TO BE A VS? <ul><li>Josh Nason Inbound Marketing Manager – Dyn Inc. </li></ul><ul><li>@DynInc | @JoshNason | @SendLabs </li></ul>
  2. Who is this guy? Why does he love email so much?
  3. What are we talking about today? Email and Social Media as friends, not adversaries.
  4. Isn’t email really a type of social media anyway? You welcome people in. You forward. You share. You unsubscribe.
  5. Other mediums that have worked together: TV Radio Newspapers
  6. Some incredible and fun stats that will be sure to impress your friends at fancy parties and in line at Target…
  7. Email’s Big 2010: - 107 trillion emails were sent - 1.88 billion email users worldwide - 480 million new email users created - 294 billion emails sent daily *
  8. Social Media By Comparison - 2010 - 25 billion Tweets were sent - 100 million new Twitter accounts - 175 million total Twitter accounts - 600 million Facebook users worldwide *
  9. How can they work together? - Social Sharing - Likes - Signing Up
  10. Social Sharing: The Process - Include a tag - Someone clicks - Content exposure grows
  11. Social Sharing: The Process
  12. Social Sharing: The Process
  13. Liking An Email: The Process
  14. Liking An Email: The Process
  15. Email Signup on Facebook
  16. The End Result? - Content Exposure Grows! - Potential Email Subscribers Found! - Social and Email Work Together!
  17. Some Email Advantages - Data Targeting/Segmenting - Direct And Not Lost In A Feed - A Truly Personalized Experience
  18. Why does email remain so big? Answer: It’s in your pocket.
  19. Mobile Stats – 2010 - 28% of Americans have a smartphone (Q3). - 17% of the 314 million phones sold in Q1 were smartphones. In Q2, smart phone sales grew to 25%. - 2010 Q3 smartphone sales were up 96% from Q3 of 2009. - US, UK still behind Spain, Italy.
  20. Mobile Stats – 2010 - Email accounts for 42% of mobile internet time. - 30% of email users are now replying via mobile devices. - For smartphone users under the age of 45, email access is the primary use of their phone.
  21. Mobile Stats – 2010 - 3% of B2B opens & 10% of B2C opens are on mobile devices. - In 2010, the iPhone accounted for 9% of all email interaction, while Android was 3%. The leader? Still Microsoft Outlook at 31%.
  22. Final Takeaways: - Email users still outgrowing social media users - Email can leverage social media to spread content - Mobile is a huge asset for email
  23. Contact Info: Twitter: @JoshNason | @DynInc | @SendLabs [email_address]