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The New Sales: Sales Productivity Tools, Social Selling & Real-Time Engagement


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Dyn's CMO, Kyle York, speaks at Bentley University about relevancy in sales and how sales must be as knowledgeable as the buyer in areas of business and technology scale.

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The New Sales: Sales Productivity Tools, Social Selling & Real-Time Engagement

  1. 1. The New Sales Sales Productivity Tools, Social Selling & Real-Time Engagement Kyle York, CMO Bentley University /// April 2015
  2. 2. @kyork20 @kyork20 Street Cred ● 32-years-old, married to Katie (Bentley grad!), Dad to Henry (2.5 years) & Teddy (6 weeks) ● Bentley University, BS Marketing 2005; Four-Year Varsity Football Letterman ● Career Ladder Climber – Intern to CMO ● Dyn 2008 (15th employee) – Present (~430 employees globally) ● Customers: WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, CNBC, Netflix, Angry Birds, Zappos & thousands more ● Managing Partner: York Fund – technology investment vehicle ● Board Director: Datanyze: Sales Intelligence Company ● Co-Founder: SaaS Syndicate on Angel List (6 investments) ● Co-Founder: 1band 1brand – Music & Brand Alignment Agency ● Co-Founder/Board Director: York Family Business v3 ● Advisor/Angel Investor: Distil, Catchpoint, Fastly, Orion Labs, UXPin & more ● WSJ, USA Today, Techcrunch, and more Motivated by family, competition, legacy, money, community, growth, relationships, vengeance, impact.
  3. 3. @kyork20 The New Sales 57% of the buyer journey happens before a prospect engages with a brand (via CEB)
  4. 4. @kyork20 Critical Sales & Marketing Alignment Seeds, Nets & Spears *via Aaron Ross
  5. 5. @kyork20 Modern Well-Oiled Sales Machine
  6. 6. @kyork20 Sales(and marketing) Productivity Tools CRM = Customer Relationship Management 6028 Sales/Marketing Startups $12.8B Spent in 2013 on Sales Acceleration Tools via
  7. 7. @kyork20 Social Selling FIND LISTEN RELATE CONNECT ENGAGE
  8. 8. @kyork20 Real-Time Engagement
  9. 9. GTM Strategy @Dyn
  10. 10. @kyork20 New ARR Upsell ARR Cross-Sell ARR Renewal ARR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Model
  11. 11. @kyork20 Dyn Omni-Channel Experience “Customer Choice” “Revenue Capture”
  12. 12. @kyork20 Dyn Buyer Experience
  13. 13. @kyork20 Dyn Acquisition Channels Omni-Channel GTM Strategy SMB Alexa 1M+ *Dev/Pro* Ecommerce & Inside Sales Enterprise Alexa 1K-1M Inside Sales Strategic Alexa 1K, F500,g2K Outside Sales
  14. 14. THANK YOU!