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Applying the ‘Golden            Rule’ to Client Services                                                                  ...
Who	  Am	  I?	  	                         Ma<	  Toy	                         VP,	  Client	  Service	                      ...
Dyn	  is…	                     Infrastructure-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service	  (IaaS)	                      experts,	  powering	  DNS	...
IaaS?	  Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Or…	  Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Two	  Teams	  v.	  The	  World	                     Enterprise:	                                      eCommerce:	         ...
What	  is	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’?	                   	                   	                   Do	  unto	  others	  as	  yo...
How	  Does	  it	  Apply	  to	  Dyn	                     	                     	                     Provide	  the	  kind	 ...
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
“Nope,	  We’re	  up”	                   	                   “Everything	  is	  good	  on	  our	  end”	                   	...
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
So	  What	  Then?!?!	  	                   •  Acknowledge	  Frustra^on	                   •  Offer	  Sugges^ons	  or	  Hint...
Metrics	                      1600	                      1400	                      1200	                      1000	      ...
What	  Kind	  of	  Requests	                   •    Abuse	                   •    Billing	                   •    Credit	 ...
Is	  It	  Working???	                     h<p://­‐failure-­‐                   and-­‐t...
                      	                       So	  how	  do	  we	  find	  the	  right	  people	  to	  pull	                ...
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Applying	  the	  ‘Golden	  Rule’	  to	  Client	  Services	  @Ma<_Toy	  @DynInc	  
Come	  Visit	  Us	                     •    eCommerce	  Expo	                     •    Velocity	  Europe	  (Booth	  #25)	 ...
We’re	  Hiring	                   •  EMEA	  eCommerce	  Support	                   •  EMEA	  Business	  Development	  Mana...
THANK YOU!                                                                      Matt Toy                                  ...
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Dyn: Applying The Golden Rule To Client Services


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Dyn VP of Client Services Matt Toy talked to a crowd at the eComm Expo in London, England about applying the 'Golden Rule' to client services. Here's the slides from that '12 presentation.

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Dyn: Applying The Golden Rule To Client Services

  1. 1. Applying the ‘Golden Rule’ to Client Services October 2, 2012Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  2. 2. Who  Am  I?     Ma<  Toy   VP,  Client  Service   Dyn     @ma<_toy   @dyninc  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  3. 3. Dyn  is…   Infrastructure-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  (IaaS)   experts,  powering  DNS  &  Email   delivery  for  enterprise,  small  business   &  personal  users.    Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  4. 4. IaaS?  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  5. 5. Or…  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  6. 6. Two  Teams  v.  The  World   Enterprise:   eCommerce:   -­‐  DynECT  Managed  DNS   -­‐  DynDNS  Pro   -­‐  DynDNS  Standard   -­‐  DynECT  Managed  DNS  Lite   -­‐  Dyn  Standard  SMTP   -­‐  DynECT  Email  Delivery   -­‐  Dyn  Email  Gateway   -­‐  DynECT  Email  Delivery  Lite   -­‐  Dyn  Email  Backup  MX   -­‐  Dyn  Email  Forward     -­‐  Domain  Registra^on   -­‐  Internet  Guide       5,000+/-­‐  Customers   450,000+/-­‐  Customers      Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  7. 7. What  is  the  ‘Golden  Rule’?       Do  unto  others  as  you  would  have   them  do  unto  you.       (Ma<hew  7:12)  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  8. 8. How  Does  it  Apply  to  Dyn       Provide  the  kind  of  customer  service   experience  that  you  yourself  would   like  to  receive.     (Ma<hew  1:1)  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  9. 9. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  10. 10. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  11. 11. “Nope,  We’re  up”     “Everything  is  good  on  our  end”     “It’s  not  us”  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  12. 12. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  13. 13. So  What  Then?!?!     •  Acknowledge  Frustra^on   •  Offer  Sugges^ons  or  Hints  for  Poten^al   Next  Steps  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  14. 14. Metrics   1600   1400   1200   1000   Emails   800   Calls   600   400   200   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  15. 15. What  Kind  of  Requests   •  Abuse   •  Billing   •  Credit  Card  Refunds   •  “Sales”   •  True  Support  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  16. 16. Is  It  Working???   h<p://­‐failure-­‐ and-­‐twi<er-­‐success/  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  17. 17.     So  how  do  we  find  the  right  people  to  pull   off  what  we’re  asking???  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  18. 18. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  19. 19. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  20. 20. Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  21. 21. Come  Visit  Us   •  eCommerce  Expo   •  Velocity  Europe  (Booth  #25)   •  WebPerfDays  EU   •  Dyn^ni  in  Brighton  (October  9th,  6pm)   •  Dublin  Web  Summit  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  22. 22. We’re  Hiring   •  EMEA  eCommerce  Support   •  EMEA  Business  Development  Manager   •  EMEA  Marke^ng  Manager   h<p://  Applying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc  
  23. 23. THANK YOU! Matt Toy VP, Client Services @matt_toyApplying  the  ‘Golden  Rule’  to  Client  Services  @Ma<_Toy  @DynInc